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ISIS Condemns Kathy Griffin For Cultural Appropriation 8 cologeek Jun 2017
Iraqi forces punch into western Mosul, launch air strikes in Syria 7 Muzzlehatch Feb 2017
Clock boy defamation case explodes in court ordered to pay attorney fees 6 Dexter Morgan Feb 2017
SIXTY-TWO ISIS attackers and 'plotters' in just a year and more than half of them are immigrants 7 Dexter Morgan Oct 2016
The True Story Of How War Broke Out In Syria 1 Badsamm Aug 2016
Join ISIS and you will be a mighty islamic duck. 0 redredruddyred Jun 2016
Syrian, Iraqi, refugees arrested in terrorism stings in Texas and California.. [View all] 50 Dexter Morgan Jan 2016
18 Cologne attack suspects ID'd as asylum-seekers; police chief fired 5 Dexter Morgan Jan 2016
Two Middle Eastern Refugees Arrested In U.S. On Terror Charges — One from Syria.. 0 Dexter Morgan Jan 2016
Anti-ISIL strikes now aimed at moving targets 3 Starbux Dec 2015
Hezbollah chief denounces Paris attacks 25 Rephleshed Nov 2015
This, I didn't know. 2 Agent_86 Oct 2015
Beheaded Syrian scholar refused to lead Isis to hidden Palmyra antiquities 10 Thorson Aug 2015
These 'morons' need a mulligan. 4 Agent_86 Jun 2015
The Iraqi who planned and organized ISIL 1 Thorson Apr 2015
Islamic State 'demolishes' ancient Hatra site in Iraq 8 Dexter Morgan Mar 2015
Thirty jihadis return home to Australia after being foreign fighters 4 Thorson Feb 2015
"We Can't Kill Our Way Out Of This Mess" 4 JosephNobles Feb 2015
Islamic State may be harvesting the organs of victims 4 Thorson Feb 2015
Discuss- why would ISIL want us to go to war with them? Why kill hostages to provoke us to do it? 31 graham4anything4HC45 Feb 2015
ISIS/ISIL says Jordanian Air Strike killed USA Aid worker Kayla Jean 18 metroins Feb 2015
Obama to ask for Authorization of Military Force against ISIL 27 metroins Feb 2015
Jordanians are "very adamant" that the country "intensify its role" against ISIL 1 Attila Gorilla Feb 2015
President who promised "No boots on the ground" asks for authorization of force in Iraq and Syria 23 cologeek Jan 2015
ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's Wife, Son Detained in Lebanon 3 JosephNobles Dec 2014
Are any military really worried about this FBI warning? 7 AZ0 Dec 2014
The Islamic State Reshapes the Middle East 0 Troll2 Nov 2014
Caveat State fueled by ransoms 0 Agent_86 Nov 2014
UN says Islamic State imposing rule of terror in Syria 6 Agent_86 Nov 2014
Obama's Syria strategy in tatters 7 asylum seeker Nov 2014
This message was self-deleted by its author 1 Red Hornet Oct 2014
Our youngest martyr yet' - Isil boasts about death of 10-year-old 18 Thorson Oct 2014
Biden was correct 6 Northwood Oct 2014
Pakistani Taliban pledges support for IS militants 2 Troll2 Oct 2014
Obama has skipped more than HALF of his daily intel briefings. [View all] 77 Dexter Morgan Oct 2014
Who is responsible for dropping the ball on ISIS (Poll) 18 Dork_Diggler Oct 2014
Glenn Greenwald: U.S. manufactured militant threat as pretext to bomb Syria 21 Dexter Morgan Sep 2014
Why does Obama talk about ISIL while everyone else talks about ISIS? [View all] 79 starcat Sep 2014
Thank You POTUS Obama for Doing the Right Thing ! 20 RATFINK_5.0 Sep 2014
ISIL is having a two for one special for Jihadis... 8 AZ0 Sep 2014
President tells ISIL "leave the battlefield while you can" 0 Starbux Sep 2014
