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why would the Russians prefer Tinyhands over the Depends Dowager? 25 M411 3 hrs ago
How cute. Looks who's still trying to be relevant. 5 Jack Burton Saturday
DAY 156- HILLARY LIED, said the E-Mails were lost 5 Banshee 3 Actual Friday
If Hillary were so bad, then those that are against the Democratic party would want her 4 nomination 26 graham4anything4HC45 Wednesday
State Department probes Clinton handling of government emails, could pull her security clearance 12 Aquila Wednesday
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 U.S.Awesome Wednesday
Rep. Chaffetz Reports Investigations into Hillary Still Being Stonewalled by DOJ and State Dept. 6 Grumpy Pickle Jun 18
Day 149 Hillary won 48.03% Donald Trump only got 45.94%. Hillary won by 3 million votes 33 graham4anything4HC45 Jun 18
The silver lining...Hillary's twitter is quiet today 4 bernt-toast Jun 15
Democratic Domestic Terrorist hung out at YMCA next to baseball field in weeks before shooting 2 Banshee 3 Actual Jun 14
Loretta Lynch Successfully Pressured Comey To Mislead Public Using Clinton Campaigns Talking Points 3 U.S.Awesome Jun 8
Thank you Harry Reid! Pres.Obama, MIchelle, Hillary etc.- Public Option voted for in Nevada! 31 graham4anything4HC45 Jun 6
hillary 2020! does anyone really want this? (Poll) 6 rampartb Jun 6
MACEDONIA! Sloooowly Hillary turned. Step by step... 6 Gamle-ged Jun 6
Hillary conspiracy claim Trump won the election because he 'colluded' with 1000 Russian agents 40 Dexter Morgan Jun 2
DNC Data Director Therriault Accuses Hillary of Laundering Money into the DNC 13 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2
Ooh...Crooked MeeMaw stepped on some DNC toes 6 bernt-toast Jun 1
Day 128, congratulations to Hillary on great commencent address & my personal thoughts 5/27- 19 graham4anything4HC45 May 28
Hillary Clinton Has A New Excuse For Why She Lost 9 Dexter Morgan May 27
Camile Paglia on Bill and Hillary Clinton 5 Jack Burton May 16
Republicans Are Now Trying To Blame Hillary Clinton For Trumps Russia Collusion 37 Immacolata May 15
5 seperate FBI cases probing Hillary Clinton inner circle... 20 Dexter Morgan May 12
I'd be a bit concerned, too... 2 U.S.Awesome May 10
Julian Assange just tweeted : "The FBI Will Now Start Leaking Like Niagra..." 18 Grumpy Pickle May 10
Hillary, this one's for you : 0 Grumpy Pickle May 9
Meghan McCain: Hillarys behavior deeply unpatriotic 19 Da Mannn May 5
Day 105- ONWARD TOGETHER. Hillary building a new political group to organize Resistance Groups 27 graham4anything4HC45 May 5
Hillary Campaign Collusion with Loretta Lynch? 10 Gamle-ged May 3
New Huma Abedin Emails Reveal 29 Previously Undisclosed Clinton Emails With Classified Information 6 U.S.Awesome May 3
Comey saying Huma Weiner was forwarding classified emails to the Perv 9 Tin Ear2 May 3
LMAO:Chelsea Clinton Gets Another Award For Doing Nothing Special 11 Dexter Morgan Apr 27
Chelsea Clinton received the NYC Harvest Award for fighting hunger. Apparently she donated the food 3 Dumper Apr 27
Please, God, Stop Chelsea Clinton from Whatever She Is Doing 10 Dexter Morgan Apr 22
Let's not forget about how the liberal media tried to cover for Hillary 0 U.S.Awesome Apr 21
8 of the ten 10 most popular governors are republicans 11 mrwordsworth Apr 19
Hillary's 'deplorable' comment, was a good move at the time 10 M411 Apr 14
Obama granted Hillary top secret access to classified material even after she left State Dept. 28 Grumpy Pickle Apr 6
Next time someone tells you a negative about Hillary- 41 graham4anything4HC45 Apr 4
Why do you think Putin wanted Trump elected instead of Hillary? 18 U.S.Awesome Mar 31
