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Here's a question. If Pelosi squashes any attempt at impeachment, how will that affect the Dem base? 5 cologeek May 30
Fed Judge Struck Down Trump's Request to Block Congress Subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and Cap One 5 RCW2014 May 22
Mueller, Gates Attorneys Request Sentencing Delay Due to Cooperation in 'Several' Probes 3 RCW2014 Mar 2019
"he's just not worth it. 26 rampartb Mar 2019
Mueller Probe Already Financed Through September: Officials 0 RCW2014 Mar 2019
Ex-Fox News Executive Resigns From White House With Trump Angry at Bad Press 10 RCW2014 Mar 2019
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) Under Investigation By Florida State Bar Over Cohen Threat 8 RCW2014 Mar 2019
Trump Appears To Have Committed Crime In Office: Congressional Chairman Cummings 25 RCW2014 Feb 2019
Tonight's Evening News Lead: Cohen Calls Trump "Racist", "Con Man" and A "Cheat" in House Hearing 11 RCW2014 Feb 2019
Michael Cohens Testimony Portrays President Trump as a Serial Grifter 11 RCW2014 Feb 2019
Michael Cohen Says Federal Prosecutors Are Investigating Previously Undisclosed Wrongdoing Related.. 2 RCW2014 Feb 2019
Rep. Matt Gaetz Apologizes For Threatening Michael Cohen After Nancy Pelosi Smackdown UPDATE 0 RCW2014 Feb 2019
New ads for Impeachment 2 nolens volens Feb 2019
Trump's Pence Predicament 32 BSBuzzSaw Dec 2018
Ford's attorneys : Christine Ford Does Not Want Kavanaugh Impeached.....Has No Regrets. 10 Grumpy Pickle Oct 2018
Blue-Collar Workers Increasingly Optimistic Under Trump 3 Gunslinger201 Aug 2018
The Case for Impeaching Clarence Thomas 32 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2018
A CITIZENS GUIDE TO IMPEACHMENT 19 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2018
Dec. 21 2017- STEVE BANNON to run for President himself in 2020???....please steve, go for it 10 graham4anything4HC45 Dec 2017
For once, I agree with Jeff Sessions 10 WritelyWrong Dec 2017
'Trump has 30% chance of finishing 1st term.' - Steve Bannon 27 RATFINK_5.0 Oct 2017
Day 218 40% of USA Americans now support Donald Trump's impeachment. OMG 40%!!!!! WOW!!! 42 graham4anything4HC45 Aug 2017
Friday News Dump: Jeff Sessions has again apparently perjured himself 18 marmot84 Jul 2017
DU in shock 7 def_con5 Jul 2017
Deep state coup 0 357blackhawk Jul 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 13 TM999 Jul 2017
Day 145 b The iconic Leader Nancy Pelosi, is, as always, 100% correct. 5 graham4anything4HC45 Jun 2017
Support For Trump's Impeachment Is Now Higher Than His Approval Rating 27 Immacolata Jun 2017
Day 128 Impeachment only needs a simple majority, NOT super majority 33 graham4anything4HC45 May 2017
Black lawmaker received racist threats after calling for impeachment 18 Letmypeoplevote May 2017
The body is political, especially when it comes to women and their hair in South Korea 3 Immacolata May 2017
Rep. Al Green (D-TX) calls for Impeachment of President Trump (C-SPAN) 19 Letmypeoplevote May 2017
When you've lost Ann Coulter you know it's bad 5 marmot84 May 2017
Day 117 Donald Richard Nixon Trump tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock, multiple issues 8 graham4anything4HC45 May 2017
Comey Confirms Trump Russia Prosecutions: Collusion Scandal May End with Indictments, Impeachment 17 Immacolata May 2017
Day 75 Donald Trump's campaign adviser Carter Page met with Russian Spy 7 graham4anything4HC45 Apr 2017
Day 73- Rumor- Merrick Brian Garland might be named independent prosecutor??? 14 graham4anything4HC45 Apr 2017
Day 71 Seven items, the tick tock of the clock goes louder, Donald Richard Nixon Trump- 0 graham4anything4HC45 Mar 2017
