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Not everyone happy about Mars landing 7 Tin Ear2 Nov 2018
Mexicans Say Caravans Are Invasion & Trump is Right 13 357blackhawk Nov 2018
Tijuana Residents Clash With Caravan Migrants. 2 Grumpy Pickle Nov 2018
Central American " Migrants " Demand Buses to US Border. 11 Grumpy Pickle Nov 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 11 TM999 May 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 18 TM999 Aug 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 16 TM999 Jun 2017
Caught On Tape: Reporter Assaulted Live On Air During Humanitarian Refugee Story 10 bernt-toast May 2017
Alleged gang rape shown on Facebook shocks Sweden 4 TM999 Feb 2017
I can't wrap my brain around this... [View all] 82 LaughingGull Feb 2017
Dutch Prime Minister Tells Migrants "Act normal or leave." 4 rh24 Jan 2017
Thomas More (according to Shakespear) on migrants 0 smalllivingeddy Sep 2016
Sociologist: Germans, not just migrants, need to atttend integration classes 8 Juan Rico Sep 2016
Terrorists behind Paris & Brussels attacks got over €50K in welfare - report 0 Juan Rico Aug 2016
How Angela Merkel imperiled Europe's future 1 Juan Rico Aug 2016
Rattlesnakes 3 Hades Jul 2016
Migrants give George Clooney a rude awaking at his beautiful vacation home 11 Thorson Jul 2016
One German's view on German guilt 17 island4diver Jun 2016
Bono: ‘The American Taxpayer Is Really Hurting’ — But Can Still Help Pay for Europe’s Refugee Crisis 9 Juan Rico Apr 2016
Report: U.N. Pressing for ‘Alternative’ Ways to Admit More Syrian Refugees to U.S 6 Juan Rico Apr 2016
Explosion of migrant violence predicted as countries crack down on routes into Europe 15 Juan Rico Mar 2016
Bill Clinton: Europe a Mess Because of Migrants 13 Dexter Morgan Mar 2016
Airgun sales in Cologne rise sharply after New Year's Eve sex attacks 6 Juan Rico Jan 2016
North African men suspected of stoning transgender women in German city 1 Juan Rico Jan 2016
German Minister: Critics Of Cologne Migrant Rapists Are ‘At Least As Awful’ As Rapists Themselves 17 Juan Rico Jan 2016
Swiss general says Europe is on the verge of civil war 16 island4diver Jan 2016
Angela Merkel, second greatest gun salesperson 11 island4diver Dec 2015
to house the migrants, we should take Germany's lead 7 island4diver Nov 2015
Obama moves to 'increase and accelerate' admission of Syrian migrants (Poll) 8 Juan Rico Nov 2015
Germany and the migrants 3 Thorson Nov 2015
Canada’s New Prime Minister to Open Doors for Syrian Refugees 10 Juan Rico Oct 2015
Germany: Migrant Crime Wave, Police Capitulate 7 Juan Rico Oct 2015
Finland's no good': Disappointed migrants turn back 11 Thorson Sep 2015
Since the developed countries are in a panic over Syrian refugees..... 13 southernwriter Sep 2015
Germany introduces border controls after 13,000 enter Munich in 24 hours 9 Thorson Sep 2015
Saudi Arabia offers Germany 200 mosques - one for every 100 refugees who arrived last weekend 4 Juan Rico Sep 2015
Italian police: Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard 8 Thorson Apr 2015
Americans worry that illegal migrants threaten way of life, economy 3 Let it go Aug 2014
Anthropologists Discover Texas Has Been Dumping the Bodies of Migrants Into Mass Graves [View all] 64 Attila Gorilla Jun 2014
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