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President Trump Signs Executive Order Authorizing Pipeline at the Northern Border 9 MumblyPeg Apr 2
The Media Have Done Tremendous Damage to the Country and Themselves 2 MumblyPeg Mar 31
Disgusting demorrhoids Replace POW Flags With Tranny Pride Flags Outside Congressional Offices 2 MumblyPeg Mar 30
Nevada Democrat Accuses Creepy Democrat Frontrunner Joe Biden of Sexual Harassment 2 MumblyPeg Mar 30
Enemy of the People: NBC Political News Editor Outed for Working on Behalf of the DNC 3 MumblyPeg Mar 29
vile, violent lefty at it again:Alex Jones Accosted at Restaurant by Angry Austin demorrhoid 2 MumblyPeg Mar 29
TheraBand is a hero: Saved the country from continued assault on Freedom 3 MumblyPeg Mar 29
TRUMP'S WINNINGEST WEEK EVER! - Dan Crenshaw Guests - Louder With Crowder 0 MumblyPeg Mar 29
Bolshevik Barbie backs up President Trump, Illegal Invasion actually is a National Emergency 6 MumblyPeg Mar 29
Racist demorrhoid Mayoral Event Bars Non-Black Reporters From Entering: Black Press Only! 8 MumblyPeg Mar 29
Chick-fil-A ban in Texas Under Investigation by States Attorney General Ken Paxton 8 MumblyPeg Mar 29
House Judiciary Dems Refuse to Administer the Oral Oath to Witnesses: Its Totally Unnecessary 9 MumblyPeg Mar 29
More Lefty Mary Poppins Debauchery: needs to include LGBT messages 5 MumblyPeg Mar 29
demorrhoid Leader, Leaky McShitt cuts off Mic on Rep. Turner 6 MumblyPeg Mar 29
Illegal Invader border assault continues to ramp up, 20K invaders Q-up in Honduras 0 MumblyPeg Mar 29
Fusion GPS Ohr, Met Dirty British Spy Christopher Steele Day before FBIs Trump-Russia Witch Hunt 0 MumblyPeg Mar 29
Devin Nunes on Mueller Report, Hype and False Charges 0 MumblyPeg Mar 28
Apple, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Disney, Other Companies Funding Communist Hate Group 0 MumblyPeg Mar 28
Crazy Uncle Joe Biden, a White Man, Proclaims: White Mans Culture to Blame for Abuse of Women 12 MumblyPeg Mar 28
Jew-Hating demorrhoid muslim Ilhan Omar Shows Anger At Netanyahus AIPAC Speech 3 MumblyPeg Mar 28
Creepy dimocrat Porn Lawyer Represented By Public Defender After Asserting He Cant Afford Counsel 4 MumblyPeg Mar 28
Judicial Watch Sues for Dossier Communications Among Clapper, Brennan, and CNN 3 MumblyPeg Mar 28
Lying demorrhoid Kim Foxx Never Formally Recused Herself from Jussie Smollett Case 3 MumblyPeg Mar 28
Dying CNN Lost Almost 30% of Primetime Audience 2 MumblyPeg Mar 28
Breaking Point has Arrived This Week at Our Border 1 MumblyPeg Mar 27
Nutty demorrhoid Lefty Detained For Alleged Threat To Murder Trump, Blow Up Pentagon 0 MumblyPeg Mar 27
Illegal Invading demorrhoid Pet Accused of Murdering Young Oklahoma Mother Paige Gomer 0 MumblyPeg Mar 27
Are you minority? Commit a serious race crime? Well if you live in a democrat enclave, NO PROBLEM! 5 MumblyPeg Mar 27
Christians in Muslim Countries 143 Times More Likely to be Killed by Muslims 2 MumblyPeg Mar 27
What happens in a democrat controlled enclave? 1 MumblyPeg Mar 27
Lefty wants you to know the EU is their model space. They are tyrannical pricks 2 MumblyPeg Mar 27
It's normal. No really, apparently it's normal. 0 MumblyPeg Mar 26
Well known Republican, Little Brian Stelter, says Avenatti a "serious" contender for 2020 4 MumblyPeg Mar 26
The Left Ruins Everything 1 MumblyPeg Mar 26
Leftist local politics just let a racist piece of shit felon off the hook 1 MumblyPeg Mar 26
The 2-year, $25 million witch hunt 13 MumblyPeg Mar 26
Bye Bye, Creepy! 1 MumblyPeg Mar 26
President Trump Officially Signs Official Recognition of Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights 10 MumblyPeg Mar 26
Professional Lefty Gargler Comments on Creepy demorrhoid Porn Lawyer Charges 1 MumblyPeg Mar 26
