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Clinton Campaign Pins 9/11 Remark Response On Twitter User 8 AmandaMatthews Nov 2015
Beware NYT’s Michael R. Gordon 0 AmandaMatthews Aug 2014
Top recipients of fossil fuel money (NO SURPRISE HERE <==my remark) 6 AmandaMatthews Apr 2016
This message was self-deleted by its author 4 AmandaMatthews Aug 2014
(S)Hillary Clinton details plan to defeat ISIS, defends ties to Wall Street 5 AmandaMatthews Dec 2015
Ted Cruz Has Health Insurance After All. Thanks, Obama! 10 AmandaMatthews Jan 2016
Hillary Blames Bernie for an Old Clintonite Hustle, and That's a Rotten Shame 2 AmandaMatthews Jan 2016
Trumps lies all make America look worse 18 Andronikos Feb 2017
Trumps Lies vs. Your Brain 11 Andronikos Feb 2017
Anti-Clinton right-wing sites attempt to use old pictures of Hillary to push conspiracy... 17 Appalachian Man Aug 2016
Real Bipartisanship: Republicans And Democrats Unite For New Cold War 1 Aquila Aug 2017
The Mini-Skirt Deception: How McMaster Got His Afghan Surge 6 Aquila Aug 2017
Princess Diana letter claims Prince Charles was planning an accident in her car 10 mos. before crash 13 Aquila Aug 2017
WSJ: Tesla's Push to Build a Self-Driving Car Sparked Dissent Among Its Engineers 2 Aquila Aug 2017
Rob "Meathead" Reiner (fake liberal) defends James "The Liar" Clapper 5 Aquila Feb 2018
Nova Scotia, Canada will sell pot in liquor stores 26 Aquila Dec 2017
Elon Musk's Model 3 timeline is delayed as Tesla posts its largest quarterly loss of $619 million 2 Aquila Nov 2017
Now we know what the US State Department was hiding during the overthrow of Irans Mossadeq 0 Aquila Jul 2017
University of Alaska Fairbanks finds NIST report is wrong: WTC7 did not collapse due to fire 4 Aquila Sep 2017
Qatar's former prime minister admits the U.S. and its Gulf allies backed Salafi jihadists in Syria. 6 Aquila Jun 2017
NPR: Trove Of Cannabis Plants Found In Ancient Tomb In China 1 Aquila Oct 2016
John Pilger: The Issue Is Not Donald Trump. It Is Us. 1 Aquila Jan 2017
Establishment outraged as Rep. Tulsi Gabbard goes to Syria on fact-finding mission 26 Aquila Jan 2017
# 6,630,507: Why the U.S. government holds a patent on cannabis plant compounds 0 Aquila Aug 2016
Why Did Clinton Just Tap a Pro-TPP, Pro-KXL, Pro-Fracking Politician to Head Her Transition Team? 12 Aquila Aug 2016
The Obama Administration Has Brokered More Weapons Sales Than Any Other Admin Since WW2 6 Aquila Jul 2016
BBC in 2014 -- Crimea referendum: Voters 'back Russia union' 0 Aquila Aug 2016
Shocked by Donald Trump's 'travel ban'? Israel has had a similar policy for decades 37 Aquila Feb 2017
Former Senator Bob Graham (D-FLA): 9/11 support goes to the top of Saudi government 4 Aquila May 2016
Brookings Institute: The $110 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia is fake news 1 Aquila Jun 2017
Seymour Hersh: Trump Ignored Intel Before Bombing Syria 2 Aquila Jun 2017
Awkward: State Dept Official Struggles To Explain Why Irans Elections Are Bad & Saudi Arabia's... 4 Aquila Jun 2017
Trump Flips On Five Core Campaign Promises In Under 24 Hours 12 Aquila Apr 2017
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: Trumps Military Strikes in Syria Are Reckless and Short-Sighted 7 Aquila Apr 2017
Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on Trumps Recent Actions With Tucker Carlson 6 Aquila Apr 2017
Hiding US Lies About Libyan Invasion 7 Aquila Jul 2017
Kentucky Lawmakers Are Leading the Fight to Federally Legalize Hemp 3 Aquila Aug 2017
Military Times: Trump made up injury to dodge Vietnam service, his former lawyer testifies 19 Aquila Jun 21
Cannabis: the fabric of Japan 0 Aquila Mar 2019
Status Coup Interviews Jimmy Dore at the Democrat Debate 0 Aquila Jun 27
