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FBI Finds New Documents About Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting 5 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
White supremacy 11 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Rand Paul Squashes The Idea That Trumps New Healthcare Order Will Hurt The Poor 0 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
Whoever picked Oliver Stone in the "Which lefty elitist is next in the Hollywood sex scandal" 5 I814U2CY Oct 2017
So, lefty demanded the 80-20 spending requirement in the ACA 5 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Over at DU the idiots are looking forward to AGs suing to reinstate the subsidies 1 I814U2CY Oct 2017
CNN Now Claims Russian Controlled Pokemon-Go Collapsed Clinton Candidacy 7 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
FBI Investigating Corrupt Municipal Mayors Withholding FEMA Aid in Puerto Rico 4 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
Sessions Gives FINAL WARNING to Four Sanctuary Cities 4 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
I think ZPD really wants us to be impressed by his awesomeness 37 I814U2CY Oct 2017
New York: Another Muslim diplomat walks free after sexually assaulting another woman 2 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
Judging by the thread titles at DU 17 I814U2CY Oct 2017
All that shrieking about RWers from all those leftist Hollywood starlets all these years 11 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Huffy Post: standing for the anthem is racist 7 I814U2CY Oct 2017
No, really.. fascists only want "comprehensive" gun laws 5 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
Bernie Sanders And Ted Cruz Battle Over Tax Reform In CNN Debate 8 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
Those sneaky Israelis 6 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Every year all Soldiers have to undergo anti sexual assault and harassment training 3 I814U2CY Oct 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 3 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
Norquist Calls Out Schumer for Lying About Tax Reform 2 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
Bathhouse Barry's 500M dollar rec center - Pres Library will house zero documents 4 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
What's bamfylde's connection to Weinstein? 6 I814U2CY Oct 2017
DNC WILL KEEP Dirty Harveys Money 2 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
President Trump announces $1M grant from DOJ to benefit Las Vegas first responders 2 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
What have "progressives" NOT F#$%ed up? 3 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
O'Keefe Drops Part 2: NYT Editor Brags About Colluding With YouTube 0 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
Which of these videos is the most disturbing (Poll) 1 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Hollyweird wanted Hillary because she knows how to protect sexual predators 7 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Using the tax code to punish a perceived enemy is likely illegal and, at the least, immoral, right? 3 I814U2CY Oct 2017
So the unions have decided to stomp on their own dicks, RE: players kneeling for the anthem 8 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Illegal Alien Arrested for Murdering South Carolina High School Girl 8 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
Trump threat to NFL over 'massive' tax breaks 1 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
In victory for Trump, Supreme Court dismisses travel ban case 5 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
NFL boss Roger Goodell says all players should stand for the national anthem 8 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
Utah police officer who dragged screaming nurse is fired 4 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
Ashley Judd ranted lurid delusions about Trump but she remained silent about Harvey Weinstein. 14 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Leftys fake "hate crimes" effort is a bust 1 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
Should birth control be over the counter? 38 I814U2CY Oct 2017
DUers want to shut down Facebook, charged with treason 8 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Remember when lefty said covering up sexual abuse forever discredited the Catholic Church? 9 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Yet another call for gun grabbing we're told doesn't exist 2 I814U2CY Oct 2017
ThinkRegress: RWers refuse to acknowledge sexual harrassers like Harvey Weinstein 4 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Suppose NK launches a single nuke and it's heading straight for San Francisco. (Poll) 22 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Elite have been protectng Weinstein for years, if not decades 4 I814U2CY Oct 2017
When everything is RW, nothing is RW 3 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Here, watch this -- 0 I814U2CY Oct 2017
The mask slips and Pelosi's face is still under it 5 I814U2CY Oct 2017
If Lefty insists on declaring this nation was stolen and built on genocide and racism 2 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Remember the "Fearless Girl" statue about to be trampled by the Wall St bull? 3 I814U2CY Oct 2017
And then, in 2018, the Dems are going to unite to take back congress! 7 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Lefty and his guv'mint is gonna show up you RW fake internet tough guys who brag about your guns 13 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Reminder: If someone else has to provide your rights for you, they aren't rights, they're gifts 14 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Lefty says the only reason for asking for ID is to deny people their rights. 16 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Brie Larson wants you to know: Asking women for their phone numbers is rape 7 I814U2CY Oct 2017
If CA can disregard federal immigration laws and other states disregard fed marijuana laws 14 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Remember: lefty thinks you're a horrible greedy, deplorable, fascist 38 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Nothing against the blind and deaf but this is dumb 14 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Sure. Why not? 5 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Conservatives: Concerning gun control 14 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Is not buying someone else a Bible denying them their 1A rights? 5 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Obama gave up 5 terrorists with American blood on their hands for an admitted traitor 29 I814U2CY Oct 2017
If a significant portion of gun homicides involve gang members in the illicit drug trade 31 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Here, watch this -- 2 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Our final offer on new gun laws: 17 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Can we please go back to talking about Russia? 7 I814U2CY Oct 2017
The constant attacks on the NRA show how much lefty hates the 1st Amendment 0 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Bunch of old white people in restricted neighborhood don't like Latinos ruining their privilege 4 I814U2CY Oct 2017 comes out in favor of slavery 18 I814U2CY Oct 2017
If the people do not consent to gun control why keep pushing it? 24 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Here's another one of those calls to grab guns we're told doesn't exist 2 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Why bother with gun control 3 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Here's one of those calls to grab guns we're told doesn't exist 1 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Why have a military rifle if tyrants have planes, tanks, artillery, drones and gas? 2 I814U2CY Oct 2017
For consideration: it doesn't matter how many guns a person possesses 5 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Lefty keeps complaining they aren't allowed to discuss gun control but every time we ask 35 I814U2CY Oct 2017
When a Muslim goes on a rampage Lefty indignantly asks if white guy rampages count as terrorism 9 I814U2CY Oct 2017
What is with Social Justice War-tards and their obsession to make all things white privilege? 5 I814U2CY Oct 2017
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