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Liberals lash out at Lauer, NBC 13 Tin Ear Sep 2016
The Culture Of The Smug White Liberal 29 Jack Burton Sep 2016
Cow Fart Regulations Approved By California’s Legislature 29 Dexter Morgan Sep 2016
Streisand: I’ll Leave The Country If Trump Wins 34 Tin Ear Sep 2016
Democrats to GOP: Don't use internal memo hacked by Russians 10 Tin Ear Aug 2016
How Violence in Chicago Compares to Other Cities 8 Tin Ear Aug 2016
7 Ways Democrat Policies Are Killing America’s Inner Cities 41 Dexter Morgan Aug 2016
There are two hypothetical political groups. Lets call one Alt Right and the other BLM 8 Tin Ear Aug 2016
Bloody Weekend as Chicago Sees 4 Killed, Dozens Wounded in Shootings 6 Tin Ear Aug 2016
Protesters Block Trump Motorcade, JUMP ON VEHICLE! 25 Da Mannn Aug 2016
Protesting and road safety: Public service video 9 Tin Ear Aug 2016
If this offends you tough. Good. Racial discord has increased under Obama 41 Tin Ear Aug 2016
And what you have all been waiting for! (Poll) 18 black rifles Aug 2016
The states with the most segregated public schools are epicenters of liberalism 19 Tin Ear Jul 2016
Just wondering, do liberals for abortion choice ever have their fetuses listen to classical music?nn 9 Dumper Jul 2016
Is this really what we've become? 6 Carlos W Bush Jul 2016
Sanders delegates to hold ‘fart-in’ protest at convention 3 Tin Ear Jul 2016
Why do so many white people go to the Black Lies Matter protests? (Poll) 18 Ben_Ghazi Jul 2016
Now the liberals are going to have to make up new lies. 8 oldenuff35 Jul 2016
Poll: Clinton-Trump Race Too Close To Call. NO double digit lead for Hillary. 11 Da Mannn Jun 2016
University Investigates Professor For Encouraging Debate 3 Tin Ear Jun 2016
Liberals: muslims cut off heads of babies, burn people alive, throw gays off buildings, shoot up 8 Tin Ear Jun 2016
Mizzou Orlando Vigil Gets Completely Derailed After Activist Denounces White Attendees 9 Tin Ear Jun 2016
What race is a Mexican? [View all] 58 Tin Ear Jun 2016
Report: California among worst in the nation in school segregation 36 Tin Ear Jun 2016
DNC Platform Committee Member Doesn’t Think ‘Anyone Should Have a Gun’ 10 Gunslinger201 Jun 2016
Axl Rose has feelings hurt by fat shaming internet memes. 10 Carlos W Bush Jun 2016
Op-Ed: Liberal Chicago growing more violent and more segregated 12 Tin Ear Jun 2016
Liberals, what is your favorite aspect of your anti-Trump protests? 1 Tin Ear Jun 2016
House Panel Asks for Crime Investigation of Democratic Governor’s Obamacare Corruption 0 Dexter Morgan May 2016
Liberals don't believe BLM 3 Tin Ear May 2016
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Carlos W Bush May 2016
Melissa Click, former University of Missouri professor: I was fired because I’m white.. 27 Dexter Morgan Apr 2016
Rap Song Threatens Riots, Trump Assassination; Media Celebrates 21 Tin Ear Apr 2016
Obama Admin Tells Landlords They Can’t Refuse To House Criminals 30 Tin Ear Apr 2016
Indiana University Students Mistake Priest for KKK Member 15 Tin Ear Apr 2016
Ex-Uruguayan president Mujica: Ex-Guantánamo detainees behaving badly 0 Tin Ear Apr 2016
WATCH: Anti-Trump Protesters Stomp on the American Flag 26 Tin Ear Apr 2016
Shocking Poll: Americans Generally Don’t Support Paying Criminals To Behave 7 Tin Ear Apr 2016
LA Times: Marijuana use makes you a loser 34 Carlos W Bush Mar 2016
Is there any bigger proof that liberals can't deal with reality 47 Carlos W Bush Mar 2016
