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Bill Clinton claims he knows nothing about Jeffrey Epsteins alleged sex crimes 7 Banshee 3 Actual Jul 2019
Santa avoiding me this season, apparently I'm a Bad Bad Kid :) 2 RATFINK_5.0 Dec 2018
Gotta brag on my youngest 11 Muddling Through Dec 2018
Which Party wants Men in Bathrooms with teenage girl's? Hint it starts with a D 6 Banshee 3 Actual Dec 2017
Poll: Kid Rock trailing Stabenow by almost 20 points 18 Letmypeoplevote Sep 2017
There is still justice in this world, and a few good parents. 3 oldenuff35 Jul 2016
Okay Gunslingers ... Apparently Billy the Kid Packed a Lethal Croquet Mallet. 12 RATFINK_5.0 Oct 2015
Indianapolis police kill 15-year-old carjacking suspect 6 Tin Ear Aug 2015
"I'm moving on!" 4 Phlegm Monger Jul 2015
. . . Take This Badge off of me. 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jun 2015
... Chris Christoffen & Bob Dylan ... 0 RATFINK_5.0 May 2015
Cruel, but so funny! 10 Immacolata May 2015
Now this is the way to to it. 2 ol geezer Apr 2015
His simply calls it straight as many see it Good for him 1 oldenuff35 Apr 2015
War - The Cisco Kid (Cool vid) 2 Bronxbomber Feb 2015
Kid Rock in epic takedown of fat ass Michael Moore [View all] 68 Trainman95630 Jan 2015
Sweep the leg, Jonny. 0 Hades Jan 2015
Good KID with gun stops bad guys breaking into home - [View all] 131 starcat Dec 2014
True story. Two weeks ago a black kid tried to stab my wife... [View all] 69 OTSmithers Nov 2014
Little Johnny's smarts... 0 frankt8242 Oct 2014
Wanna die laughing??? 2 MakeMineATriple Oct 2014
I think that the entire planet is going to be working for this kid one day 3 Mr_Scorpio May 2014
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