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Senate Intel Chairman: We Dont Have Anything That Would Suggest There Was Collusion 4 Gunslinger201 Feb 2019
Governor Rick Scott claims election fraud, orders law enforcement investigation 3 Gamle-ged Nov 2018
Georgia Democratic Party under investigation for hacking attack on voter registration system. 0 cologeek Nov 2018
Sears directors tap Evercore to examine former CEO Lampert's deals 0 Agent_86 Oct 2018
Ukraine ammo dump blasts blamed on 'possible sabotage' 2 Agent_86 Oct 2018
Investigation of CA murders unfolds like a big-screen mystery 0 Agent_86 Sep 2018
Trump's Tweet Calls for Reopening of Hillary Investigation. (Poll) 8 Grumpy Pickle Aug 2018
Witness in Jane Sanders land deal probe says she was recently interviewed by FBI 8 Letmypeoplevote May 2018
Trump adviser, not Steele dossier, caused investigation 8 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2018
Trump fans go ballistic on Trey Gowdy after he says the Nunes memo doesnt discredit the Mueller pro 8 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2018
DOJ Report: Wisconsins Infamous John Doe Investigation Was More Sinister Than First Reported. 5 Muddling Through Dec 2017
Sigh, they are losing hope 10 def_con5 Dec 2017
Gosh ... I wonder how that Russian Investigation thingy is going ? 9 RATFINK_5.0 Nov 2017
So Donald Trump Jr. has one meeting with a Russian Lawyer 4 Gunslinger201 Oct 2017
N.E.W.S. from 'The Russian Front': Mueller Subpeonas High-Powered DC Law Firms. 10 RATFINK_5.0 Aug 2017
This is the result of multiculturalism and liberal stupidity. They can Kiss Congress goodbye 3 oldenuff35 Aug 2017
Russia probe could reveal Trump's closest-held secrets 8 Immacolata Jul 2017
Trump Son Met With Russian Lawyer Who Promised Info Helpful to Campaign 13 New Deal Democrat Jul 2017
Why the Russia investigation could be even bigger than you think 32 News2Me Jun 2017
Trump Wins By Becoming The Fastest President Ever To Be Criminally Investigated 44 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2017
Harvard Poll: Two-Thirds Say Russia Investigations Hurting Country 2 def_con5 Jun 2017
Jared Kushner now a focus in Russia investigation 26 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2017
Is Trump under federal investigation or not? 8 Immacolata Jun 2017
Democrats Block Witnesses from Testifying in House Intel Probe 6 def_con5 Jun 2017
Senate Committee Launches New Clinton Corruption Investigation 1 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2017
Trump attorney: There's no investigation of the president, period 11 New Deal Democrat Jun 2017
Robert Mueller expands special counsel office, hires 13 lawyers 9 Immacolata Jun 2017
Senate Judiciary Committee opens new, separate investigation into Comey firing 1 Fiendish Thingy-BC Jun 2017
NYT: Team Trump knew Flynn was being investigated and Trump still hired him 6 Letmypeoplevote May 2017
Lindsay Graham calls Special Counsel " a Criminal Investigation ". 12 Grumpy Pickle May 2017
Trump Team Knew Flynn Was Under Investigation Before He Came to White House 21 News2Me May 2017
Donald Trump's disastrously bad week in Washington 10 Immacolata May 2017
Poll: How many of you didn't know Trump wasn't under investigation until three days ago? (Poll) 14 U.S.Awesome May 2017
Comey's Ties To The Clintons Go Waaaay Back. 1 Grumpy Pickle May 2017
FBI investigating Jane Sanders for alleged bank fraud: report 10 Letmypeoplevote May 2017
Top Pentagon watchdog launches investigation into money that Michael Flynn received 3 News2Me Apr 2017
Trump was going to investigate voter fraud. What happened? 19 Letmypeoplevote Apr 2017
Devin Nunes just fell on the White Houses sword in this wiretapping debacle 11 Letmypeoplevote Apr 2017
