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Remastered- The Who Live from 1978. We dont get fooled again! 5 Gunslinger201 Nov 2019
Hugs not slugs. 2 Daves Not Here Man Oct 2019
happy heterosexual pride day? 12 rampartb Jun 2019
Obi wan Muller 1 Butchie_T Apr 2019
It ain't me ..,. 2 RATFINK_5.0 Feb 2019
Tings... 1 RATFINK_5.0 Jan 2019
For those who really liked the two seasons of Dead Like Me, this theme by Metisse was used... 0 Gamle-ged Dec 2018
Killme , , already killing myself 1 RATFINK_5.0 Nov 2018
You all are Killing me ! 0 RATFINK_5.0 Oct 2018
Promising Career over before it began 6 Gunslinger201 Sep 2018
Mr. Smarty Pants 1 wonderwarthog Aug 2018
Nobody ... 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 2018
I am looking at a HK .40 with the dual buffer springs. I love how it shoots and feels in my hands. 40 oldenuff35 Jun 2018
New Yorks Attorney General Is Accused of Abusing 4 Women 2 TendiesForBreakfast May 2018
Colonel demoted, immediately retired from Air National Guard over dinosaur puppet video 12 Gunslinger201 Apr 2018
Who wins ? 0 RATFINK_5.0 Apr 2018
Are You Drinkin' With Me, Jesus? 7 Duke Lacrosse Apr 2018
I have a girlfriend who keeps stalking me. 3 RATFINK_5.0 Feb 2018
Refugess finding sneaky new ways to enter America. 1 Daves Not Here Man Jan 2018
Pick your winners tonight. (Poll) 4 Daves Not Here Man Jan 2018
I'm new and jumped right in so.. 32 SatansSon666 Nov 2017
Behold a man who never once committed a Party Foul. 0 Daves Not Here Man Nov 2017
Goth,you ready to admit your posts that the earlier travel ban was withdrawn was false? 27 Carl Nov 2017
Who Is 'What Happened' For? Maybe Hillary Clinton Most Of All 16 joannadufrane Sep 2017
Texas sanctuary "show me your papers" law found to be unconstitutional [View all] 52 Letmypeoplevote Sep 2017
You're are all KILLING ME ! 0 RATFINK_5.0 Sep 2017
Shingles, Neuralgic Pain - Ask me anything 21 Ravenquills Aug 2017
So what is this I heard a poster ran away for a few months and started a thread to announce it? (Poll) 24 Banshee 3 Actual Aug 2017
Federal judge dismisses Texas' sanctuary cities lawsuit 1 Letmypeoplevote Aug 2017
The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me 2 Duke Lacrosse Aug 2017
Y.a.w.n. Aww . . . Need a little less talk, need a little more ACTION !!! Babe ... 1 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 2017
I told you guys Sanders could still win! 2 TendiesForBreakfast Jul 2017
Texas just lost a major convention because of the racist 'show me your papers' law 35 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2017
My beloved Hunter S Thompson avatar isn't loading....what gives? 2 Shkreli Jun 2017
Indy Muslims call out creators of local billboard that insults Prophet Muhammad 2 Gunslinger201 Jun 2017
The Latest: Lawsuits begin over Texas 'sanctuary city' law 32 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2017
Hillary Clinton Is Furious. And Resigned. And Funny. And Worried. 26 joannadufrane May 2017
If Cons win, it was stolen!!! 5 Hades May 2017
Today's Trumpista responses to everything: 11 The Center Holds May 2017
Trump supporters along the border about to get a big surprise 26 GordieG Apr 2017
ELwoman gets jail for voter registration fraud 1 Banshee 3 Actual Mar 2017
Pat Robertson thinks that Cheeto is Implenting God's Plan?? 5 FORD Feb 2017
Alex Jones says he's "ready to die" for Herr Cheetofuhrer 11 FORD Feb 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 24 BuzzClik Nov 2016
Election Update: Women Are Defeating Donald Trump 13 LavenderGirl Oct 2016
New Trump Ad: "Deplorables" 12 Gunslinger201 Sep 2016
Jesus Break everybody while waiting for answer(s) ... Why Me Lord ? 0 RATFINK_5.0 Sep 2016
Judge spares prison for Iowa teen who raped toddler girl in live video — and plotted to assault boy 10 Juan Rico Sep 2016
Twisted Trumpberry 11 Floyd R. Turbo Aug 2016
FAUX Noize is "A Sex-Fueled, Playboy Mansion-Like Cult" 9 FORD Aug 2016
Teabagging Racist Maine Governor's Drunken Meltdown 5 FORD Aug 2016
Robbers get locked in cellphone store, crowd gathers to laugh at them 6 The Center Holds Aug 2016
GOP senator Susan Collins (ME): Why I cannot support Trump 13 bpilgrim Aug 2016
Last charge dropped against anti-abortion duo behind Planned Parenthood videos 5 Banshee 3 Actual Aug 2016
Clinton VP Contender Won’t Be Punished, Said He Didn’t ‘Intend’ To Break Federal Law 5 Gunslinger201 Jul 2016
The Future of Gun Collecting 49 Juan Rico Jul 2016
Husband charged with beating wife's would-be rapist to death 22 Juan Rico Jun 2016
Star Trek Television Logo and First Look Teaser Revealed 16 Juan Rico May 2016
Best, Funniest Obituary Ever!!! (May the Lord strike me down now, too...) 12 The Center Holds May 2016
And the sun will never shine..... in Apartment Number Nine 0 FORD Apr 2016
For my fellow Dems/dems from NYC 5 John Q Citizen Apr 2016
UK Minister who popularized "Islamaphobia" term admits Muslims not assimilating 3 Gunslinger201 Apr 2016
They are selling something in this video, but I don't know what 5 Da Mannn Apr 2016
A thought experiment on group v. individual priority. (Poll) 21 JeffJenk Apr 2016
Pilot Dodges 6 SAM's in Iraq 4 wonderwarthog Mar 2016
Regarding her State Department email practices, "my predecessors did the same thing." 7 Attila Gorilla Mar 2016
My Favorite Trump Quote 3 wonderwarthog Mar 2016
Video: The Most Incredible Slow Motion Gun Video You Have Ever Seen 10 Zimm_Man_Fan Mar 2016
Jeff Gordon Police Chase! 0 wonderwarthog Feb 2016
This isn't about you... 1 BuzzClik Feb 2016
Jenrry Mejia Permanently Suspended by MLB for Steroid Use 1 Attila Gorilla Feb 2016
Science Fiction Musical Feature 1 fncceo Feb 2016
Beatles ! 4 RATFINK_5.0 Dec 2015
What do you do with all the coal you get each Christmas? 24 Da Mannn Dec 2015
Range Report: S&W M&P10 308win 22 TexMex Dec 2015
Somehow it sounds even better in German 0 Currentsitguy Nov 2015
Piyush disapproval rating at 70% 12 Attila Gorilla Nov 2015
Attempt no landing there? Yeah right—we’re going to Europa 1 Juan Rico Nov 2015
I hate being sick. 24 Juan Rico Oct 2015
The Fence: A True Story. 9 Bubba Oct 2015
Our Dystopian Future Has Arrived 10 smokingman Oct 2015
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