We Confronted Chelsea Clinton At The Christchurch Vigil. Here's Why. 8 Aquila Mar 2019
Finally- an honest advertisement from Big Brother 7 Aquila Apr 2019
Japan demands more proof from U.S. that Iran attacked tankers 11 Aquila Jun 17
"They have to get the shots": Trump, once a vaccine skeptic, changes his tune amid measles outbreaks 6 Aquila Apr 2019
Proof U.S. Is Provoking Iran Into WAR 10 Aquila May 25
Fake Liberal Neera Tanden Attacks Jimmy Dore & Gets Destroyed 13 Aquila Jun 13
Stephen Colbert has difficulty understanding what Tulsi Gabbard says about Syria 12 Aquila Mar 2019
Polls & Even Meghan McCain Say Tulsi Won Debate 9 Aquila Jul 2
Donald Trump on Debt: 2013 vs. 2019 1 Aquila Aug 8
Leaked Audio Shows Oil Lobbyist Bragging About Success in Criminalizing Pipeline Protests 12 Aquila Tuesday
Leaked Audio Shows Oil Lobbyist Bragging About Success in Criminalizing Pipeline Protests 4 Aquila Tuesday
911 Truth on Radio Live APR 14- The Other Side of Midnight w/Richard Hoagland 7 Aquila Apr 2018
El Paso Witness Confused? 1 Aquila Aug 4
The Yankee Plot to Overthrow Nicolas Maduro and Steal Venezuelas Oil 8 Aquila Feb 2019
Carl Sagan's Wife Dr. Lynn Margulis, PhD in 2011 5 Aquila Mar 2018
tRump in 1999: "I think Hillary Clinton is a Wonderful Woman" 14 Aquila Jul 9
The Takedown of Yet Another Ethically Challenged NYT Reporter Sydney Ember 1 Aquila Jul 10
"I Was The CIA Director - We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole" (Christian says "Resume of Satan") 6 Aquila Apr 2019
Hillary Clinton not as accessible to media as her campaign says 9 Attila Gorilla Jun 2016
Analysis: Over Half of ALL Statements Made On Fox News Are False [View all] 83 B.EL-ZABUBBA Nov 2014
Insider trading Convicted Felon- "I'm voting for Hillary Clinton" 5 Banshee 3 Actual Sep 2016
Why Iraqs president says theres no serious opposition to US troops in his country 0 Banshee 3 Actual Apr 2019
Is Rape and Sexual harassment now OK because a Democratic Donor does it? (Poll) 7 Banshee 3 Actual Oct 2017
US Judge: Clinton may be ordered to testify in records case 3 Banshee 3 Actual May 2016
DNC Chair resigns over corruption, gets immediate job with Hillary Clinton campaign 7 Banshee 3 Actual Jul 2016
Why do so many white people go to the Black Lies Matter protests? (Poll) 18 Ben_Ghazi Jul 2016
Name ONE unspeakable truth 21 BlackSabbath Feb 2015
Wellness Blogger Belle Gibson Admits She Faked Cancer — But Why? 14 Boadicea Apr 2015
A chronicle of all the lies Bush and team spread to get their OIL war in Iraq 26 Cardinals1982 Oct 2014
What would happen if the Russian army really invaded Ukraine [View all] 69 Clarity of Signal Jan 2015
NATO Trips on Own Lies with U-Turn on ‘Russian Aggressor’ 4 Clarity of Signal Jan 2015
Graphic warning: Verifiable proof the US and UK media have lied about Ukraine on numerous occasions. 14 Clarity of Signal Dec 2014
A father buries his 4-year-old son and curses Ukraine's war - Yahoo/Agence Presse France 1 Clarity of Signal Jan 2015
The Media Is "Run By A Tiny Group Of Politically Motivated Moguls", And "Controlled By The CIA" 3 Clarity of Signal Feb 2015
Stripping Away the Blankets of Untruth:The Propagandists of Empire 7 Clarity of Signal Feb 2015
Senator Inhofe Shows Fake Photos of Ukraine War to the US Senate - C-Span video 1 Clarity of Signal Feb 2015
BuzzFeed News- Here’s The Ukrainian Delegation That Gave Misleading Photos To Senator’s Office 4 Clarity of Signal Feb 2015
There Goes the Guardian, Lying About Ukraine…Again! 33 Clarity of Signal Feb 2015
Lies And Deception In Ukraine’s Energy Sector 0 Clarity of Signal Jan 2015
Can the West continue to ignore the Kiev government's disturbing behavior? The National Interest 22 Clarity of Signal Feb 2015
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