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Trump, Russia and Ukraine: Five presidential conspiracy theories debunked 6 Salaam Monday
North Korea calls Trump a 'heedless and erratic old man' 4 Salaam Monday
Righty constantly complains about the House impeachment process. 17 Salaam Monday
Donnie thinks everyone is a sucker. 12 Salaam Nov 20
So when is Donnie going to testify and clear the air? 10 Salaam Nov 19
Here are 2 serious questions for the right wing posters here. 19 Salaam Nov 19
Bless your heart Donnie. Great victory in Louisiana. 18 Salaam Nov 19
about that Trump charity. 1 Salaam Nov 18
Donnie, prove the Dems are lying. 17 Salaam Nov 9
How about that Trump Foundation. 3 Salaam Nov 8
Hill and Vindman Testimony: Key Excerpts From Impeachment Inquiry Transcripts 3 Salaam Nov 8
Why look for that whistleblower? 19 Salaam Nov 8
Congratulations to dumb Donnie for making that great victory possible. 18 Salaam Nov 8
White House official corroborates diplomats account that Trump appeared to seek quid pro quo 10 Salaam Nov 1
Donnie is a swamp creature from Manhattan. 13 Salaam Oct 31
Top Russia official arrives for testimony in Trump impeachment inquiry 6 Salaam Oct 31
Conflicts between Sondland, other witnesses in impeachment probe raise questions 1 Salaam Oct 31
7 years ago, Trump called 1.9% growth "trouble", today, it is the best economy ever. 1 Salaam Oct 31
The Trump of 2012 wouldnt have been a big fan of the Trump economy. 9 Salaam Oct 31
Donnie hides everything he does. 3 Salaam Oct 31
Poor Donnie. He got booed at the baseball game. 13 Salaam Oct 30
Why all the closed hearings in the House? 26 Salaam Oct 30
Survey: US business hiring hits 7-year low as sales slow 20 Salaam Oct 30
The GOP demands transparency. Yes they do. 18 Salaam Oct 29
Trumps Favorite Coal Baron Going Under 44 Salaam Oct 29
crooked Donnie in the White House, Mutt Gaetz violating the law, 9 Salaam Oct 24
Top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine contradicts Trumps claim of no quid pro quo 27 Salaam Oct 24
What is Matt Gaetz afraid of? 26 Salaam Oct 23
Can anyone here keep up with Donnie's lies? 15 Salaam Oct 22
Putin owns Tulsi and Donnie. 39 Salaam Oct 22
Why did Mick Mulvaney have to tell the truth? 7 Salaam Oct 22
Fun quiz #1 for informed voters Fact Check: Has Trump declared bankruptcy four or six times? 35 Salaam Oct 17
Must the House Vote to Authorize an Impeachment Inquiry? 39 Salaam Oct 16
Fun quiz #2 how much money did daddy Trump give to failing Donnie? 27 Salaam Oct 16
Donald Trump's longtime business connections in Turkey back in the spotlight 16 Salaam Oct 16
Poor Donnie. He never gets to golf anymore. 25 Salaam Oct 15
Donnie Trump says he has nothing to hide, 10 Salaam Oct 13
How much Russian money has crooked Donnie and his criminal buddies taken? 8 Salaam Oct 11
Holding Ukraine hostage: How the president and his allies, chasing 2020 ammunition 9 Salaam Oct 6
Mounting evidence buttresses the facts laid out in whistleblower complaint 6 Salaam Oct 6
As Trump's lies reach new heights, has the media reached a tipping point? 6 Salaam Oct 5
There's one name for William Taylor. Patriot. 10 Salaam Oct 4
The market has spoken: Coal is dying 0 Salaam Oct 4
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