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Lefty, Muslims say it is not okay to be gay. They hate you. 13 Jardinier 22 hrs ago
Lefty wants to have no borders, put us all on a vegan diet, take away our free speech and our guns. 6 Jardinier Friday
Fitzmas is coming again to a political sphere near you... 19 MumblyPeg Friday
Jussie Smollet says it's a fucked up world. lol The boy is a Lefty activist. 3 Jardinier Thursday
Illegal alien murders girl in suitcase and throws it into they do down home (his home). 2 Jardinier Wednesday
Alright you deadbeats, time to put up. 9 MumblyPeg Feb 5
Not Killing Babies Now a Partisan Issue Thanks to Devil-Worshiping Democrats 2 MumblyPeg Feb 4
He "can't remember". HAHAHAH! Damned lying lefty assholes... [View all] 69 MumblyPeg Feb 3
Where's Ruth? 5 MumblyPeg Feb 3
American anarchist 'John Galton' shot dead in Acapulco. He said it was safe there. Now he is no more 7 Jardinier Feb 3
Jussie Smollett assault story continues to fall apart 5 MumblyPeg Feb 3
DEADLY TYPHUS OUTBREAK In RAT-INFESTED, Socialist, Sanctuary City Of Los Angeles 3 MumblyPeg Feb 3
As if DI wasn't enough of a dose, here's some Sunday morning lefty stupid 3 MumblyPeg Feb 3
Anyone heard from Leaky McShitt since his Don Jr. conspiracy exploded in his commie face? 2 MumblyPeg Feb 3
dimocrats Knew Pro-Infanticide racist communist Gov. Ralph Coonman Northam was Racist Years Ago 1 MumblyPeg Feb 3
We deserve better than a president who won't condemn white supremacists. 3 MumblyPeg Feb 3
Looks like that mentally ill kid who talks to himself is back around today.... 6 MumblyPeg Feb 3
It's time we all commit to voting in the dimocrat primaries this year and make sure 12 MumblyPeg Feb 3
Anyone here an actual plumber? 2 MumblyPeg Feb 3
Judicial Watch Files Deep State Lawsuit Demanding Baker, FBI All Communications 1 MumblyPeg Feb 3
Chuck Schumers NASTY Secret. He's a racist asshole too 5 MumblyPeg Feb 3
Tranny with axe on MDA, antidepressants, hormone replacement therapy, cannabis and vodka 6 MumblyPeg Feb 2
Poor little juvenile, racist lefty.. hiding in the shadows, can't defend their racism, 3 MumblyPeg Feb 2
RACE WAR!!!! 6 MumblyPeg Feb 2
Essentially What Were Watching is the Democrat Party Commit Suicide 4 MumblyPeg Feb 2
CNN Showed Up at Stones House 30 Minutes Before Mueller Gestapo 18 MumblyPeg Feb 2
What does the subject of racism REALLY mean to a filthy dimcorat? 0 MumblyPeg Feb 2
Empire Star, Jussie Smollett Att@cked in Chicago by MAGA Thugs? (NSFW, Foul Language) 2 MumblyPeg Feb 2
Why does Chase Bank bother putting up walls around their money? People can tunnel right under it 0 MumblyPeg Feb 2
You made the rules lefty, and against our advice. Now OWN it 4 MumblyPeg Feb 2
The self-loathing racist and "hater of all things white" DUmpass fills us in on the scoop 0 MumblyPeg Feb 2
ChicagoPolice tells @fox32news that Smollett was seen still holding Subway sandwich when he returned 7 MumblyPeg Feb 2
Nice try CNN. why don't we take you seriously anymore? 4 MumblyPeg Feb 2
Hey DUmpass lefty... ask youself: why are we looking at yearbooks from decades ago? 1 MumblyPeg Feb 2
Pro-Infanticide Racist Blackface Democrat Coonman Delivers New Online Video, Refuses to Resign 3 MumblyPeg Feb 2
Poor lefty.. what a confusing time this is for him. Here, watch him squirm for fun! 3 MumblyPeg Feb 2
Project Binky - Episode 22 - Austin Mini GT-Four 0 MumblyPeg Feb 1
Remember That Gay Couple Married by RBG? They Just Got Charged With Rape 8 MumblyPeg Feb 1
Covington Kids Attorney Ramps Up Libel Cast Against Democrat Smear Merchants 3 MumblyPeg Feb 1
