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Trump's perspective on crime: 21 GordieG Apr 2017
Yeah, talking to liberals is pretty much like this. 0 cologeek Apr 2017
shrekli calls for a lower standard of living to perpetuate prosperity and flourish 17 rampartb Mar 2017
No W-2 from last year? No vote for you! (Poll) [View all] 83 Frankenvoter Jul 2016
Faced with cancer diagnosis, woman chooses road trip over chemo 5 Juan Rico Mar 2016
This 1914 Map Will Make You Extremely Excited About Frequent Flyer Miles 1 Juan Rico Feb 2016
Zombie Nativity Draws $500.00/Day Fine 3 Floyd R. Turbo Dec 2015
Mapping the Hourly Wage Needed to Rent a 2-Bedroom Apartment in Every U.S. State 16 Boadicea May 2015
Are we living in the Reverse Rapture? 5 LeightonC Jan 2015
'Brought tears to my eyes': 100-year-old woman sees ocean for first time 3 southernwriter Nov 2014
What happens when there are no lower or middle class jobs left [View all] 58 ProudNYSTaxPayer Nov 2014
What should the minimum / living wage be in the United States (if any)? (Poll) 19 Juan Rico Nov 2014
To those who believe the Constitution is a 'living document': [View all] 61 Konservative Nov 2014
If you would only click on my sig line 4 mdmc1 Nov 2014
Even in Deep Red States, Minimum Wage Won Big Last Night 15 Miss Quay Nov 2014
10 most segregated American cities 7 Tin Ear Sep 2014
Aquaponics, why we the masses should be looking at it more carefully. 3 TIMETOCHANGE Aug 2014
oldest living person 2 Jack Burton Jul 2014
Is it true that there are more people alive today than have died in all of human history? 7 randypowers Jul 2014
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