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'We are going to the United States! Nobody is going to stop us!' #schumershutdown 15 MumblyPeg 6 sec ago
CNN Fake News Democrat Operative Chris Cuomo Threatens Corey Lewandowskis Life on Air 0 MumblyPeg 2 min ago
State Tells Christian Filmmakers: Make Same-Sex Marriage Films or Spend 90 Days in Jail 26 MumblyPeg 5 min ago
RED TIDAL WAVE: 77,000 Sign Up for President Trump Rally for Ted Cruz in Houston #schumershutdown 0 MumblyPeg 6 min ago
#BelieveAllVictims Cory Booker busted trolling gay guy in bathroom for oral sex #schumershutdown 1 MumblyPeg 12 min ago
Antisemitic, Muslim, MN Dimocrat Rep Ilhan Omar Faces Fraud, Bigamy Charges with Her Brother 1 MumblyPeg 15 min ago
YOU did this, lefty. Because of YOU, these people will now suffer #schumershutdown 2 MumblyPeg 15 min ago
EV Landslide Winner, President Donald Trump, offers new tax breaks for investments #schumershutdown 0 MumblyPeg 16 min ago
Pocahontas ex-husband founded DNA company #schumershutdown 0 MumblyPeg 23 min ago
"You all are a disgrace" #schumershutdown 0 MumblyPeg 27 min ago
Midterm Meddling: After Conservative Purge, Democrats Surge on Facebook After Algorithm Changes 0 MumblyPeg 29 min ago
Nazi Collaborator, Democrat Master George Soros $246M Contribution To Smear Justice Kavanaugh 1 MumblyPeg 31 min ago
Triple Amputee VetVows to Haul Facebook CEO Into Court for Censorship of Conservative Websites 0 MumblyPeg 31 min ago
Muslim Invader Used Social Media to Recruit Jihadis for ISIS #schumershutdown 1 MumblyPeg 53 min ago
The hammer of Thor. Jobs not Mobs... and lefty has no defense #schumershutdown 2 MumblyPeg 8 hrs ago
Launch Pad Water Deluge System Test at NASA Kennedy Space Center #schumershutdown 3 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Ben Shapiro vs. Skyler Turden Debate Socialism #schumershutdown 15 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Tonights sugary sweet nightcap: Lefty getting his ass stomped out compilation #schumershutdown 4 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Leftist MSNBC Nut Mika Brzezinski Calls for Overthrow of President Trump by Own Cabinet 6 MumblyPeg Yesterday
The new commie hope: Beta male and fake Mexican, Robert O'Rourke #schumershutdown 2 MumblyPeg Yesterday
DAREDEVIL (NETFLIX) GOING FULL SJW? [RazrFist] #schumershutdown 0 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Warren takes Test. Results show shes full of shit. Conclusion? "Trump is an asshole" 24 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Mexico dispatches two Boeing 727s full of federal police officers to intercept illegal invaders 16 MumblyPeg Yesterday
Another violent lefty feminazi tries but fails to harass Ted Cruz 6 MumblyPeg Thursday
President Trump Smashes Regs, Cuts $33 Billion vs. $245 Billion Added by Obama #schumershutdown 3 MumblyPeg Thursday
Grandma Gives NBC Reporter A Reality Check #schumershutdown 3 MumblyPeg Thursday
The Rush Limbaugh Video Thursday Oct 18, 2018 [LIVE DITTOCAM] #schumershutdown 2 MumblyPeg Thursday
Democrat FL Candidate for Governor Graduated From School That Spawned Communist Revolutionaries 4 MumblyPeg Thursday
Georgia Dem Admits Blue Wave Includes Undocumented Voters 5 MumblyPeg Thursday
Don't forget guys... Trump is Hitler, conservatives are evil, and only lefty supports freedom! 2 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Mexico Deploys Officers to its Southern Border to Block Illegal Invaders Headed for the US 0 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Commie Rag Slate Tries to Dig Democrat Elizabeth Warren Out of DNA Disaster 2 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Endangered Democrat Sen. Joe Donnelly Hides Abolish ICE Record From Hoosiers 3 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Racist dimocrat gets sued for marginalizing minority staffers 1 MumblyPeg Wednesday
