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Family of man wrongfully accused by activist Shaun King in Jazmine Barnes' shooting speaks out 5 Gunslinger201 Jan 9
Fox News just interviewed a black guy protesting at the white murderers house. 5 Paradigm Jan 8
Chicongo update: 3 weeks after 75 shot, just one arrest 3 Tin Ear2 Aug 2018
New Chapter Begins for Kitt Peak Telescope 1 Micrometer Jun 2018
Attorneys say Baltimore County officer showed 'aggression,' accused teen was in 'survival mode' 29 Gunslinger201 Jun 2018
Black Lies Matter deletes poll after they dont like result 2 Gunslinger201 Nov 2017
In Baton Rouge protest case, judge rules Black Lives Matter can't be sued 12 rampartb Oct 2017
More Blue on Blue violence. Antifa attacks BLM member. 9 cologeek Aug 2017
So 3 days equal 3 weeks in Trump's world 3 WritelyWrong Jul 2017
Black Lives Matter Organizing A 'Youth Activist Camp' For 10 -Year-Olds 17 Dexter Morgan May 2017
4 dead, 14 wounded in West, South side shootings 3 Tin Ear2 Apr 2017
The truth about Black Lives Matter 5 TM999 Mar 2017
Suspect Arrested for Murder of Missing Ohio State Student 24 Tin Ear2 Feb 2017
New leader of La Resistance steps foward to challenge Moore, Olbermann, and Maxine Waters 13 Tin Ear2 Feb 2017
Is BLM going to show up in support of Sgt. Debra Clayton? 10 TendiesForBreakfast Jan 2017
2 police officers killed in 'ambush' attacks 36 Muddling Through Nov 2016
(Unarmed white) Chicago teen shot dead on her way to birthday party 10 Tin Ear Oct 2016
Army veteran recovering from injuries after beaten during uptown riots 5 LaughingGull Oct 2016
Witnesses Confirm, Keith Lamont Scott armed with Gun, not Book 8 Gunslinger201 Sep 2016
A message from Oshay Duke Jackson 3 mrwordsworth Aug 2016
Jessie Jackson to give eulogy at thug who pointed gun at black cop funeral 3 Crazy D Aug 2016
Placing more value in crowds than polls is a recipe for failure 12 Letmypeoplevote Aug 2016
Black Milwaukee Cop is subject of Death Threats 6 Gunslinger201 Aug 2016
We have officially reached insanity 15 Gunslinger201 Aug 2016
Black Lives Matter activists had a change of heart after getting robbed 1 Thorson Aug 2016
53 Shootings: 8 Killed, 45 Wounded in Chicago Weekend Violence 13 Tin Ear Aug 2016
And what you have all been waiting for! (Poll) 18 black rifles Aug 2016
Black Lives Matter leader scolds white supporters, warns of end of ‘white supremacy’ 13 Thorson Jul 2016
At least 12 more people killed in Chicago violence as year’s homicide total nears 400 1 Tin Ear Jul 2016
You matter 1 R2D42 Jul 2016
BLM co-founder demands that whites stop saying " All lives matter "...says it is the new racial slur 37 Grumpy Pickle Jul 2016
New Mexico restaurant under fire for 'Black Olives Matter' sign 10 Bronxbomber Jul 2016
Black Lives Matter is an anti Police Hate Group 17 Gunslinger201 Jul 2016
Why do so many white people go to the Black Lies Matter protests? (Poll) 18 Ben_Ghazi Jul 2016
Detroit police arrest four for threats against cops 5 Tin Ear Jul 2016
Black cop’s powerful facebook message to the Black Lives Matter agitators 16 Thorson Jul 2016
BLM/Leftist Philando Castile Shooting Narrative is Falling Apart (Like Always) 42 Gunslinger201 Jul 2016
FBI investigating after cellphone video shows police fatally shooting unarmed man in Fresno 0 Brundlefly Jul 2016
President Obama's statement on the fatal police shootings 11 LavenderGirl Jul 2016
How come nobody cared about ISIS followers killings gays 20 foia Jun 2016
