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Lets Colonize Titan 1 quad489 Nov 21
Who said it? You would think that you were in a Third World country..... 2 Banshee 3 Actual Jul 2019
This message was self-deleted by its author 30 BeeKeeper May 2018
This Civil War 15 Gunslinger201 Jan 2018
Forget the boogyman 1 WritelyWrong Oct 2017
So instead of donating money to food banks, Planned Parenthood, democratic candidates, pet 5 Carlos W Bush Feb 2017
So after we have normalized FASCISM, what should be sanitized next? 38 FORD Feb 2017
WikiLeaks Releases Hacked Audio of US Democratic Party Voicemails 1 Da Mannn Jul 2016
The truth is going to come out no matter how much the dems try and hide it. 29 oldenuff35 Apr 2016
GOP insiders mulling Mitt Romney 13 smokingman Sep 2015
Hillary expected to kill, eat one baby each day until primary election... 48 Gamle-ged Aug 2015
Scott Walker still unsure about president’s faith 13 Letmypeoplevote Aug 2015
Quite a few debates going on over at DU on the word "whore" right now. 32 Carlos W Bush Jul 2015
Greece.....Mimi Big T**s, buffoon leaders... and how we milked the EU... 5 Dexter Morgan Jul 2015
Does Mike Huckabee Know Where the Ark of the Covenant Is Buried? 3 smokingman May 2015
American Teens are Stressed and Bored--even beyond parents. 14 joefriday6 Apr 2015
Americans Watched a Lot of Porn After the Super Bowl 3 Daves Not Here Man Feb 2015
De-Dollarization Complete: Iran Abandons US Dollar In Foreign Trade 20 Badsamm Jan 2015
‘Black brunch’ protesters interrupt diners in NYC, Oakland 41 Tin Ear Jan 2015
CHAOS ERUPTS As #Ferguson Protesters Shut Down Sen. Wyden Town Hall – Threaten to Beat Security Guar 24 Tin Ear Jan 2015
FOX Most Watched in 2014. CNN with record lows and MSNBC is dead last. (Poll) 27 Da Mannn Jan 2015
Looking down on other races is bad and has political consequences [View all] 63 Cardinals1982 Dec 2014
I wonder if the left will say he's a gentle giant and was on his way to college 13 Crazy D Dec 2014
Ferguson - You guys seem to think you're contradicting each other. 39 Sibelian the White Nov 2014
What they're NOT showing you... 25 Mr_Scorpio Aug 2014
The past 10 quarters of GDP growth 5 daemons Jul 2014
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