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Trudeau doubles down on his war against Christians [View all] 299 MumblyPeg Feb 2018
Why, exactly, would I want to be a "Progressive"? [View all] 226 I814U2CY Jun 2014
Nobody wants to take your guns away [View all] 146 MumblyPeg Jan 2019
Deep State Obama FBI Plotted to Remove Trump Before Mueller Witch Hunt [View all] 130 MumblyPeg Dec 2018
In SPITE of dimocrats and RINOS, Trump keeps campaign promise. The Death of commiecare [View all] 119 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
Here is a photo of man striking THAT car in Charlottesville BEFORE it struck people. [View all] 115 Jardinier Aug 2017
Seriously lefty, we are sick of your shit. [View all] 99 MumblyPeg Nov 2018
The socialist model: Waiting Times For Canadas Single-Payer Health Care System Hit Record High [View all] 97 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
GOP's talking up serious entitlement reform. [View all] 95 Fred Sanford Dec 2017
As a legal immigrant to the United States, I thank America for not making responsible people [View all] 94 Jardinier Nov 2018
Is all identity politics bad or just white identity politics? [View all] 94 I814U2CY Aug 2017
Do the Math: Trump's Wall Is $25 Billion, Illegals Cost $165 Billion [View all] 90 MumblyPeg Jan 2019
Why, oh dear God WHY won't they try this in my town? [View all] 86 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
It's Now Against The Law In California To Shower And Do Laundry On The Same Day [View all] 80 MumblyPeg Jul 2018
The Big Lie That Barr Lied [View all] 75 Muddling Through May 2019
Can anybody point to the campaign to show where Trump used Russia supplied info? [View all] 75 I814U2CY Jul 2017
He "can't remember". HAHAHAH! Damned lying lefty assholes... [View all] 69 MumblyPeg Feb 2019
Lefty, why do you want open borders? Explain yourselves!! [View all] 66 Jardinier Jun 2018
What aspect of single payer could NOT be replicated through a private enterprise? [View all] 65 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Election law PERMITS Trump to accept information supplied from a foreigner [View all] 65 I814U2CY Jul 2017
Voter ID is racist [View all] 64 MumblyPeg Nov 2017
If the minimum wage was raised to $15 an hour [View all] 63 I814U2CY Oct 2014
Watch this fascist little worm twist and squirm in his chair [View all] 63 MumblyPeg Apr 2018
Rush Busts Govt Climate Change Hoax Report Wide Open: Only The Brain Dead Buy This [View all] 62 MumblyPeg Dec 2018
While the Left was celebrating a dying law [View all] 61 I814U2CY Aug 2017
Can any lefty explain how the estate tax helps the working class? [View all] 61 I814U2CY Sep 2017
GAME OVER: Fusion GPS ADMITS No INSIDE MOLE in Trump Campaign [View all] 59 MumblyPeg Jan 2018
Chuck Schumer Wrote Off $58,000 Last Year Using Tax Deduction Hes Trying To Save [View all] 59 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
Why do Democrats want the so-called Dreamers to become US citizens? [View all] 58 Jardinier Jan 2018
DUers you've actually liked [View all] 58 I814U2CY Nov 2017
A Message from your President, Donald Trump - Stand at attention, lefty. STAND [View all] 58 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
If only the driver were Muslim. [View all] 58 I814U2CY Aug 2017
"People of Color" [View all] 57 I814U2CY Sep 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 57 TM999 Nov 2017
NSFW - 'TransKids' Site Sells Prosthetic Penises For 'Trans' Little Girls [View all] 55 MumblyPeg Jan 2018
When will Leftists/Dems disavow Marxism which is x3 deadlier than Nazism? [View all] 54 I814U2CY Aug 2017
Armed Citizens Join the Front Lines to Help Prevent Foreign Invasion Caravan From Entering the U.S. [View all] 53 MumblyPeg Nov 2018
Homo Pride Flag Replaces Military Flags for a Day at VA Hospital - [More 'clown-ification'] [View all] 52 MumblyPeg Jun 2018
Observation: What's missing from Lefty's crowing about the Manafort indictment? [View all] 52 I814U2CY Nov 2017