Bush started this mess, Obama is cleaning up 37 johnaries01 Sep 2014
Will the left be worried about disproportionate force in this conflict with ISIL 22 Trainman95630 Sep 2014
Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says Obama helped ISIS grow by ignoring national security team 35 Dexter Morgan Sep 2014
Conservatives who support the strikes against ISIS 26 I814U2CY Sep 2014
France is ditching the ‘Islamic State’ name — and replacing it with a label the group hates 6 His Daughter Sep 2014
The Islamic State Is Upset With Name For Them 10 Attila Gorilla Sep 2014
They want to be called the Islamic State. Let's call them that. 42 shortviking Sep 2014
U.S. boots are already on the ground against the Islamic State 15 Banshee 3 Actual Sep 2014
U.S. Airstrikes Target ISIL in Iraq (total of 167 airstrikes across Iraq) 3 Strange Luck Sep 2014
Roy Edroso: Obama's ISIS Escalation Riles Rightbloggers Who Want More Muslim-Hate 2 JosephNobles Sep 2014
Congress should vote on calling for all-out Ground War against ISIS (Poll) 6 Zutak Sep 2014
Marco Rubio's Iraq Plan Sounds Familiar 11 JosephNobles Sep 2014
1) Assad will fall eventually 1 Zutak Sep 2014
NT Times: As Obama Makes Case, Congress Is Divided On Campaign Against Militants 10 JosephNobles Sep 2014
Dem Congressman: ‘Forces That Will Rise If ISIS Is Destroyed Are Nearly as Evil as ISIS’ 27 Dexter Morgan Sep 2014
Elizabeth Warren: Destroying ISIS should be 'No. 1 priority' 10 Dexter Morgan Sep 2014
The War Nerd: The long, twisted history of beheadings as propaganda 8 JosephNobles Sep 2014
Steven Sotloff, U.S. Hostage Slain by ISIS, Was Also a Citizen of Israel 6 Troll2 Sep 2014
If ISIS wants to attack the US, why enter over our all-but-open Southern border? 17 starcat Sep 2014
Democratic Congressional Candidate: Republicans Are Worse Than ISIS 27 Dexter Morgan Sep 2014
ISIS release video that claims to show the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff .. 27 Dexter Morgan Sep 2014
Islamist Influx: Several Radicalized Ex-German Soldiers in Iraq 3 Troll2 Sep 2014
I don't really care, but why does the WH use ISIL & about everyone else ISIS? 7 Xray Aug 2014
2nd Minnesota man reportedly killed fighting for ISIS in Syria 29 Let it go Aug 2014
Graham: ISIL 'not the JV team anymore' 6 Strange Luck Aug 2014
I am fine with bombing ISIS in Syria 6 Zutak Aug 2014
The Drama of Sinjar 0 Agent_86 Aug 2014
Mosul dam secured 6 Docbroke Aug 2014
What do you want Obama to do in Iraq (Poll) 7 Docbroke Aug 2014
Where is the condemnation of ISIL? 5 Docbroke Aug 2014
There's An Inescapable Paradox About The US Fighting ISIS In Iraq 6 Troll2 Aug 2014
Isis winning its war on two fronts: Militants conquered Sunni regions of Iraq and are now 2 Duncus Aug 2014
‘We’re coming for you, Barack Obama’: Top U.S. official discloses threat from ISIL 9 nolens volens Jul 2014
Israel Could Get Dragged Into ISIS’s War, Obama Admin Warns [View all] 53 Barefoot Dancer Jul 2014
Jordan Could Be the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant's Next Target 6 Let it go Jun 2014
Iraqi PM Maliki Rejects US Calls for Talks With Sunnis 3 Barefoot Dancer Jun 2014
Maybe I was wrong about those ISIL guys after all 11 MissyTee Jun 2014
Turkey 'on alert' as NATO convenes on ISIL invasion in northern Iraq 9 Troll2 Jun 2014
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