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LOL: Antifa activists say violence is necessary."the inherent danger of fascists organizing". 22 Dexter Morgan Sep 14
Good story about a Nazi crying like a chick. 7 Carlos W Bush Aug 17
Hillary Clintons New Book and Super PAC Derail Democratic Party 4 joannadufrane Aug 17
Police Called on Cat Armed With (what appeared to be) Assault Rifle 4 Model10RB Aug 6
What if Major Causes of Poverty Are Behavioral? (George Will) 10 Juan Rico Jul 29
There's a business in Colorado Springs called "Latinos Tires" 6 Smoke Jun 2017
The media lies were proven in court, the girlfriend was proven to be a liar, The pictures altered 1 oldenuff35 May 2017
I know we go at each other here but lets not forget the fallen. 12 ProLapse May 2017
FINALLY made it to the range today gun owners 11 Crazy D May 2017
Blonde chick with black eyeballs. 12 Carlos W Bush Apr 2017
I was listening to an old-time radio drama, and the plot involved marijuana. 9 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Leftists think that jury decisions that dont go thier way are due to dishonest people (Poll) 48 Frankenvoter Feb 2017
Vogue magazine releases "diversity issue", hillarity ensues. 11 Carlos W Bush Feb 2017
Today's bible readings. 6 southernwriter Jan 2017
Look at the size of this crowd! With rallies like this, he's SURE to win the election! 6 The Center Holds Oct 2016
Florida Area Democrats Object to Voter Registration Effort 43 Crazy D Oct 2016
Anti Gun Democrat State Senator pulls gun on someone 7 Crazy D Sep 2016
My fellow Fed Up Americans: What the hell do you have to lose? (Poll) 9 The Center Holds Aug 2016
Chilling video shows what it is like driving through Detroit at night 11 Juan Rico Aug 2016
Obama has not been properly responding to ISIS and the war in Syria 15 oldenuff35 Aug 2016
Poll Clinton +1 44 to 43 17 Da Mannn Aug 2016
Democrats in disarray on eve of convention to nominate Clinton 2 Juan Rico Jul 2016
Tim Kaine is a COMPLETE PIECE OF RIGHT WING SHIT [View all] 63 FORD Jul 2016
Is this really what we've become? 6 Carlos W Bush Jul 2016
Why Persist against the Inevitable? 0 wonderwarthog Jun 2016
Hillary and Trump both have trouble with the media... 6 oldenuff35 Jun 2016
Group Escapes Kentucky Cave Through Neck Deep Water 6 MedusasRage May 2016
Bill Mumy (the creepy kid from "It's A Good Life") in an early 1960's toy gun commecial 26 Juan Rico May 2016
GOP primary voting up by 60% or 8 million new voters 1 Da Mannn Apr 2016
This Pixar Marketing Video From 1990 Is Incredible 0 Juan Rico Apr 2016
Superheroes: Now Vs. Then 2 Juan Rico Feb 2016
MH17 report identifies Russian soldiers suspected of downing plane in Ukraine 8 pavulon-lives Feb 2016
If you're on a DI time out, how do you spend your free time? (Poll) 24 Phlegm Monger Feb 2016
Saudis Have the Bomb 13 It Guy Feb 2016
Army announces Iraq, Afghanistan deployments for 1,800 soldiers 8 Banshee 3 Actual Jan 2016
We have already been notified of one friend who was in an accident. 21 oldenuff35 Jan 2016
More "classified" problems but there is "confusion" present according to her handler. 8 oldenuff35 Nov 2015
Christian Daycare Workers Fired for Refusing to Call a Little Girl a Boy 21 Gunslinger201 Nov 2015
Sarajevo 2 Cold Warrior Oct 2015
Donald Trump Has Little ‘Room to Grow,’ Poll Shows 5 smokingman Oct 2015
Inside the Attempted Neo-Nazi Takeover of a Rural North Dakota Town 5 Daves Not Here Man Sep 2015