The NRA has had just about enough of The Washington Post's nonsense. [View all] 52 I814U2CY Jul 2017
Just a reminder: the lefties who constantly harp about white people enjoying unearned privileges [View all] 51 I814U2CY Nov 2017
Lying LMPV posts easily disproven propaganda [View all] 50 I814U2CY Oct 2017
There are Only Two Genders (2nd Edition) Change My Mind [View all] 50 MumblyPeg Jun 2018
Comey doesn't want to say 49 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Next Time, Dumbasses, don't lay down in the road! 49 Gunslinger201 Jun 2017
hateful lefty muslim Accused of Plotting New U.S. Civil War 49 MumblyPeg Nov 2018
Virginia College Student Gets 100 Days in Jail For Registering Dead dimocrat Voters 49 MumblyPeg Aug 2018
Du says DI has become RWNJ site 49 Banshee 3 Actual Jun 2017
Trump Tells New York, New Jersey to Pay for Their Own Damn Rail Project 49 MumblyPeg Jan 2018
Who here DID NOT remember, prior to the election, Trump's trolling Rosie O Donnell? 48 I814U2CY Jun 2017
"We're Going To Flip This Seat RED In November" 47 MumblyPeg Jul 2018
How to tell a Republican is president 47 I814U2CY Sep 2017
Now for something completely different; not tumble weaves but niqabs. 47 Jardinier Jun 2017
Hey Lefty - List it all here 46 MumblyPeg Sep 2018
The Left's devolution to violence was inevitable. 45 I814U2CY Sep 2017
Lefty, if you have to resort to lies calling a man a child molester in the hopes of eking out a win 45 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Proposed: Possessing a current voter registration disqualifies a person from receiving welfare. 45 I814U2CY Sep 2017
Here ya go, lefty. Russian investigations 101 for DUmpasses and other leftist idiots 44 MumblyPeg Oct 2017
Danger Alert (I pray this is false) 43 Gunslinger201 Jun 2017
What's wrong with Net Nuetrality regulations? 43 I814U2CY Nov 2017
Lefty votes to take away our GUN rights and our sheriffs are standing up for us - Lefty goes mental. 43 Jardinier Feb 2019
What ever shall we do when Trump declares *Marshall* law?!?! 43 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Anti-White Racism on the Rise in America 42 MumblyPeg Nov 2017
dimocrat Socialists (aka: pinko lefty) Secretly Plot Communist Takeover 42 MumblyPeg Sep 2018
Tulsi Gabbard goes under the bus 42 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Guilt by association? 41 MumblyPeg Jun 2018
Israeli chief rabbi: Trump will be remembered forever 41 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Crooked-assed dimocrats busted trying to rig another election... now eating their own 41 MumblyPeg May 2018
Guys, we've been wrong all along. I think we are the Republicanatic Party. 41 MumblyPeg Apr 2018
Coincidentally, no one is a lefty but all the bad people are righties. 40 I814U2CY Aug 2017
Barack H. Obama - The man and his many accomplishments 40 MumblyPeg Mar 2018
How many millions spent in how many months? Mueller lands a 30 day sentence 40 MumblyPeg Apr 2018
Which is a greater threat to national security? 39 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Who will clean toilets? Salon writer accidentally admits the Lefts RACIST views 39 Muddling Through Jun 2017
Trump at 36 percent approval among African-Americans 39 MumblyPeg Aug 2018
Remember: lefty thinks you're a horrible greedy, deplorable, fascist 38 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Feel Free To Pound Sand On Your Document Demands, My Friend 38 MumblyPeg Aug 2018
Should birth control be over the counter? 38 I814U2CY Oct 2017
A bomb goes off in the heart of 1 of the liberal enclaves and DU is fixated on 38 I814U2CY Dec 2017
So, if leftism is predicated on the permise that we're all in this together 38 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Just in cast there is any remaining question as to why most people despise 'progressives' 38 MumblyPeg Jan 2018
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