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Orlando utility to launch $9 million hydrogen system and more than double solar energy 3 Aquila Oct 2019
Forbes: Hydrogen Could Become A $130 Billion U.S. Industry By 2050 5 Aquila Oct 2019
Guns don't cause Islam 0 island4diver Jul 2016
good questions about Orlando, 5 island4diver Jul 2016
Trump insiders disappointed Orlando shooting didn’t give him a ‘bump in the polls’: report 27 Letmypeoplevote Jul 2016
Face it: the Orlando shootings are a joyous trifecta for you right-wingers. [View all] 57 saspamco Jun 2016
what if the terrorist in Orlanda actually used an 8 island4diver Jun 2016
Orlando massacre prompts some in LGBT community to come out -- for Trump [View all] 53 LaughingGull Jun 2016
After Orlando massacre, Trump faces leadership test – and flunks 28 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2016
Orlando Vigil has Awesome Sign 1 sargentodiaz Jun 2016
Feds reverse course, release unredacted 911 transcripts on Orlando Islamic terrorist attack. 18 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2016
Trump shows moral claritiy 2 island4diver Jun 2016
Is there any solid narrative out there for Orlando yet 11 His Daughter Jun 2016
Comparison of two Presidents... [View all] 66 LaughingGull Jun 2016
Orlando Islamic terrorist`s father held meeting with the White House and State Dept. 4 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2016
What I wish MY president would have said 34 island4diver Jun 2016
been seeing this on Facebook 26 island4diver Jun 2016
Three Presidential candidates respond to the Orlando massacre on Twitter. 22 The Center Holds Jun 2016
State Dept. has " no record of meeting " with shooter`s father despite photos showing 14 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2016
Orlando shooter Omar Mateen does not represent Muslims 38 New Deal Democrat Jun 2016
How Orlando Divides America 13 The Center Holds Jun 2016
Omar Mateen on video working as security guard during Gulf oil spill 2010. 2 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2016
Johnson: Orlando Terror Attack Was a Case of 'Self-Radicalization' 6 sargentodiaz Jun 2016
Winning the war on western civilization 4 island4diver Jun 2016 puts Orlando in context 12 island4diver Jun 2016
One Israeli's perspective on Orlando 2 island4diver Jun 2016
Anderson Cooper broke my heart tonight. 12 Phlegm Monger Jun 2016
Possible arrest coming in Orlando shooting of person who may have had prior knowledge of attack, 5 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2016
think Wayne La Pierre is loony tunes? 11 island4diver Jun 2016
FBI Defends Its Failure to Act Against Orlando Mass Murderer 0 AmandaMatthews Jun 2016
Morning Joe panel rips Donald Trump for “taking a victory lap over 50 bodies” after Orlando massacre 10 Immacolata Jun 2016
Trump Just Responded To Orlando Massacre In The Most DISGUSTING Way Possible [View all] 86 Immacolata Jun 2016
Here Are All The People Applauding The Orlando Gay Club Shooter 39 Immacolata Jun 2016
U.S. probes whether gunman in nightclub massacre had help 4 Andronikos Jun 2016
when seconds count, Orlando Police will act in only three hours 20 M41 Jun 2016
Donald Trump’s Exploitation of Orlando 2 Immacolata Jun 2016
Shooter`s father linked to pro-Taliban rhetoric ...may have tried to run for President 30 Grumpy Pickle Jun 2016
who speaks at the Orlando Memorial Service? 1 M41 Jun 2016
REMINDER: 41 Republicans blocked sensible gun legislation 17 LavenderGirl Jun 2016
Another day, another racist black man assaults cop with his head. (Video) 5 Attila Gorilla Jun 2015
Cop Ruptures Man’s Spleen, Fellow Cops Laugh, Take Pics, as He lays Dying, Begging for Help 13 Attila Gorilla Apr 2015
Marriott just fired an employee because she's a Democrat 23 lesterandcharlie Sep 2014
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