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China imports zero U.S. soybeans in November for first time since trade war started 6 LavenderGirl Dec 2018
Is the stock market under or over valued at this new record high? 19 moneyshot Mar 2018
The Trump rally: mortuus est..... #LOSING! 1 Andronikos Mar 2017
Irish bookies already paying out $1M to people who bet Hillary Clinton would win 7 Letmypeoplevote Oct 2016
"It’s Surreal" - Negative Yielding Debt Rises To Record $13.4 Trillion 10 Badsamm Aug 2016
HUFFPOLLSTER: Prediction Markets Give Democrats A 72 Percent Chance Of Keeping The White House 27 Letmypeoplevote Apr 2016
Monsanto threatens to exit India if govt imposes cuts on GM royalties+ Monsanto: ‘Meaningful Risk,’ 7 AmandaMatthews Mar 2016
Markets Around The World Are Crashing; Gold Soars 13 sargentodiaz Feb 2016
Professional Bookies Are Right 91% Of The Time In Elections. They Say Our Next President Will Be… 5 Letmypeoplevote Dec 2015
New Deal Democrat 2 joefriday6 Jul 2015
Lot of info here on market. Look at the short-term rising wedge in graph 3. Needs resolve. 2 joefriday6 Mar 2015
Where do markets go from here? 15 joefriday6 Mar 2015
Dow and SP500 down for 2015. But goshes, we have a 5.5 per cent U3. This is 12 joefriday6 Mar 2015
When does cheap crude start to hurt shale oill 20 orson Dec 2014
Everything Is Awesome! (Poll) 11 The Center Holds Dec 2014
Ruble rally turns to rout 10 JacoBukowski Dec 2014
Conservative solution to health care. [View all] 67 rshackelford Oct 2014
GLOBAL PLUNGE 8 Troll2 Oct 2014
You have to feel bad about the folks 13 Docbroke Sep 2014
Taking Submissions: The Dragon’s Hoard 2 Duncus Jul 2014
Stocks: Dow, S&P 500 cruise above closing highs 12 Strange Luck Jun 2014
For 20 Minutes Today, HFTs Got Data & You Didn't! 1 Badsamm Jun 2014
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