Conservatives Spout Hateful Rhetoric In Wake Of Brussels Attacks (according to a liberal) 9 Tin Ear Mar 2016
Why do liberals continue to smoke grass in spite of the fact that it contributes to climate change? [View all] 65 Carlos W Bush Mar 2016
Anti-Trump protesters scream obscenities at Trump supporter in wheelchair 4 Tin Ear Mar 2016
Democrats Smash Democrat Candidate in Face with Beer Bottle – Staple His Forehead 13 Tin Ear Mar 2016
As Migrants Flow In, Sweden Begins To Rethink Its Open-Door Policy 9 Tin Ear Mar 2016
Get Ready to Say President Trump 19 Zimm_Man_Fan Mar 2016
What can we do to diversify liberal industries and programming? 3 Tin Ear Feb 2016
Liberals dress as Klansmen to "support" Trump 15 Tin Ear Feb 2016
Liberals: Why are segregation and gentrification both bad? 31 Tin Ear Feb 2016
77% of cons re-offend within 5 years. The school to prison pipeline keeps America safe. 0 Zimm_Man_Fan Feb 2016
Gift idea for the liberal in your family who wants everything 2 Tin Ear Feb 2016
Uncomfortable truths about living in a blue state 8 Tin Ear Feb 2016
German liberal welcomes refugees 10 Tin Ear Feb 2016
Chelsea Clinton, $10M Apartment, $3M Wedding, $600K Job: I Just Don't Care About Money 39 Dexter Morgan Jan 2016
You Won’t Believe Which 5 States Have The Most Segregated Schools… 14 Tin Ear Jan 2016
Cologne Imam: ‘Half-Naked’ Women ‘Wearing Perfume’ Were Responsible for Rape, Sexual Assault 4 Tin Ear Jan 2016
Muslim finds true love in the UK 22 Tin Ear Jan 2016
Liberal outrage scale [View all] 81 Tin Ear Jan 2016
Eric Jamal Johnson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know (Charged w murder of Sara Mutschlechner) 9 Tin Ear Jan 2016
Why many think the far left is really, really stupid. I mean, really stupid. 44 Tin Ear Jan 2016
Liberals Lose it Over Trump Spokeswoman's Bullet Necklace 32 It Guy Dec 2015
Fight breaks out at Newark anti-violence rally 16 Tin Ear Dec 2015
Online, liberals far less tolerant than normal people 23 Tin Ear Dec 2015
Online, liberals far less tolerant than normal people [View all] 65 Banshee 3 Actual Dec 2015
Ted Cruz Strikes Back at Washington Post Cartoonist for Mocking His Daughters: They’re ‘out of Your 35 Tin Ear Dec 2015
What would a liberal gun grab look like? [View all] 71 LexTalionis Dec 2015
Why Democrats Are Focused on Inequality: Liberal Metros Face the Worst of It 1 Tin Ear Dec 2015
Sandernistas at Trump rally 9 Tin Ear Dec 2015
Pocket guide to Liberal thinking 12 Bronxbomber Dec 2015
Liberals need to stop flattering Islam and ask tough questions instead 20 Bronxbomber Dec 2015
In case you didn't know, the USA sucks. 14 Carlos W Bush Dec 2015
Yik Yak threat at SVSU said, 'I'm going to shoot every black person I can on campus' 23 Zimm_Man_Fan Nov 2015
40% of Millennials OK with limiting speech offensive to minorities (liberals particularly) 20 Tin Ear Nov 2015
How is it that Liberals want us to make war with the Saudis and not ISIS? 42 Da Mannn Nov 2015
Massachusetts Woman Calls for Assassination of Donald Trump at Wednesday Rally – Is Fired From Job [View all] 69 Tin Ear Nov 2015
Why do liberals hate capitalism but are gung ho for mass transit? 15 shortviking Nov 2015
I'd like to thank liberals 7 shortviking Nov 2015
DI Liberals: How Many? ***EDIT!!!*** (Poll) [View all] 111 Zimm_Man_Fan Nov 2015
Honest Question 16 Aldar Nov 2015
University of Minnesota Rejects 9/11 Remembrance Over ‘Islamaphobia’ and ‘Safe Space’ Concerns 11 Senor Spielbergo Nov 2015
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