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Does anyone have a libtard for a sibling and how do you cope? 12 Solesurvivor 14 sec ago
Shepherd's Pie 2 Iron Condor 3 hrs ago
To Currentsitguy 1 Butchie_T Yesterday
Fuck this bullshit. [View all] 71 TM999 Friday
Disillusioned And Betrayed. 16 Bubba Friday
This day in history 32 years ago 3 oflguy Friday
My Daughter is a Death Dealer lol 2 Solesurvivor Thursday
Google saved me some money today. 2 Qukid Thursday
Man dead after taco eating contest 7 Frankenvoter Thursday
Keep the Hasidic Out: A Small-Town Housing Showdown 0 RCW2014 Wednesday
Average U.S. Farm Is $1,300,000 In Debt, Now The Worst Farming Crisis In Modern History Is Upon Us 8 RCW2014 Tuesday
Tenerife, Spain. 2 SatansSon666 Tuesday
when I lived near a white supremacist 10 imwithfred Monday
Daughter learning to throw hand grenades 11 Solesurvivor Monday
Airline pilot flies dad's remains home from Vietnam 52 years after seeing him off at same Dallas 0 oflguy Monday
When are these people going to face earthly justice? 4 Solesurvivor Aug 11
MY Niece is having a baby :) 5 Solesurvivor Aug 11
Kids cost you money... lol 4 Solesurvivor Aug 9
Wracking my brain trying to find interior doors 3 Currentsitguy Aug 7
Anyone know anything about central air units? 2 Solesurvivor Aug 7
Have I ever mentioned how much I despise kudzu? 13 Tolk Aug 6
Looks like Pug-ly got his wish yesterday... #5... FFR'd. 4 D26-15 Aug 6
My Daughter just face timed me lol 2 Solesurvivor Aug 5
handling a bad dick day 8 imwithfred Aug 5
Oweeee!!! 18 Gunslinger201 Aug 4
why "gay-free" zones are popping up in Poland 3 imwithfred Aug 4
Just picked up a new (to us) vehicle yesterday. Now we're ready to pick up the new puppy. 11 Currentsitguy Aug 2
Where does the time go? 6 Solesurvivor Aug 2
Our Earth changes - it's normal 4 akaConcernedCanuk Aug 2
Frogs in bags of organic lettuce is par for the course 7 Frankenvoter Aug 1
Was CA shooter raised by gay parents causing his anger? (Poll) 9 Frankenvoter Jul 29
Got a call from my daughter in basic. :) 6 Solesurvivor Jul 28
DU people really need to move on 5 Butchie_T Jul 27
9yo girl tossed into the air by giant buffalo in Yellowstone Park 6 RCW2014 Jul 26
All you people bitching about kittys posts, have no one to blame but yourselves 14 Butchie_T Jul 22
one movie that tells two stories 4 imwithfred Jul 22
Woman doesn't realize that she's wearing her bathing suit upside down, accidentally exposes herself 4 Gunslinger201 Jul 22
Looking to buy a fridge, looking for suggestions 41 Currentsitguy Jul 21
An appeal to Trumplethinskin 5 Da Mannn Jul 20
Just bought some Klondike Reese's peanut butter bars 4 Frankenvoter Jul 19
preparing for an imminent event 2 imwithfred Jul 19
OK, so I got the part and fixed the dishwasher 5 Currentsitguy Jul 18
Dammit!!! I talk about my fridge and my damn dishwasher just broke! 16 Currentsitguy Jul 17
I got a Cpap machine... 8 Solesurvivor Jul 17
Rode MAX Today. 5 Bubba Jul 16
My Sister is in a TV Commercial! 8 Gunslinger201 Jul 15
"Sovereign citizen" demands Degeneration Nation quit using his vids 2 Frankenvoter Jul 14
Cest moi 1 Cold Warrior Jul 14
Anybody else keep getting redirected to a fake survey? 4 Gunslinger201 Jul 14
i was just insulted by KittyCatIdiots... 11 jimiray Jul 13
Anti-Semitism & Me Too Complaints Challenge Freedom Of Debate 10 RCW2014 Jul 12
Illinois Governor Reaps Backlash After Dumping Band From Fair Over Confederate Flag Images 5 Gunslinger201 Jul 11
Going to Provincetown Mass. today 1 Gunslinger201 Jul 11
Contract on America: who murdered JFK? 17 imwithfred Jul 9
Sirhan Sirhan and the mob 11 oflguy Jul 8
This day in history July 8 1 oflguy Jul 8
Vultures eating animals alive in KY, federally protected (Poll) 5 Frankenvoter Jul 6
Gas explosion in Plantation, Fl. Broward County. 3 Crazy in SoFla Jul 6
Dear Lefty, what you saw yesterday was a person President celebrating 9 Butchie_T Jul 5
Happy 4th to all 4 His Daughter Jul 5
Back where I come from.... 3 Steelydamned Jul 4
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Steelydamned Jul 4
Thumbs down on Seresto collar 9 bernt-toast Jul 3
In Memoriam: Justin Raimondo, 1951-2019 1 RCW2014 Jul 2
Phantom calls? 14 def_con5 Jun 29
Video shows 3 cottonmouths fighting in Alabama waters. 8 D26-15 Jun 27
RIP Jeff Austin 0 TheShoe Jun 25
Umphreys McGee 0 TheShoe Jun 23
A lot of military helicopters flying over my spread this afternoon. Counted 10 so far heading 11 RCW2014 Jun 23
I see one of the boards one trick ponies is no longer with us 7 Cold Warrior Jun 23
would a merger with another message board enliven Discussionist? 15 imwithfred Jun 23
You live and learn 0 oflguy Jun 22
Executing gays may sound unfair, but thats sharia law and its coming to Canada 17 imwithfred Jun 19
the people insist that trump serve more than 2 terms (Poll) 40 rampartb Jun 18
My daughter just arrived at Fort Leonard Wood for basic 14 Solesurvivor Jun 18
This day in history June 15 3 oflguy Jun 17
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 KittyCatIdiots Jun 16
Happy Birthday 1 imwithfred Jun 14
First world problem 11 His Daughter Jun 11
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 KittyCatIdiots Jun 10
DeBlowzio cracks down on ice cream trucks (Poll) 1 Frankenvoter Jun 10
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