Republicans responsible for and got the Mueller thing the most wrong 2 MumblyPeg Mar 26
MUELLER REPORT: Everything You NEED To Know 0 MumblyPeg Mar 26
TAIBBI: Russiagate is this generation's WMD... GOOGLE obscures news... 0 MumblyPeg Mar 26
50 Hollywood Stars Who Accused President of Treason, Collusion 0 MumblyPeg Mar 25
SHAME OF THE NATION: 533,074 articles about Russia probe 0 MumblyPeg Mar 25
Mueller's Day Off - A Rant (NSFW) 0 MumblyPeg Mar 25
Anti-Christian Bigotry on Full Display 15 MumblyPeg Mar 25
Giuliani: Those Behind Mueller Probe Will Be Held to Account 2 MumblyPeg Mar 25
Back From the Dead: Dirty Harry Reid Rips James Comey for Doing Nothing 1 MumblyPeg Mar 25
Kid Rock Plays Golf With President Trump on Mueller Bust Day 1 MumblyPeg Mar 25
They're Digging Themselves Even Deeper! 0 MumblyPeg Mar 25
Sore Loser James Brown Vows to Continue Investigating Trump Despite Mueller Findings 2 MumblyPeg Mar 25
Mueller Report is RACIST ! 1 MumblyPeg Mar 25
President Trump Turns Tables After Mueller Report Calls for Investigation Into Witch Hunts Origin 3 MumblyPeg Mar 25
Death Blow for the Reputation of the American News Media 1 MumblyPeg Mar 25
Coming:Criminal Referrals to AG Barr on FBI, DOJ Officials Who Perpetrated This Hoax 2 MumblyPeg Mar 25
Gather round folks, Here's Donald Trumps video response to lefty's conspiracy theory and witch hunt 0 MumblyPeg Mar 24
Holy shit, it's working! 4 MumblyPeg Mar 24
Pro jihadi Jew-Hating Anti-American muslim demorrhoid Ilhan Omars Calls on Muslims to Raise Hell 10 MumblyPeg Mar 24
After lefty eats his shit sammich, what is next? Will Trump start digging into FISA? (Poll) 5 MumblyPeg Mar 24
Mueller Delivers Liberals A Giant Shit Sandwich 0 MumblyPeg Mar 24
Extremist Democrats Fully Intend to Impeach President Trump Regardless of Mueller Findings 2 MumblyPeg Mar 24
Anti-Christ demorrhoid and Fake Mexican Bob ORourke Berated Priest for Supporting Traditional Marri 0 MumblyPeg Mar 24
Rep. Adam Schiff Said He Had Direct Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion; He Lied 6 MumblyPeg Mar 24
What happens if you leave demorrhoids in charge? Michigan to Ban Nighttime Boating 5 MumblyPeg Mar 24
Radical Trump-Hating Leftist demorrhoi Barbra Streisand Tries to Walk Back Her Pro-Pedophilia Stance 4 MumblyPeg Mar 24
What a day... lefty dreams in shambles, Rick Maddow cries. What will become of the demorrhoid party? 5 MumblyPeg Mar 24
Breadline Bernie Hit with FEC Complaint After Revelation About Foreign Nationals Working for Campaig 3 MumblyPeg Mar 24
Don't Forget: Mexican Drug Kingpin, El Chapo, Donated 15M to Clinton Foundation 4 MumblyPeg Mar 24
France Tries to Contain Oil Spill as 2000 Cars, Freighter Sink Off Coast 1 MumblyPeg Mar 23
demorrhoids now have their propaganda path set: Rick Maddow and demorrhoid poltiicians set 7 MumblyPeg Mar 23
demorrhoid hero and anti-freedom communist Bolshevik Barbie calls for gun confiscation 9 MumblyPeg Mar 23
I'm tired from of LOL@Lefty, so I'll leave you with this: Antifa getting an ass beating (NSFW) 5 MumblyPeg Mar 23
More evidence uncovered that Crooked Meemaw lied under oath 5 MumblyPeg Mar 23
Hours later Goalposts officially moved: "Were Going to Subpoena Robert Mueller" 18 MumblyPeg Mar 23
Tingles loses his shit over Muller report 5 MumblyPeg Mar 23
Warning: graphic violent islamic behavior on video for lefty to avoid (Graphic) 3 MumblyPeg Mar 23
Huge Victory for the President ... Poor CNN. Lights out? 2 MumblyPeg Mar 23
Muslim demorrhoid Extremist Ilhan Omar Holding Private Fundraisers with Islamist Terrorist Groups 2 MumblyPeg Mar 23
Communist NY demorrhoid Implements Bolshevik Barbie's cow fart reduction plan 3 MumblyPeg Mar 22
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