Day 67 Updated timeline that may support FBI investigation into Trump/Russia connections 9 graham4anything4HC45 Mar 2017
Day 50 The Trump experiment may be coming to an end 16 graham4anything4HC45 Mar 2017
March 5- Day 45 I disagree 100% with any of Mike Pence's politics...however- 17 graham4anything4HC45 Mar 2017
Here's how Trump & his supporters just gave best case for his impeachment & 4 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 2017
Day 42 March 2 2017 OH WHAT A TANGLED WEB WE WEAVE, WHEN WE PRACTICE TO DECEIVE 36 graham4anything4HC45 Mar 2017
GOP now calling for special prosecutor in impeachment 11 RATFINK_5.0 Feb 2017
While rightie distracted by La La Land, Trump impeachment gathering strength: 19 RATFINK_5.0 Feb 2017
Day 35 2/23- FBI refuses after Trump illegally asked FBI to repudiate Trump's 3 graham4anything4HC45 Feb 2017
Tues.AHH Day 33- Republicans ignore protest at their own peril, plus more, much more 6 graham4anything4HC45 Feb 2017
I love the smell of con desperation in the morning! 30 Slayer Feb 2017
Brazil President looses last minute impeachment appeal 1 Currentsitguy May 2016
State lawmakers prep impeachment order against GOP governor 12 Letmypeoplevote Jan 2016
Republican governor faces possible impeachment in Maine 33 Letmypeoplevote Aug 2015
Dear Cons, when are you going to start impeachment against Obama? [View all] 69 JoeHill Mar 2015
GOP back to ‘impeachment,’ ‘jail time’ for Obama 15 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2015
I am too late 31 Junglejim43 Dec 2014
Obama supporter: Why Congress Can Impeach Obama 20 Let it go Nov 2014
I wish Republicans would stop with Impeachment talk 39 Charles Goodnight Nov 2014
These Seven Conservatives Would Impeach Obama Over Immigration 30 theblueboar Nov 2014
Bring on Impeachment and let the cards fall where they will 14 mdmc1 Nov 2014
Trey Gowdy on impeachment possibility... 7 Gamle-ged Nov 2014
During Clinton when the GOP won the house for the first time in 40 years 7 Satanica Nov 2014
Speaker Boehner’s Lawyer Is Charging The American Taxpayer $500 An Hour To Sue Obama 40 Letmypeoplevote Sep 2014
Who keeps bringing up impeachment all the time? It's not who you might think. 29 john262 Aug 2014
Is the GOP really going to impeach? Or is it a fundraising ploy? [View all] 126 MeatSandwich Aug 2014
The Impeachment Poll (Poll) 48 Jenny Fromdablock Aug 2014
Top Obama Aide Concerned by Impeachment Threats 19 Guyzilla Aug 2014
Maybe he didn't get the message, impeachment is supposed to be a Democratic talking point 2 Mr_Scorpio Aug 2014
So, you Cons calling for impeachment? 46 JoeHill Aug 2014
Here is why the GOP is trying to distance themselves from IMPEACHMENT talk 41 theblueboar Aug 2014
Sarah Palin says, "Me! Look at Me! Over Here! Look at MEEEEE!!!" 39 daemons Aug 2014
Meet the Impeachment Crowd: 6 Republicans Who Want Obama Out 35 Strange Luck Jul 2014
Jonathan Bernstein: Impeachment Idiocy's Republican Enablers 0 JosephNobles Jul 2014
A plea to Republicans, "Don't Impeach Obama" [View all] 85 loislane88 Jul 2014
Guess who wrote this editoral. 19 Early1900sLiberal Jul 2014
Non-scientific poll on the Drudge Report. Should Obama be impeached? [View all] 55 john262 Jul 2014
Special prosecutor. (Poll) 46 walter maslen Jun 2014
Today's irs hearing. 14 walter maslen Jun 2014
S.D. Republican Party calls for Obama impeachment 10 Crow Jun 2014
What can we do to stop mass shootings? (Poll) [View all] 108 walter maslen Jun 2014
Impeach Him 20 Satchel Beetwasher Jun 2014
Before Bill Clinton was impeached.... [View all] 53 kentuck1 Jun 2014
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