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King Racist idiot DUmpass communist predicted what? 1 MumblyPeg 7 hrs ago
Stand at attention, lefty. Your President, Donald Trump speaks, and you will show respect. 3 MumblyPeg 12 hrs ago
Walls won't stop things like this (you racists) 0 MumblyPeg 15 hrs ago
4 Burglars Break Into Houston Home. 3 Will Never Rob Again 9 MumblyPeg 22 hrs ago
Teens Wearing MAGA Hats Harassing an Elderly Native American Man is FAKE NEWS 6 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Hatethiest dimocrat Asks if Karen Pences SS Protection Should be Pulled Because Shes Christian 10 MumblyPeg Saturday
Blinky Peolosi chooses illegal invaders over Americans and some people are fixated on Ann Coulter 14 MumblyPeg Saturday
cmon lefty, knock it the fuck off 10 MumblyPeg Saturday
Mexicans women and children just looking for a better life tap pipeline, cause explosion, kill 21 1 MumblyPeg Saturday
Media Heartbroken After Learning the Truth 3 MumblyPeg Saturday
Second Summit Between Trump, Kim Jong Un Scheduled for February 9 MumblyPeg Saturday
President Pelosi Trends After BuzzFeed Report: Its the Ending We Deserve 4 MumblyPeg Saturday
Racist dimocrat skank: Some White People May Have to Die 22 MumblyPeg Saturday
Man Masquerading as a Woman Who Caused Viral Scene at GameStop Speaks Out 12 MumblyPeg Saturday
President Trumps Approval UP 20% Among Latino Voters Since Gov Shutdown 5 MumblyPeg Saturday
tomorrow afternoon at 3 P.M., live from the @WhiteHouse 3 MumblyPeg Saturday
Time-Lapse Video Shows Gargantuan Crowd at 2019 March for Life 14 MumblyPeg Saturday
China Offers Path to ELIMINATE US Trade Deficit, Stocks Post BIG GAINS 2 MumblyPeg Saturday
Crooked MeeMaw's Big Beautiful Wall (that probably doesn't work, right?) 1 MumblyPeg Saturday
MSNBC Lefty Lunatic Propaganda Artist Donny Douche Says President Trump Wants a Civil War 6 MumblyPeg Saturday
Double the smackdown. Pelosi is JUST AS POWERFUL AS THE PRESIDENT! REEEEEEEEE!!!! 2 MumblyPeg Saturday
Dear pinko dimocratic communists: we have your number. Here's Ted Cruz to elaborate 7 MumblyPeg Saturday
Your catalogue of the media's bias-fueled failure-fest in 2017 0 MumblyPeg Saturday
Muellers Office Only Released Statement on Junk Buzzfeed Report to Cover Their Asses 0 MumblyPeg Saturday
HHS bares its teeth on religious freedom, and California gets bit 0 MumblyPeg Friday
CNN, Politifact Downplay 2,000 Homicides Committed by Illegal Invaders 7 MumblyPeg Friday
Documents Reveal More Details About Muslim Terrorist Swine Plotting to Blow Up the White House 7 MumblyPeg Friday
100,000 Supporters Turn Out for Annual March for Life- DNC Propaganda outlets lie about it 3 MumblyPeg Friday
Deranged pinko dimocratic communists call everything racist 1 MumblyPeg Friday
Another perv dimocrat child molester rapist taken down 3 MumblyPeg Friday
Blinky and Chucky lie again, and lefty eats it up like the lemming that he is 3 MumblyPeg Friday
Gillette Cuts Their Own Throat [RazrFist NSFW] 1 MumblyPeg Friday
Learning from the best: World renowned political genius, Bolshevik Barbie 1 MumblyPeg Friday
"Pelosi Never Contacted Us For Security Plan Before Trying To Delay Trump Speech" 7 MumblyPeg Thursday
The Shutdown Shitshow [NSFW] 2 MumblyPeg Wednesday
ANGEL MOMS and Victims of Illegal Immigrant Violence Storm Speaker Pelosis Office 11 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Shooting at the police leads to terminal condition 4 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Dominican prostitute: Sen. Bob Menendez likes the youngest and newest girls 16 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Do the Math: Trump's Wall Is $25 Billion, Illegals Cost $165 Billion [View all] 90 MumblyPeg Tuesday