Louisiana governor signs 'Blue Lives Matter' bill 8 Bronxbomber May 2016
Supreme Court gives black death-row inmate new life 7 Bronxbomber May 2016
College students punished after claiming racial attack 8 Tin Ear May 2016
Baltimore's Shrinking Police Department 11 Gunslinger201 May 2016
Three Minors Arrested, Identified in Sherwood Teen's Death 9 Dexter Morgan Apr 2016
This message was self-deleted by its author 4 USNRET1988 Mar 2016
Pro-Illegal Immigration Activists Plan Rallies This Saturday against Donald Trump 14 Dexter Morgan Mar 2016
Black lives matter alert. Chicago: 32 Shot, Five Fatally in Weekend Violence 13 Dexter Morgan Mar 2016
Man Indicted On Murder Charge In Mississippi Teen's Burning Death 0 Tin Ear Mar 2016
Almost Every Homicide in Richmond, Virginia Region Has a Black Victim/Black Suspect 5 Tin Ear Mar 2016
Chicago tops 100 homicides in first 2 months of 2016 8 Dexter Morgan Feb 2016
All lives matter is a racial slur! [View all] 73 Gunslinger201 Feb 2016
Black Lives Matter protester crashes Clinton fundraiser 26 Immacolata Feb 2016
This is the epitome of rudeness and being self-absorbed.... 43 LaughingGull Feb 2016
Homicides in Chicago this year double same period last year...Only some black lives matter. 10 Dexter Morgan Feb 2016
Miami woman clings to life after brutally beaten by her Craigslist roommate — WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE 18 Tin Ear Feb 2016
Black Lives Matter meetings run afoul of library's policy 17 Muddling Through Feb 2016
A Solution For Black Lives Matter 12 TIMETOCHANGE Feb 2016
What the REAL Goal of Confederate Flag ban is: 39 Gunslinger201 Feb 2016
BLM update..6 Killed, 14 Wounded In Presidents Day Weekend Shootings Chicago 18 Dexter Morgan Feb 2016
Will the Oregon militia lives matter start disrupting brunch? 4 Tin Ear Jan 2016
Her life mattered. 18 southernwriter Dec 2015
Man accused of shooting Minneapolis Black Lives Matter protesters receives upgraded charges 6 Letmypeoplevote Dec 2015
Art Bell left broadcasting again, without any warning. 32 Attera Dec 2015
All lives matter? Yes, including this one. 25 southernwriter Nov 2015
Do you support the "Black Lives Matter" movement? (Poll) 25 the more you know Nov 2015
Hillary Clinton Meets With Mothers Of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Michael Brown And Tamir Rice 10 Letmypeoplevote Nov 2015
Certain lives matter. Others, not so much. 2 Paradigm Oct 2015
Sacramento Police: Man lured Officer from Car, Beat him because he was a Cop 10 Gunslinger201 Oct 2015
Police Officer and Young Father Shot Dead at Mall in South Carolina 14 Tin Ear Oct 2015
Update: Man in Custody in Shooting of Army Veteran – Was Beating His Girlfriend When Arrested 20 Tin Ear Oct 2015
Murder charges for man accused of killing woman in Murfreesboro 1 Tin Ear Sep 2015
Just down the street they are kicking children with cancer and their parents out of a park. 22 oldenuff35 Sep 2015
While the GOP Debate Was Going On … 2 sargentodiaz Sep 2015
Dem outreach to Black Lives Matter meets rejection 15 LaughingGull Sep 2015
Commentary on Black Lives Matter movement and Ferguson 3 Jack Burton Aug 2015
All lives matter. 15 southernwriter Aug 2015
So the Oath Keepers are in Ferguson. But not taking the side you might think! 10 FORD Aug 2015
i asked at 11 rampartb Aug 2015
Slain officer identified 4 Tin Ear Aug 2015
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