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Video: Robert Spencer on the ridiculousness of the Left 0 TM999 Yesterday
Looks like my initial thoughts were right. 38 TM999 Oct 3
Denmark: Rapes Soared 196 PERCENT Since Liberal Government Took Power, Invited Refugees 18 TM999 Aug 4
Pakistani village elders order retaliatory rape of 17-year-old girl 15 Gunslinger201 Jul 29
Michigan Female Genital Mutilation investigation spreads to other states 7 Gunslinger201 Jul 2017
Glazov Gang: ISISs Horrifying How-To Terror Manual 1 TM999 Jul 2017
France then, and France now. 1 TM999 Jun 2017
Typical when Muslims reach 10% of population 16 TM999 Jun 2017
Manchester Mosque preached killing Gays, Soldiers and Infidels 3 Gunslinger201 Jun 2017
EXCLUSIVE: Bill Clinton Got Millions From Worlds Biggest Sharia Law Education Firm 12 TM999 Jun 2017
Breaking News on RT More in Manchester 6 TM999 May 2017
has trump called anyone an islamic terrorist lately? 4 rampartb Apr 2017
Muslims hack Atheist to Death for Facebook posts [View all] 55 Gunslinger201 Mar 2017
Utah Man on 25th Anniversary Dream Vacation killed, Wife injured in London Terror Attack 0 Gunslinger201 Mar 2017
Why Do So Many Muslims Hate Dogs? 47 Gunslinger201 Mar 2017
After Gay scene nixed Disney Pulls release of Beauty and the Beast from Muslim Malaysia 8 Gunslinger201 Mar 2017
How Islam is destroying Europe 24 Gunslinger201 Mar 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Bronxbomber Mar 2017
Muslim psychologist urges fellow Muslims to 'Exercise our Weapons of Mass Reproduction'. 7 Bronxbomber Mar 2017
Trump's new national security adviser asked his team to stop saying 'radical Islamic terrorism' 7 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2017
Iran tells U.S. chess champion to wear a hijab heres how she responds 12 Gunslinger201 Feb 2017
Syrian refugee shouts Allah as he slashes man across the face with knife on bus in Germany 2 Bronxbomber Feb 2017
Allah-shouting Muslim disturbs funeral ceremony in church 12 Bronxbomber Feb 2017
Feminists chant Allahu Akhbar at German Women's March 19 TendiesForBreakfast Jan 2017
Sharia Law says this woman is Nude 29 Gunslinger201 Jan 2017
German police accused of DISCOURAGING teen from reporting migrant attack 2 Bronxbomber Nov 2016
Muslims 'have the RIGHT to use Sharia law in Britain', says Islamic activist 11 Bronxbomber Nov 2016
'We are losing control of the streets' Merkel's Germany descends into lawlessness 13 Gunslinger201 Nov 2016
'We are losing control of the streets' Merkel's Germany descends into lawlessness 12 Bronxbomber Nov 2016
UK gymnast Louis Smith suspended over Islam video 3 Bronxbomber Nov 2016
Seven Migrants Sexually Abuse Underage Girls in German Pool 12 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
Fury as German primary school ‘forces’ children to chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Muslim prayer 3 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
Germany: Syrian refugee with FOUR WIVES and 23 CHILDREN ‘claims £320,000 a year in benefits' 1 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
743 Christian Refugees, Converts Attacked by Muslims in German Camps, Persecution Report Finds 44 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
German President hints Muslim politician could replace him 2 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
Breaking: Schools in Germany on lockdown following threats of mass shootings. 6 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
Man who shot two Boston Cops recent Convert to Islam 7 Gunslinger201 Oct 2016
Should the wording of this 9/11 memorial be changed? Is it accurate, or unnecessarily defamatory? 15 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
9/11 Memorial stirs debate over Islamic Terrorism 6 Gunslinger201 Sep 2016
The Terrorists are winning 5 Gunslinger201 Aug 2016
Jewish Rabbi stabbed by attacker yelling Aloha Snackbar (France) 5 Gunslinger201 Aug 2016