FBI Retaliated Against Trump For Comey Firing 2 MumblyPeg Monday
Where Are You, Martin Luther King? 3 MumblyPeg Monday
dimocratic communists party in Puerto Rico with 109 lobbyists for weekend despite shutdown 7 MumblyPeg Monday
32% of Federal Inmates Are Aliens 3 MumblyPeg Monday
Democrats Who Killed George W. Bushs Virtual Fence Now Back Pelosis Technological Wall 3 MumblyPeg Monday
Boy, Lefty is pulling some serious overtime spreading his border wall propaganda and talking points. 4 MumblyPeg Jan 13
Baghdad Bob Visits the Border 1 MumblyPeg Jan 13
Lisa Page Testimony:Obama DOJ Refused to Pursue Gross-Negligence Charges Against Hillary 12 MumblyPeg Jan 12
Dear lefty: Illegal invaders are 6X more murderous that "assault rifles. What do you do? 21 MumblyPeg Jan 12
Democrat plans to turn subcommittee on terrorism into subcommittee on investigating TRUMP 5 MumblyPeg Jan 12
Good job yesterday. I appreciate your salesmanship. Some people are dumb. 2 MumblyPeg Jan 11
Jim "Fake News" Acosta Learns That Walls Work 12 MumblyPeg Jan 11
Bolshevik Barnbie and incest loving muslim passed over by House Dems for committee memberships 3 MumblyPeg Jan 11
Remember When Starbucks Caved And Opened Their Bathrooms To Non-Customers? 8 MumblyPeg Jan 11
Border Fence Helped Cut Crime in Yuma by 91 Percent 4 MumblyPeg Jan 11
Nobody wants to take your guns away [View all] 146 MumblyPeg Jan 11
Congressional Democrats Are Cracking on the Border Wall 7 MumblyPeg Jan 10
Americans Line Streets of McAllen Texas Waiting for President Trump, Shouting: BUILD THE WALL! 0 MumblyPeg Jan 10
Obama Tech Guy Was Behind 2018 Midterm Democrat Disinformation Campaign on Facebook 1 MumblyPeg Jan 10
BUILD THE WALL 0 MumblyPeg Jan 10
Project Lightening 4 MumblyPeg Jan 10
8:30AM and the lefty alert swarms are out already... 9 MumblyPeg Jan 10
haha! look at the two petulant, lying children who got their 5 minutes on TV! 11 MumblyPeg Jan 10
Petulant lefty commits to pissing away his millions on impeach Trump commercials 6 MumblyPeg Jan 10
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 MumblyPeg Jan 10
Look guys, another dumbass restaurant chair decided to get into politcs.Let's show them how it works 11 MumblyPeg Jan 10
Lefty Lies Series - Illegal invaders are better than Americans and commit less crimes 1 MumblyPeg Jan 10
CA Official Blasts Gov. Brown for Accusing Trump of Lying About Sanctuary Law 1 MumblyPeg Jan 10
Illegal invading border jumping parasites are more American that any citizen 3 MumblyPeg Jan 10
Trump White House Coordinating With Army Corps of Engineers to Begin Work on Border Security Wall 7 MumblyPeg Jan 10
YOU GOT ME! 4 MumblyPeg Jan 10
Are Native Americans Offended By "Cultural Appropriation"? 0 MumblyPeg Jan 9
All leading dimocratic communists agree with Trump on border security 21 MumblyPeg Jan 9
Louie CK and the Killing of Comedy (NSFW) Raz0rFist 2 MumblyPeg Jan 9
CBS Fake News Deletes Viral Fact Check On Migrant Women Raped Crossing Southern Border 6 MumblyPeg Jan 9
President Trump Orders FEMA To Stop Sending Money To California After Disgraceful Fires 1 MumblyPeg Jan 9
Racist Mexicans Are Sealing Their Southern Border 1 MumblyPeg Jan 9
Pelosi and Schumer Denounce Border Security WallFrom Behind a Wall 1 MumblyPeg Jan 9
What Is the Cost of Medicare for All? 3 MumblyPeg Jan 9
How good marketing affects weak, uninformed, mathematically challenged minds 12 MumblyPeg Jan 9
So, what did you all think about the Rocky and Bullwinkle puppet show? (Poll) 3 MumblyPeg Jan 8
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