Evelyn Farkas worked as an advisor to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign. 10 Grumpy Pickle Mar 30
Why would the Russians prefer Trump? 29 M411 Mar 2017
FBI to recommend indictment of Hillary for Espionage 49 Gunslinger201 Mar 2017
shorter bathroom lines are more important than having a country 3 M411 Mar 2017
Chelsea Clinton to Release Childrens Picture Book She Persisted' 11 Dexter Morgan Mar 2017
Julian Assange tweet : Hillary is pushing for a Pence takeover. 22 Grumpy Pickle Mar 2017
Obama is my hero 8 M411 Mar 2017
House Democrats may pull support for Russia inquiry 9 Gunslinger201 Mar 2017
Woman gets 6 months for voter fraud..Charged with 35 counts of falsely registering people 20 Dexter Morgan Mar 2017
LMAO..Hillary Clinton surfaces in New York to collect 'Champion for Girls' award ... 7 Dexter Morgan Mar 2017
Weiner hearing postponed. 1 Grumpy Pickle Mar 2017
Interesting experiment: What if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Had Swapped Genders? 3 cologeek Mar 2017
Hillary coming to terms with her new life....I wasted it all cause Bill said i would be president... 22 Dexter Morgan Mar 2017
Never say Die 1 def_con5 Mar 2017
Husted: Investigation Uncovers Non-Citizens Who Registered to Vote & Illegally Cast Ballots 20 Dexter Morgan Feb 2017
Hundreds of Texans may have voted improperly in November election, AP finds 31 Dexter Morgan Feb 2017
AHH Day 31- Donald Trump is now channeling Damien Kilian, +Reince,Gail Collins, & more 4 graham4anything4HC45 Feb 2017
Black Trump Supporter Blasts Sanctuary Cities: All the Jobs Are Going to Illegals! 33 Dexter Morgan Feb 2017
Noncitizen Faces Deportation for Illegal Voting After Getting Drivers License 8 Dexter Morgan Feb 2017
AHH DAY 24 oh cool oh cool oh cool oh cool oh cool...not to mention -SHE will win 2020 16 graham4anything4HC45 Feb 2017
Urbana man charged with living, voting in U.S. illegally 7 Dexter Morgan Feb 2017
Mexican Citizen Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison For Voter Fraud In TX 17 Dexter Morgan Feb 2017
CNN Guest: Berkeley Rioters Were Actually Secret Right-Wingers Affiliated With Breitbart 28 Dexter Morgan Feb 2017
NYT: Clinton Foundation in Disarray After Hillarys Election Loss 14 Dexter Morgan Feb 2017
Trump gives Rep. Chaffetz " Green light " to go after Hillary. 6 Grumpy Pickle Jan 2017
Why Did The Election Turn Out The Way It Did?? 21 Bubba Jan 2017
Star date Jan. 26, 2017 Day 7- Hillary tells marchers-Keep up momentum, & more 40 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2017
It wasn't supposed to be this way folks 17 Tin Ear2 Jan 2017
Huge win for liberals 1 Tin Ear2 Jan 2017
At what point in time will Democrats consider Hillary to be "old news?" (Poll) 9 Gamle-ged Jan 2017
Bernie and Hillary - compare and contrast: 17 Immacolata Jan 2017
An exceptionally good post-election rant from a Bernie supporter. 7 Carlos W Bush Jan 2017
How much alcohol and or " medication " will Hillary have to consume to be able to get 7 Grumpy Pickle Jan 2017
Soros lost $1B betting Trump would cause stocks to crash 10 Banshee 3 Actual Jan 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 8 Immacolata Jan 2017
Where oh where has 14 MountainDew Jan 2017
Jill Stein Agrees with Trump: Hillary Clinton Presidency Means Nuclear War, a ‘Mushroom Cloud Waitin 12 Tin Ear Nov 2016
Chelsea Clinton 'used Foundation resources to fund her 2010 wedding to Marc Mezvinsky', 7 Dexter Morgan Nov 2016
Hillary loses the Left 8 Gunslinger201 Nov 2016
updated Daisy ad 2 island4diver Nov 2016
Hillary Clinton routinely asked her maid to print out sensitive government e-mails and document 7 Dexter Morgan Nov 2016
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