'Shariah Police' seen patrolling streets of Hamburg, Germany. 32 Bronxbomber Aug 2016
Report: More Than 1,000 Known Child Marriages in Germany 3 Bronxbomber Aug 2016
Mother of Twin Falls Migrant Sexual Assault victim wants to leave Twin Falls 16 Gunslinger201 Aug 2016
Muslim Imam says Sex Slaves Ok (Yeah, they Assimilate) 8 Gunslinger201 Aug 2016
Afghan teen arrested in connection with Munich shooting. 2 Grumpy Pickle Jul 2016
Shooter in Munich terrorist attack identified as a German-Iranian , 18 years old 13 Grumpy Pickle Jul 2016
This will be an American story if Hillary is allowed to import hoards of islamic immigrants 11 oldenuff35 Jul 2016
Qandeel Baloch: Pakistan social media celebrity 'killed by brother' ("Honor killing") 6 Gunslinger201 Jul 2016
Migrant Teens Walk Free In Sweden Ferry Rape Case 4 Bronxbomber Jul 2016
Fearing Attacks, Catholic Church Gets Rid of Statues of Monks Beheaded By Muslims 0 Bronxbomber Jul 2016
Muslim Refugees threaten Minnesota Community with Rape 10 Gunslinger201 Jul 2016
Terror Show at Gaza Kindergarten graduation 37 Gunslinger201 Jul 2016
Migrant Gang Sexually Assault Children As Young As 12 At Festival 2 Gunslinger201 Jul 2016
3 US University Students killed in Bangladesh Terror attack 4 Gunslinger201 Jul 2016
Happy Ramadan...from ISIS. 7 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2016
ISIS mocks Liberals, toss four Gays from roof then tweet LOVE WINS! 10 Gunslinger201 Jun 2016
Whistle-blower Philip Haney reveals that case files on San Bernardino Islamic terrorist were 15 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2016
Why is the EU falling apart? One big reason is MUSLIMS! 17 Gunslinger201 Jun 2016
Twin Falls Idaho police confirm rape of 5 yr old girl being investigated 25 Gunslinger201 Jun 2016
Canada: Islamic School Textbooks Teach Death to Fire 19 Gunslinger201 Jun 2016
Feds reverse course, release unredacted 911 transcripts on Orlando Islamic terrorist attack. 18 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2016
President Obama and AG Lynch have a "Terror Truth" Problem 1 Gunslinger201 Jun 2016
DHS report seeks to ban use of words " Jihad " and " Sharia " 18 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2016
Orlando Islamic terrorist`s father held meeting with the White House and State Dept. 4 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2016
`Islamic refugee` with gas pipeline plans arrested on New Mexico border. 3 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2016
Muslim scholar gave lecture in Orlando in April...called for " death sentence " for gays. 18 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2016
ISIS announced Florida threat 3 days ago. 25 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2016
Rising anti-Semitism forces Jews out of Paris suburbs 9 Bronxbomber Jun 2016
U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May says many Britons ‘BENEFIT GREATLY’ from Sharia Law 10 Bronxbomber May 2016
REPORT: Migrants Committing Disproportionately High Crime In Germany. 4 Bronxbomber May 2016
BBC is 'too Christian' and 'could broadcast Muslim prayers' to reflect growing multi-culturalism 5 Bronxbomber May 2016
Three things you probably don't know about islam 3 Gunslinger201 Apr 2016
Obama will ORDER new gun control laws. [View all] 50 oldenuff35 Apr 2016
Man admits killing shopkeeper because "He disrespected Islam" 4 Gunslinger201 Apr 2016
Poll: Two-thirds of British Muslims Wouldn't Tip Off Police on Terrorism. 5 Bronxbomber Apr 2016
Workplace Violence? Republicans Vote to Give Vets of Ft Hood Terrorist Attack the Honor They Deserve 10 Gunslinger201 Apr 2016
Writer in Bangladesh killed for Insulting Islam on Facebook 4 Gunslinger201 Apr 2016
NOT NEWS-Muslim Cleric says penalty for Homosexuality is Death [View all] 52 Gunslinger201 Apr 2016
In Palmyra, Islamic State Left Behind Mass Grave, Destroyed Monuments 4 Bronxbomber Apr 2016
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