FBI used dossier allegations to bolster Trump-Russia investigation 10 AmandaCMatthews Apr 2017
Today's the day! The smoking gun has been found along with the smoldering cigarette butt! 13 Duke Lacrosse Apr 2017
Mitch McConnell backs investigation into Rice on Flynn unmasking. 4 Grumpy Pickle Apr 2017
Democrats Demand Inquiry of Russian Role in U.S. Affairs; G.O.P. Concern Grows 1 News2Me Feb 2017
Voting Fraud Inquiry? The Investigators Got Burned Last Time 17 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2017
FBI joins 5 other intelligence agencies in investigating secret Russian aid to Donald Trump 22 Immacolata Jan 2017
More on Obama's "help" offered to Congress... 2 Gamle-ged Nov 2016
Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal problems 9 Muzzlehatch Sep 2016
Rep. Jason Chaffetz subpoenas FBI file on Hillary`s e-mail investigation. 15 Grumpy Pickle Sep 2016
Justice Department officials pushed for investigation into Clinton Foundation. 16 Grumpy Pickle Aug 2016
IRS opens formal investigation into Clinton Foundation " Pay to Play " accusations. 20 Grumpy Pickle Jul 2016
Here's what I hope Congress asks Comey about 4 U.S.Awesome Jul 2016
After major email setback, GOP may soon demand investigation into Hillary's driving record... 14 Appalachian Man Jul 2016
HRC peeps, would you still vote for Hillary if she is indicted? (Poll) 6 eddiepina Jun 2016
Would Bernie have been forced to drop out by now if he had been under FBI investigation for 18 mnths (Poll) 13 U.S.Awesome May 2016
Lawyers presentFBI With A Dilemma In Hillary Clinton Email Server Investigation 2 Gunslinger201 May 2016
What we know about the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails 21 Immacolata May 2016
FBI probing NYC Mayor de Blasio's fundraising activities 11 Gamle-ged Apr 2016
The lib-logic behind the Hillary apologist and their cries of "any day now" is pathetic 28 the more you know Mar 2016
Former Obama intel official: Hillary Clinton should drop out 4 Immacolata Feb 2016
More Hillary Clinton Emails Released, Including 3 Now ‘Secret’ 3 Immacolata Feb 2016
FBI Investigating Hillary Clinton for “Public Corruption” with Clinton Foundation 8 Gamle-ged Jan 2016
Sanders Campaign Again Asks Clinton Campaign to Join Call for DNC Probe 15 AmandaMatthews Dec 2015
Feds investigating ex-school district of student in clock incident 4 Letmypeoplevote Dec 2015
DI Poll - How many liberals actually believe Hillary is under official FBI investigation? (Poll) 20 U.S.Awesome Nov 2015
Republicans seek IRS audit of Clinton Foundation spinoff 6 AmandaMatthews Nov 2015
Police officer fired for interfering in an investigation. 4 SavannahMan Nov 2015
ICE doesn't want to explain how they lost $100k to the Cartels and got a man killed. 1 SavannahMan Oct 2015
FBI Seizes Four State Department Servers 45 NO_NO_DOWN_BADBOY Oct 2015
Hillary expected to kill, eat one baby each day until primary election... 48 Gamle-ged Aug 2015
Center for Responsive Politics Receives Knight News Challenge Award 0 Starbux Jul 2015
GOP Prosecutor Defends Scott Walker Criminal Probe, Says "Let's Get the Truth Out" 21 Starbux Jul 2015
Judge tosses bid for probe of prosecutor in Ferguson case 45 Muddling Through Jul 2015
Argentine president may face investigators 2 Agent_86 Feb 2015
The Boston Bombing Trial Starts, But Answers Aren’t on the Docket 16 John Q Citizen Jan 2015
Why the secrecy of the MH-17 investigation? 6 Clarity of Signal Dec 2014
French UMP hit by 'anti-Sarkozy plot' claim 0 Agent_86 Nov 2014
Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann Are Under FBI Investigation For Several Federal Crimes 24 Lefty Sep 2014
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