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Sanders: Fuck you peasants. I ain't gotta tell you anything. Just give me the power. 7 Charlie Mike Oct 2019
The 4th Amendment only restricts government, right? 11 Charlie Mike May 2019
Lefty just can't get enough of that sweet, sweet baby murder. 6 Charlie Mike May 2019
How Twitter enforces the rules 8 Charlie Mike May 2019
Dem presidential candidate doubles down on call for gun confiscation 6 Charlie Mike May 2019
Inroads 2 Charlie Mike May 2019
Lefty base decides to go all-in on socialism... 4 Charlie Mike May 2019
Larry Elder shoots from the field goal line... 2 Charlie Mike May 2019
Lefty can't meme? Lefty can't market, either. 2 Charlie Mike Apr 2019
"Give me one good reason why women shouldn't be given full equality!" 3 Charlie Mike Apr 2019
You'd think AARP would have said something by now 5 Charlie Mike Apr 2019
Traitor Bernie's chief economic advisor is a stone cold retard 1 Charlie Mike Apr 2019
Affirmative Action of the rich white male kind 13 jh4freedom Mar 2019
DU calling for control to be taken away from citizens and full control given to the government. 8 Jardinier Mar 2019
DU discussing the Covington Boy, Nick Sandmann, law suit; 9 Jardinier Mar 2019
African parents in England perform FGM on a 3 yr then do witchcraft & had sex with children and dogs 2 Jardinier Mar 2019
Lefty votes to take away our GUN rights and our sheriffs are standing up for us - Lefty goes mental. 43 Jardinier Feb 2019
Fun with Jussie memes. 3 Jardinier Feb 2019
Lefty, Muslims say it is not okay to be gay. They hate you. 13 Jardinier Feb 2019
Lefty wants to have no borders, put us all on a vegan diet, take away our free speech and our guns. 6 Jardinier Feb 2019
Jussie Smollet says it's a fucked up world. lol The boy is a Lefty activist. 3 Jardinier Feb 2019
Illegal alien murders girl in suitcase and throws it into they do down home (his home). 2 Jardinier Feb 2019
American anarchist 'John Galton' shot dead in Acapulco. He said it was safe there. Now he is no more 7 Jardinier Feb 2019
When we get a speeding ticket we just sign the bloody thing and go on our way. 16 Jardinier Jan 2019
In Rhodesia they are begging white farmers to return to the land they seized 13 Jardinier Dec 2018
Mentally ill man swears at people, smashes up store because someone calls him sir. 2 Jardinier Dec 2018
Soon as Trump said - Now to the farm Bill - fucking Shepherd Smith started running his mouth. 5 Jardinier Dec 2018
This is what happens when Lefty cunts rewrite history; white genocide equals mass starvation. 20 Jardinier Dec 2018
Gay thoughts 7 Jardinier Dec 2018
As a legal immigrant to the United States, I thank America for not making responsible people [View all] 94 Jardinier Nov 2018
Look what has happened to my former country. 6 Jardinier Nov 2018
lol@Chinese 5 Jardinier Nov 2018
lol@Lefty 12 Jardinier Nov 2018
'He is a beautiful, funny, kind, sweet man': Michelle Obama about George W Bush. 8 Jardinier Nov 2018
DU called the WH intern working at the Press Conference a Bimbo. 25 Jardinier Nov 2018
Armed citizen to the rescue in Seattle. 0 Jardinier Nov 2018
Concerning the Fox News election results.. 5 Jardinier Nov 2018
I know a person who wants to vote R but might vote D because they think GOP will take their medicare 26 Jardinier Nov 2018
lol@DU I've been up since 3am due to on-going health issues so I thought I would have a butchers 16 Jardinier Nov 2018
It is a hostile invasion. 13 Jardinier Oct 2018
Dick Boldly goes... 0 Jardinier Oct 2018
Protesters Cry As Kavanaugh Vote Announced 14 Jardinier Oct 2018
The Left does not care about the privacy and safety of woman and girls. 4 Jardinier Oct 2018
I think I can hear Maxine Waters shouting at the confirmation hearing. 7 Jardinier Sep 2018
It was like a monkey fucking a football cluster fuck combo when she showed up wearing this... 7 Jardinier Sep 2018
It never gets old......there we were, a house full of Democrats cheering on a Republican 6 Jardinier Aug 2018
He even moonwalks! Is there anything Trump cannot do? (lol) 2 Jardinier Aug 2018
Lefty, why do you want open borders? Explain yourselves!! [View all] 66 Jardinier Jun 2018
Im very disappointed more people didnt comment on this. 3 Jardinier Jun 2018
Former Spokane NAACP president Rachel Dolezal facing felony theft charges for welfare fraud 7 Jardinier May 2018
Salem Witch Trials: Witch Hunt! 2 Jardinier May 2018
This message was sort of self-deleted by its author 5 Jardinier May 2018
Another Child rape sex scandal committed by muslims and ignored in the PC U.K. 7 Jardinier Mar 2018
After I go through all the trouble of becoming an American I am not voting for those anti-American 3 Jardinier Jan 2018
More trouble and confusion for the PC crowd & the Gender Bewildered mentally ill folk. 15 Jardinier Jan 2018
Why do Democrats want the so-called Dreamers to become US citizens? [View all] 58 Jardinier Jan 2018
More issues with men pretending to be women. 2 Jardinier Jan 2018
Another trans-bully strikes. Bras are too gendered it grunted. 7 Jardinier Jan 2018
Now your pre-school/grade-school daughter or grand-daughter can get a penis of their very own. 16 Jardinier Dec 2017
BBC Pidgin; Woman claim say George Bush Snr touch her 'bum-bum and other interesting news. 6 Jardinier Nov 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Jardinier Nov 2017
Antifa cucks & commies wearing stolen MAGA hats rumored to be planning racist violent acts Saturday 10 Jardinier Nov 2017
Farm workers and the ignorant left. 7 Jardinier Nov 2017
Help, Ive escaped from Kevin Spaceys basement! 3 Jardinier Nov 2017
Hey Shoe 15 Jardinier Oct 2017
Which is a greater threat to national security? 39 I814U2CY Oct 2017
With all these leftists taking a knee to protest the US as a nation 5 I814U2CY Oct 2017
George Lpez booed off stage for anti Trump jokes 9 I814U2CY Oct 2017
I'm of the opinion this whole Hollywood sexual harassment scandal is rooted in power politics 4 I814U2CY Oct 2017
If lefty wants Trump to spend billions on the ACA without appropriation by Congress 24 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Whoever picked Oliver Stone in the "Which lefty elitist is next in the Hollywood sex scandal" 5 I814U2CY Oct 2017
So, lefty demanded the 80-20 spending requirement in the ACA 5 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Over at DU the idiots are looking forward to AGs suing to reinstate the subsidies 1 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Judging by the thread titles at DU 17 I814U2CY Oct 2017
All that shrieking about RWers from all those leftist Hollywood starlets all these years 11 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Huffy Post: standing for the anthem is racist 7 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Those sneaky Israelis 6 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Every year all Soldiers have to undergo anti sexual assault and harassment training 3 I814U2CY Oct 2017
What's bamfylde's connection to Weinstein? 6 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Hollyweird wanted Hillary because she knows how to protect sexual predators 7 I814U2CY Oct 2017
Using the tax code to punish a perceived enemy is likely illegal and, at the least, immoral, right? 3 I814U2CY Oct 2017
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