An after dinner sweet: Lefty getting his ass stomped compilation 0 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Supreme Court Will Hear Case to Decide if Far Left Tech Giants Can Censor Conservatives 13 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Dear Pocahontas: I've been given this in escrow to hold. when can you pick up? 1 MumblyPeg Wednesday
Trump SMASHES record, appoints the most federal appeals judges in first two years 5 MumblyPeg Wednesday
U.S. Is Worlds Most Competitive Economy for First Time in a Decade 0 MumblyPeg Wednesday
TOP 5 Reasons Elizabeth Warrens a RACIST FRAUD 3 MumblyPeg Wednesday
FACEBOOK HAS CROSSED THE LINE [Dice] 4 MumblyPeg Wednesday
The Results are IN! 1 MumblyPeg Tuesday
Sorry, but you don't have a reservation 0 MumblyPeg Tuesday
I mean, really. Who doesn't knowtheirownsex ? 8 MumblyPeg Tuesday
A Nice little nightcap for freedom lovers: lefty socialist antifa beat-downs 3 MumblyPeg Tuesday
SHOUT OUT - TM99 gets mention from DUmpasses 7 MumblyPeg Monday
The answer to climate change 0 MumblyPeg Monday
Will Pocahontas Warren put a catheter in herself again to stand up for DNA testing rights? (Poll) 2 MumblyPeg Monday
Violent lefty is at it again - Suspicious letter sent to Sen. Collins 0 MumblyPeg Monday
Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast Monday - October 15, 2018 0 MumblyPeg Monday
Geez lefty, all you had to do was keep your own foot out of your mouth... 1 MumblyPeg Monday
Guess Who's Back! 2 MumblyPeg Monday
Lefty Threatens to Rape Conservative Woman, Feminazis Defend Him [Video] 4 MumblyPeg Sunday
Degenerate Poop-Smear pinko lefty Principal fired for making student remove Trump shirt 4 MumblyPeg Sunday
Dick Boldly goes... 0 Jardinier Sunday
What a REAL Man Needs To Be 1 MumblyPeg Sunday
Click here to watch mentally challenged lefty get completely PWND 3 MumblyPeg Saturday
Ohio University student, 21, is charged with sending HERSELF homophobic death threats 5 MumblyPeg Saturday
Crooked MeeMaw and criminal clan lose security clearance over bathroom email server foolishness 9 MumblyPeg Saturday
Pedophile Who Claimed To Be Tranny Sentenced To Life After Attacking Women In Women's Prison 5 MumblyPeg Oct 12
CNN GOES OVER THE EDGE [Dice] 7 MumblyPeg Oct 12
DNC Propaganda outlet HuffPo already crafting excuses for commie pinko dimocrat losses next month 3 MumblyPeg Oct 12
CrayCray Bolshevik Barbie has a master plan 17 MumblyPeg Oct 12
Obama Plotted to Validate Crooked Meemaw Victory if Trump Didnt Accept Results 6 MumblyPeg Oct 12
CNN Fake News Attacks Kanye Using Dead Mom, Mental Health, Wifes Ex-Lover 2 MumblyPeg Oct 12
Violent lefty pinko commie dimocrat campaign manager attacks OKeefe 2 MumblyPeg Oct 11
OKeef exposes another communist dimocrat fraudster [Video evidence at link] 0 MumblyPeg Oct 11
Fascist lefty at it again: Facebook Deletes HUNDREDS of Conservative Pages weeks before elections 0 MumblyPeg Oct 11
Communist Chuck Schumer BOWS to EV Landslide Winner, President Donald Trump 1 MumblyPeg Oct 11
Violent lefty builds bomb plans destruction during elections because.. TRUUUUUMP!! 1 MumblyPeg Oct 11
EV Landslide Winner, President Donald Trump, dismantles Pharmacy Gag Clauses 13 MumblyPeg Oct 11
MORE dimocrats Jumping off the Rat Ship Over Smear of Justice Kavanaugh 2 MumblyPeg Oct 11
EV Landslide Winner, President Donald Trump, takes overall win for Americans on trade disputes 2 MumblyPeg Oct 11
EV Landslide Winner, President Donald Trump, orders federal assistance for the state of Georgia 0 MumblyPeg Oct 11
dimocrat activist tortured, raped, and murdered 33 young boys 3 MumblyPeg Oct 11
Why, oh dear God WHY won't they try this in my town? [View all] 86 MumblyPeg Oct 11
Top 5 Rape Hoaxes of All Time 0 MumblyPeg Oct 11
A happy belated Che Guevara death day, everyone! 2 Muddling Through Oct 10
Popular Vote Landslide winner Brett Kavanaugh takes loser pinko Merrick Garland's Seat 13 MumblyPeg Oct 9
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