Whats your temp? It's so cold here, AOC probably has her hands in her own fucking pockets. 10 MumblyPeg Jan 31
Newsguard: Restoring Trust and accountability. 0 MumblyPeg Jan 31
John Stossel vs. Lefty Skyler Turden Debate Nationalized Healthcare 4 MumblyPeg Jan 31
Bolshevik Barbies "Evil Billionaire" Myths Debunked 7 MumblyPeg Jan 31
Once upon a time it wasn't stupid and insane, it was just stupid 2 MumblyPeg Jan 31
dimocrat VA Gov. Ralph Northam Endorses Murder of Babies-AFTER THEY ARE BORN 13 MumblyPeg Jan 31
"Wanna Bet?" 0 MumblyPeg Jan 30
DUmpasses fall for another one... 2 MumblyPeg Jan 30
New World Broken Record 0 MumblyPeg Jan 30
I think I have the inferior self-deleting lefty figured out. 21 MumblyPeg Jan 29
60 companies that donate money to fund the systematic murder of unborn human babies 7 MumblyPeg Jan 29
Russia Vows to Back dimocrats - Do Everything to Support Communist Dictator Nicolas Maduro 2 MumblyPeg Jan 29
Another Mexican Pipeline Explodes Days After One Killed 115 People 2 MumblyPeg Jan 29
Communist Mattress Girl Threatened to Call Capitol Police When Angel Families Visited Her Office 3 MumblyPeg Jan 29
HAHAHA!!! Abrams to deliver Dems State of the Union response 17 MumblyPeg Jan 29
Democrat House Committee Moves To Eliminate Phrase So Help Me God 5 MumblyPeg Jan 29
Womp Womp Waaaaa.... ll 83 Ethics Complaints Against Brett Kavanaugh Dismissed 18 MumblyPeg Jan 29
Marxist Mob Inciter Maxine Waters Probably Will Support Bill to Study Reparations 6 MumblyPeg Jan 29
White House Petition to Remove Nancy Pelosi From Office Approaches 100,000 Signatures 13 MumblyPeg Jan 29
#WhereIsRuth? Ruth Bader Ginsburg Watch Nears the End of Its Second Month 12 MumblyPeg Jan 29
The Wisdom of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 1 MumblyPeg Jan 29
Acting AGl Says Muellers Two-Year Taxpayer-Funded Witch Hunt is Coming to a Close Soon 4 MumblyPeg Jan 29
Morning Joe Excited By Pelosi Continuing To Block SOTU Address, Claim Trump Getting Schooled 7 MumblyPeg Jan 28
Top Saudi Official: Obama Lied, Set Middle East Back 20 Years 4 MumblyPeg Jan 28
Get ready folks, by Tomorrow eve Lefty will be full-on supporters of Communist Tyrant Nicolas Maduro 1 MumblyPeg Jan 28
American Communists Now Pushing Same Socialist Policies That Destroyed Formerly Prosperous Venezuela 2 MumblyPeg Jan 28
THIS is our opponent, folks. Now ask yourself where they fall on the IQ scale 9 MumblyPeg Jan 28
Illegal Invader Living in Texas Sentenced to Prison For Voting in 2016 Election 6 MumblyPeg Jan 28
Leaky McShitt Outlines Impeachment Process and Targets Donald Trump Jr 3 MumblyPeg Jan 28
Isle of Dogs 2 MumblyPeg Jan 28
Progressive Pervert, Anti-Trump dimocrat Accused of Coercing 17-Year-Old to Perform Oral Sex 5 MumblyPeg Jan 27
Arrogant lefty communist doesn't like his medicine 3 MumblyPeg Jan 27
We Can All Rest Easy Now 6 MumblyPeg Jan 27
DUmpasses consumed by Roger Stone Arrest for Covering Up Crime that Didn't Happen 2 MumblyPeg Jan 27
the mark of true degenerates: Lefty wishes death on someone accused of lying 0 MumblyPeg Jan 27
Let the Bernie Wars Begin! 3 MumblyPeg Jan 27
dimocrat Refusal to Fund Border Cost American Taxpayers SEVEN TIMES More Than Trump Requested 2 MumblyPeg Jan 27
hehe... it's started. #neverbernie 1 MumblyPeg Jan 27
Undocumented dimocrat With Flesh-Eating Bacteria Found at US-Mexico Border 1 MumblyPeg Jan 27
If you're not gonna fight like a man, at least shave like one 2 MumblyPeg Jan 27
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