Sorry For What, Hillary? 4 Gamle-ged Sep 2015
WATCH: Grieving Dad Attacks 3-Year-Old Daughter's Killer in Court 13 Thorson Sep 2015
Which "Young Frankenstein" Character Are You? 27 Floyd R. Turbo Aug 2015
Sandy Hook truther offers $25,000 reward for ‘irrefutable’ proof shooting wasn’t a ‘liberal’ scam 20 smokingman Aug 2015
Woman Screams Rape While Being Arrested After Claiming She Doesn’t Have to Follow Laws 4 LaughingGull Aug 2015
I'm Going Straight To Hell, Just Like My Mama Said 0 FORD Aug 2015
Giant, snake-eating centipede spotted in Texas 9 Juan Rico Jul 2015
Going to my Daughters for Fathers Day Cookout! 7 Gunslinger201 Jun 2015
For those who can't see what could have been here is what actually happened elsewhere. 48 oldenuff35 Jun 2015
OUTRAGE: Sniper Shoots Down Confederate Flag At S.C. Statehouse 13 smokingman Jun 2015
Are conservatives losing the future? 22 smokingman Jun 2015
Ben Carson’s campaign faces turmoil amid staff exits and super PAC rivalry 3 smokingman Jun 2015
Why is the party of choice ok with not being given a choice? [View all] 70 the more you know Apr 2015
Bigotry, the Bible and the Lessons of Indiana 1 smokingman Apr 2015
Honestly I dont care 13 Gunslinger201 Mar 2015
Hillary camp... It's all going to go away, nothing to see here... 16 Gamle-ged Mar 2015
President forces Israel to return occupied territory. Senate leader outraged. 4 smokingman Feb 2015
Remember when I said people have been shot for less than a parking space? 4 Thorson Feb 2015
Paris Killings Seen Fueling Europe’s Anti-Islam Movements 3 Bronxbomber Jan 2015
How Privileged Are You? [View all] 50 MediterraneanMadMan Dec 2014
Does anybody else get the idea some people would not have much of life without DU? 29 Starbux Dec 2014
November 21, Important reminder to my Democrat friends 14 RonaldusMaximus Nov 2014
U.S. Mint temporarily sold out of Silver Eagles amid huge demand 7 Badsamm Nov 2014
Shock poll: Millennials want GOP Congress 0 Let it go Oct 2014
Mitt Romney tops Clinton, 44 percent to 43 percent, the new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics 16 Jenny Fromdablock Oct 2014
how many of you have seen this? 8 studentdrake Oct 2014
More net jobs have been created under Obama than both Bushes combined 16 muon Oct 2014
Let's speculate as to why the Ferguson cop who was shot had his shiny new body cam turned off. [View all] 89 dogpunch Oct 2014
Unions would rather have empty hotels than jobs 18 Xray Sep 2014
Jason Carter leading 49 to 41 for Governor Of Georgia to turn Georgia back to blue 37 graham4anything4HC45 Sep 2014
Holder: Al-Qaida offshoot hit by airstrikes was close to attack on U.S., allies 26 Guyzilla Sep 2014
Automated production demands that we redesign how we distribute money to the people. 28 oldenuff35 Sep 2014
Miss Lindsey's ISIS Meltdown: THEY'RE GONNA KILL US ALL !!11!!!!! 11 FORD Sep 2014
Celebrating 10 years since.... 27 762Justice Sep 2014
South Carolina Republican: all gays are going to hell 32 daemons Sep 2014
From Texas, Where Everything Is Bigger, The 99-Pack Of Beer 15 Daves Not Here Man Aug 2014
They just have to be stoned 16 oldenuff35 Aug 2014
I'm sure the liberals in here will say this is justified. 15 oldenuff35 Aug 2014
Multiple Reports: Ukrainian Fighter Jets Were with Malaysian Flight 17 When It Was Shot Down 28 Badsamm Jul 2014
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