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Russia's President Putin falls on ice after hockey match 4 Banshee 3 Actual May 2019
"a day in the life of joe conservative" anonymous 17 rampartb Feb 2019
Gillibrands own sons have no place in her future 7 Muddling Through Dec 2018
Investigation Reveals Male State Senator Used Womens Bathroom Repeatedly 2 cologeek Sep 2018
23 shot, including 5 children 15 and younger 5 Tin Ear2 Jul 2018
Lefty doesn't believe in Free speech anymore. 7 ways Lefty uses to silence Conservatives. 4 Da Mannn Mar 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author (Poll) 3 SweetHouse Feb 2018
Ohio Anti-Gay GOP Lawmaker Led Secret Gay Life, Made Unwelcome Advances to Younger Men 16 JohnPoet Nov 2017
Breaking : Inmate Confesses to Killing 4 missing Pa men 3 Grumpy Pickle Jul 2017
*DEBUNKED* Mass Grave Of Dozens Of Tortured Black Men Found In Deceased KKK Leaders Estate 35 Immacolata Jul 2017
WWII Paratroopers recreate famous D Day Photo 2 Gunslinger201 Jun 2017
Red Pill.. Who has seen it. (Poll) 4 _eek May 2017
Every MAN I know has a mother. Probably a sister or a daughter too . 19 RATFINK_5.0 Apr 2017
Free Tampons For Men !......courtesy of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 10 Grumpy Pickle Apr 2017
CNN Chris Cuomo says 12 year old girls need to be "tolerant" about seeing naked men 12 Grumpy Pickle Feb 2017
Simply Amazing 3 Muddling Through Feb 2017
FBI clears General Michael Flynn in probe linking him to Russia 10 Gunslinger201 Jan 2017
How much is home making/child rearing worth today? 16 HerasHeaddress Jan 2017
That's what real men look like, and that's what real men do - a small glimpse of real America 10 Attera Oct 2016
More white militia terrorism. 38 JoeHill Oct 2016
Former " Black Men for Bernie " leader now backs Trump. 2 Grumpy Pickle Oct 2016
There may not be enough blue collar white men in America to elect Trump. Literally. 8 Letmypeoplevote Aug 2016
About Caster Semanya, any thoughts? 10 Jardinier Aug 2016
Juror #3 EXPOSED! 6 wonderwarthog Jul 2016
A social experiment? 7 Immacolata Jul 2016
Bernie Supporters Beat Each Other Up Until They Realize They’re All Bernie Supporters (VIDEO) 3 Tin Ear Jun 2016
Can Clinton win without Men? 33 U.S.Awesome May 2016
Alberto uses the women's restroom to make himself feel like a lady. 36 Jardinier Apr 2016
82% of Young Women (Ages 18-29) went for Sanders 10 The Center Holds Feb 2016
I like Mike Rowe's version better 0 island4diver Oct 2015
Women in the Infantry? No Thanks 26 Banshee 3 Actual Sep 2015
The US Marines tested all-male squads against mixed-gender ones, and the results were pretty bleak [View all] 68 Juan Rico Sep 2015
Bill Maher mocks Repubs’ problem with women: ‘They live in our houses — not Mitt Romney’s binder’ 43 smokingman Aug 2015
Not Sure How to Tell If a Sex Shop Is Feminist? Here Are 8 Questions to Ask 30 MedusasRage May 2015
Saudi Men Detained for dancing at birthday party 6 Thorson Feb 2015
'Men Are Idiots,' Says Study In Prestigious Medical Journal 15 Troll2 Dec 2014
This message was self-deleted by its author 1 Agent_86 Dec 2014
Torture is a male thing. [View all] 205 Feldspar Green Dec 2014
Lindsey Graham: "white men who are in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency". 8 Floyd R. Turbo Nov 2014
best quotes from the retiring Gen. James Mattis 11 Jack Burton Oct 2014
A Soldier's Musty Virtues 2 sargentodiaz Oct 2014
7 Sayreville football players charged in hazing, sexual assault of teammates (Exclusive) 11 LaughingGull Oct 2014
The sexual threats against Emma Watson are an attack on every woman [View all] 119 Iansa Sep 2014
Women use misogynistic terms on Twitter almost as often as men 30 Greggery Peccary Sep 2014
Whoa! Slate destroys some long held feminist myths on who gets raped. 20 galileosghost Sep 2014
Question for men who consider themselves democrats [View all] 202 Trainman95630 Aug 2014
Women Score Higher In IQ Tests>Who'd Think Otherwise? 20 REALtoldYouSo Aug 2014
The boys round here. 26 Hades Jul 2014
Hey about an unmoderated political sub-forum? [View all] 135 Silver Buzzard Jul 2014
No talk about the latest from the Liberal Flavor of the Month? 3 Jenny Fromdablock Jun 2014
Man calls for help during home invasion, gets voicemail. 7 YouKnowItsTrue Jun 2014
A song for Father's Day... 1 Greggery Peccary Jun 2014
On men and women .. (Poll) 22 Barefoot Dancer Jun 2014
the hall of manly excellence! 6 galileosghost Jun 2014
Should men over the age of 40 ever wear Lycra? 17 Troll2 Jun 2014
How Boys Teach Each Other To Be Boys 10 Troll2 Jun 2014
Rise in US stay-at-home dads 3 Bronxbomber Jun 2014
in your experience, who is more sociopathic, men or women? (Poll) 38 galileosghost Jun 2014
Pot smoking affects sperm count, fertility in young men 6 Bronxbomber Jun 2014
this guy HAD to have been raised by a single mom...right? [View all] 65 galileosghost Jun 2014
Men: Your balls are more beautiful than you think. 26 Greggery Peccary Jun 2014
Men's rights conference in Detroit raises security concerns 20 Strange Luck Jun 2014
Comments at #YesallwomenMother Jones article are great! 11 Greggery Peccary Jun 2014
Funniest comment read today on FB: 2 Lazarus Long Jun 2014
Conundrum: Women outnumber men and have a greater influence on socialization of children, but... [View all] 134 Greggery Peccary Jun 2014
Showing you what real Men's Activists Look Like [View all] 185 Mr_Scorpio May 2014
Saudi cleric says chatting online is haram. “the devil would be present when women talk to men” 6 Strange Luck May 2014
Women care more about looks in their partners than men do 24 BigBangBleary May 2014
The Battle of the Bulge. (Poll) 3 RiverKwai May 2014
This should not take an act of courage 16 steelysunshine May 2014
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