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Checkout machine wins employee of the month again! 1 cologeek Jun 2019
effect of minimum wage increases : more pay, no impact on jobs. 9 rampartb Sep 2018
Fast food minimum wage workers replaced by robots. 16 Jack Burton Apr 2018
After a year, Seattle's new minimum wage hasn't raised retail prices [View all] 79 liberalguy Jun 2017
What difference will a $15 minimum wage make? 32 Jack Burton Apr 2017
President Trump to eliminate the AMT and the "death tax" among other beneficial changes... [View all] 68 Gamle-ged Apr 2017
Pennsylvania's Dem attorney general found guilty in perjury case 5 Tin Ear Aug 2016
Once again Bernie's telling us all singles should earn enough to support a family! With Bobble Head 5 Dumper Jul 2016
Unions argue for unionized workers to be paid less than minimum wage. 8 cologeek Apr 2016
Here's an issue certain to arise with a minimum wage hike. 21 Paradigm Apr 2016
You can't repeal the Laws of Gravity or Economics! 12 Gunslinger201 Feb 2016
Hedge Fund Billionaires Fund Super PAC Ad Against Bernie Sanders and Minimum Wage Hike 9 Immacolata Feb 2016
Mitt Romney: "I think we’re nuts not to raise the minimum wage" 10 Letmypeoplevote Jan 2016
Did Minimum Wage Increases Hurt Employment During the Great Recession? 9 Letmypeoplevote Jan 2016
"Welders make more money than philosophers," said Marco Rubio. [View all] 145 Ms.Eloriel Nov 2015
At what level would you set the federal minimum wage (if any)? (Poll) 37 Juan Rico Nov 2015
Tacoma WA minimum wage 1 foia Nov 2015
15 dollar/ hour minimum wage DESTROYS resturants in Seattle! 19 JoeHill Oct 2015
Seattle: Restaurant Openings Soar After Wage Hike. 24 Appalachian Man Oct 2015
Carson recounts time he was held-up at gun point 49 Phlegm Monger Oct 2015
Democrats: Instead of running on raising wages every few years... 8 U.S.Awesome Sep 2015
Meet Minimum Wage Barbie! 5 wonderwarthog Sep 2015
A Company Copes With Backlash Against the Raise That Roared 48 Boadicea Aug 2015
Remember the gloom-and-doom story from Forbes about Seattle's restaurants 5 JoeHill Aug 2015
Seattle seeing side effects. 43 Hades Jul 2015
Bernie Sanders Proposes Federal Minimum Wage of $15 an Hour 16 Immacolata Jul 2015
Scott Walker Hates Poor People 11 Letmypeoplevote Jul 2015
Wal-Mart pays 2.4x minimum wage -- in areas where labor market is strong. 40 waltervink Jun 2015
the middle class is the source of all growth and prosperity in a modern technological economy 16 orson Jun 2015
Ramifications of minimum wage hike begin 46 Jack Burton May 2015
A “Mile High” Minimum Wage? 26 Jack Burton Mar 2015
Walmart raising wages 39 Currentsitguy Feb 2015
Papa John’s Ordered to Pay Almost $800,000 in Wage Theft Case 6 Miss Quay Feb 2015
Here’s How Fast Food Could Handle A $15 Minimum Wage Without Cutting Jobs 19 Starbux Jan 2015
States That Raised Their Minimum Wages Are Experiencing Faster Job Growth 49 Starbux Dec 2014
Rick's Cabaret Strippers Won the Right to Minimum Wage, But Some Dancers Think It'll Only Make Thing 10 LaughingGull Nov 2014
What happens when there are no lower or middle class jobs left [View all] 58 ProudNYSTaxPayer Nov 2014
raising minimum wage [View all] 59 mrwordsworth Nov 2014
What should the minimum / living wage be in the United States (if any)? (Poll) 19 Juan Rico Nov 2014
Voters all across the nation vote in favor of raising the minimum wage 4 Satanica Nov 2014
States lead the way on minimum wage: Our view - USA Today 2 Starbux Oct 2014
Socialists Push For $20 Minimum Wage But Won’t Pay Workers That Much 6 rshackelford Oct 2014
How much would prices rise if the Minimum wage was raised to $10.00? ~4.3%/yr for two years 27 Starbux Oct 2014
Figures don't lie but liars can figure - is the recent Heritage Foundation paper spin or fact? 15 vulturefood Sep 2014
Koch Brothers’ Top Strategist: Minimum Wage Will Turn USA Into Nazi Germany 11 Letmypeoplevote Sep 2014
This is what a minimum wage worker looks like at $15 an hour. [View all] 63 rshackelford Sep 2014
Fifty-two People Arrested at Protest for Fair Wages in Kansas City [View all] 85 Miss Quay Sep 2014
Why not set minimum wages locally? 30 Myriel Sep 2014
Impact of a $15/hr minimum wage [View all] 53 Jack Burton Sep 2014
My answer to the fast food minimum wage [View all] 55 MoshMasterD Sep 2014
$15 an hour vs. new burger robot cranking out 360 burgers per hour [View all] 54 Unicorn_Actual Sep 2014
Minimum Wage increases won't help the poor [View all] 86 Jack Burton Sep 2014
Ted Cruz's Dad: 'The Average Black' Does Not Know The Minimum Wage Is Bad 31 Letmypeoplevote Sep 2014
If the R's had a lick o' sense they'd push a $15 dollar/hour FEDERAL minimum wage through the House. 44 JaimeBondo Aug 2014
Cafe Recipt Minimum Wage Fee 49 Spitfire Aug 2014
S&P: Wealth disparity is bad for the economy 3 MisterMan Aug 2014
Study: Minimum Wage Raising States Had More Job Growth 11 daemons Jul 2014
The Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself… 20 Nadinb Jul 2014
2014 Job Creation Faster in States that Raised the Minimum Wage 0 Chunga Jul 2014
Ikea lifting minimum wage to nearly $11 an hour 5 MisterMan Jun 2014
Here's why we should raise the minimum wage: 14 johnaries01 Jun 2014
I don't know what the big deal is about the minimum wage. 16 Bottlenose Jun 2014
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