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Does Hillary need an intervention to help her deal with her paranoia and delusions? (Poll) 1 foia Sunday
Metal Shavings in Taco Bell beef, no word on how many jihadic muslims work in the plant making it 7 Frankenvoter Oct 15
Driving our new right hand drive car over the weekend got me thinking 7 Currentsitguy Oct 15
do you think trump could walk from the tee to his drive on any course larger than putt putt? (Poll) 12 rampartb Sep 28
Which drink is best for hydration? Hint: It isn't water 19 wonderwarthog Sep 27
Allowing trans roles with kids equivalent of frontal lobotomy, shrink says (Poll) 4 Frankenvoter Sep 19
Clean bill of health! 5 Currentsitguy Sep 9
I may be the only person on earth looking forward to a colonoscopy 8 Currentsitguy Sep 9
Are American union workers gonna be happy "Ahkmahd the airline mechanic" is giving them a bad name? (Poll) 6 Frankenvoter Sep 7
Mumps Sickens Hundreds of Detained Migrants in 19 States 2 RCW2014 Aug 30
Tranny arrives at MTV VMA red carpet with men on a leash (Poll) 4 Frankenvoter Aug 29
'Zombie' Deer Disease Might Put Humans at Risk, Epidemiologists Say 3 RCW2014 Aug 23
Chris Matthews Despicable Scaremongering 1 Aquila Aug 22
making movies can cause cancer 5 imwithfred Aug 21
trump speaks on ptsd 2 rampartb Aug 16
abortions are provided free in israels socialist health care system 11 rampartb Aug 16
Health professionals (transgenderisim) 3 def_con5 Jul 30
LGBTQ/RSTUVWXY and Z's at highest risk for cancer 6 Frankenvoter Jul 29
As a Type1 diabetic I AM an expert, so let me help set everyone straight 20 Currentsitguy Jul 2019
Who is the dumb**** that tried this in the first place? 8 foia Jul 2019
In pain? Yell F**K!!!! It helps. 7 Currentsitguy Jul 2019
Hemp's Now Lighting Up the Legalized Pot Industry 1 RCW2014 Jul 2019
Anyone here tried Tongkat Ali? 2 wonderwarthog Jul 2019
when free medical care isn't free at all 0 imwithfred Jul 2019
Toilet paper is getting less sustainable, researchers warn 3 imwithfred Jul 2019
Im betting this woman is under psychiatric care 21 Gunslinger201 Jul 2019
home-made marijuana suppositories 3 imwithfred Jul 2019
A bit of trivia 2 oflguy Jun 2019
Obama's doc pissed off the president's in good health 2 imwithfred Jun 2019
The Official Gender Quiz 4 Gunslinger201 Jun 2019
Insulin crises. 5 TheShoe Jun 2019
As Price of Insulin Soars, Americans Caravan to Canada for Lifesaving Medicine 6 RCW2014 Jun 2019
WHO terms 'gaming disorder' a modern disease 6 akaConcernedCanuk Jun 2019
My Conservative Friend Blew His FACE UP! 9 wonderwarthog May 2019
62,000 pounds of raw meat are being recalled, just days before Memorial Day 5 imwithfred May 2019
Measles outbreak prompts finger-pointing in US, with New York Orthodox Jews rejecting blame 0 RCW2014 May 2019
abortion : trump 1999 abortion ..... 7 rampartb May 2019
free medical care for all discourages getting medical care 4 imwithfred May 2019
Hep-A, you might as well get used to your food being contaminated with it (Poll) 1 Frankenvoter May 2019
Japan Leads the Way: No Vaccine Mandates and No MMR Vaccine equals Healthier Children 5 Aquila May 2019
Ultracrepidarianism. 5 Bubba May 2019
U.S. Records 71 New Measles Cases In Week As Outbreak Spreads 0 RCW2014 Apr 2019
Measles Outbreak Upends Passover Traditions 0 RCW2014 Apr 2019
US Measles Count Up To 555, With Most New Cases In New York 2 RCW2014 Apr 2019
Schizophrenia Simulation 12 wonderwarthog Apr 2019
Anti-Vaxxers Are Now Comparing Themselves to Holocaust Victims in A Bizarre Protest Movement 2 RCW2014 Apr 2019
Chemotherapy doses review after 14 NHS Tayside (Scotland) patients die 2 imwithfred Apr 2019
Anyone use a CPAP machine? 8 Solesurvivor Apr 2019
Deadly germs, Lost cures: A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy 4 RCW2014 Apr 2019
Swallowing Your Partners Semen Could Help You Have A Baby, Scientists Claim 8 RCW2014 Apr 2019
Measles Cases Soar Across US: 'It's Getting Worse' 3 RCW2014 Apr 2019
A mysterious syndrome that makes marijuana users violently ill is starting to worry doctors 8 imwithfred Apr 2019
An Outbreak Spreads Fear: Of Measles, of Ultra-Orthodox Jews, of Anti-Semitism 6 RCW2014 Apr 2019
trump defers greatest healthcare plan ever until after 2020 election 6 rampartb Apr 2019
It Started With A Traveler From Israel; How One Traveler Brought Virus to Detroit Area 3 DillyDilly500 Mar 2019
War on Opioid Abuse Is Striking the Wrong Target 3 RCW2014 Mar 2019
Dubious diagnosis 7 Troll2 Mar 2019
Nearly four in ten HIV spreaders in US unaware of infection 3 Troll2 Mar 2019
How MSG Got A Bad Rap: Flawed Science And Xenophobia 0 Troll2 Mar 2019
top ten countries that produce the most beef 1 imwithfred Mar 2019
1st day feeling really human again 1 Currentsitguy Mar 2019
Might be a little light here for a day or two 12 Currentsitguy Mar 2019
10 Foods that will NEVER EXPIRE! 5 wonderwarthog Mar 2019
Lets talk about bone spurs 37 oflguy Mar 2019
Death. 8 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 2019
I am amazed at modern medicine! 17 nolidad Feb 2019
Grand Canyon tourists exposed for years to radiation in museum building, safety manager says 4 Gamle-ged Feb 2019
Diet drinks may be associated with strokes among post-menopausal women 1 Troll2 Feb 2019
Black snot and cancer risks: NYC subway air is full of pollution 1 DillyDilly500 Feb 2019
Russia May Fine Citizens For Being Overweight 1 imwithfred Feb 2019
After defying anti-vaxx mom, Ohio teen explains why he got vaccinated 0 RCW2014 Feb 2019
The brain is an amazing, myserious thing 1 Currentsitguy Feb 2019
Former Abortion Doctor-You Never Need Late-Term Abortion To Save A Womans Life 3 Gunslinger201 Feb 2019
Gender Reassignment Surgery 6 His Daughter Feb 2019
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 His Daughter Feb 2019
In todays episode of "American shithole", possible Ebola found in PA 6 Frankenvoter Feb 2019
Death by Toothpick? Why You Need to Watch What You Swallow 4 Gamle-ged Feb 2019
L.A. city employee has caught typhus. Looks like they may have contracted it at city hall. 1 cologeek Feb 2019
science shows a range of gender 4 rampartb Feb 2019
Culture of Bending Rules in India Challenges U.S. Drug Agency 0 Troll2 Feb 2019
There's been alot of outbreaks of Hep-A at restaraunts lately 9 Frankenvoter Feb 2019
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