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Is Cuba really about Russia? 10 Let it go Dec 2014
Is Donald Trump a Traitor? 46 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2018
Is Putin cutting Venezuela free? Russian bank caves to sanctions. 2 cologeek Feb 2019
Is Putin plotting war in Europe? [View all] 50 Currentsitguy Aug 2015
Is Trump positioning himself to succeed Putin? (Poll) 8 Agent_86 Jul 2018
Is US bent on bringing down Russia? Some in Kremlin say yes. (+video) 0 Let it go Jul 2014
Is ex-KGB cold war-revivalist dictator Putin Dead? 7 graham4anything4HC45 Mar 2015
It looks like Russia hired internet trolls to pose as pro-Trump Americans 11 EGTrise Jul 2016
It must be so dirty: MSNBCs Mika says Russian blackmail seems to be driving Trump nuts 9 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2018
Ivanka Trump Hanging Out in Croatia With Vladimir Putin's Girlfriend 15 News2Me Aug 2016
I voted for Trump because Putin. 6 U.S.Awesome Jun 2017
I wonder what the Putin Admiration Society thinks now [View all] 56 daemons Jul 2014
Jan.1 2018 ...In 2020, the Republican nominee will be Mitt Romney who easily defeats 17 graham4anything4HC45 Jan 2018
Jennifer Rubin- The corruption of the Republican Party is complete 11 graham4anything4HC45 Oct 2018
John Kerry-trump surrendered & just stood there & did not defend America. 29 graham4anything4HC45 Jul 2018
Just two short weeks since Traitor Trump swore fealty to his Russian master. 35 Phlegm Monger Aug 2018
Kerry-Putin Talks Could Deliver a Global Surprise (+ ClarityofSignal was right) 25 John Q Citizen Jul 2015
Kosovo declares Russian national working for U.N. persona non grata 0 Banshee 3 Actual Jun 2019
Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny is hospitalized after being detained 0 Banshee 3 Actual Jul 2019
Leading German Economic paper: The West on the Wrong Path 0 Let it go Aug 2014
Left wing Vox: Putin has plunged Russia into a vicious cycle of economic decline 1 JosephNobles Nov 2014
Lifelong Republican urges Trump to resign 29 LavenderGirl Jul 2018
Lithuania issues manual on what to do if Russia invades 3 Banshee 3 Actual Nov 2016
Looking for an honest response 24 ProudNYSTaxPayer Jul 2016
MAGA: G20 summit: Trump and Putin agree Syria ceasefire 0 Dexter Morgan Jul 2017
MH17 crash: Big Buk missile part found in Ukraine 11 Banshee 3 Actual Jun 2016
MH17 report identifies Russian soldiers suspected of downing plane in Ukraine 8 pavulon-lives Feb 2016
Mar28-Day 68 Donald Trump & Assoc.-3 items & more calls for independent prosecutor 5 graham4anything4HC45 Mar 2017
Maybe we NEED a Putin around here... 24 galileosghost Aug 2014
Meanwhile in Russia, Putin passes law against protests 4 Attila Gorilla Jul 2014
Medias narrative of Russian bots pushing conservative issues called 'inherently inaccurate' 0 LaughingGull Apr 2018
Missile launcher that downed MH17 ‘DID belong to Vladimir Putin’, shocking report claims 8 Banshee 3 Actual May 2016
More corporate appeasement. 0 Doctor_R Dec 2014
Moscow and Washington work together to restructure international relations 0 id-entity Oct 2015
Mr. Putin's tires are quickly going flat 9 Agent_86 Dec 2014
NATO: Russian-manned units shelling Ukrainian troops 0 MisterMan Aug 2014
New Trump Pence logo released 8 LavenderGirl Jul 2016
New York Times propagandists exposed: Finally, the truth about Ukraine and Putin emerges 4 John Q Citizen Dec 2014
No, Putin did not call Donald Trump ‘a genius’ 9 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2016
Now I have seen it all: Putin picking up a CHICK in public!!! 7 PrimeCustodian Dec 2015
Now this is true IMHO- Trump Is Getting More Dishonest Over Time 5 graham4anything4HC45 Jul 2018
Now trump claims he is so tough on Putin that Putin will be working to defeat trump LOL pt 3 3 graham4anything4HC45 Jul 2018
Now we have proof Asange is on the payroll of Drumpity's boyfriend 24 railroad wings Sep 2016
Obama, POTUS O! should deliver this on Putin's Doorstep: 0 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 2014
Obama, Putin come face-to-face in France at D-Day event 0 Bronxbomber Jun 2014
Obama expects Putin to retreat over economics, expects Europeans to overlook economics. 0 Let it go Jul 2014
Obama puzzled by Putin once again 2 sargentodiaz Sep 2015
Obama’s Strategy Against Putin Worked As Ukraine Signs Trade Agreement With EU 2 Lazarus Long Jun 2014
One Professional Russian Troll Tells All 18 Banshee 3 Actual Jul 2016
Order now! Supplies limited! 3 Floyd R. Turbo Jan 2015
Pelosi calls for probe of possible Russian blackmail of Trump 23 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2017
Political opponent of shiny Kremlin jailed 0 Agent_86 Feb 2015
Political wire- Donald Trump campaign director Paul Manafort paid $12.7 million by Pro-Putin faction 9 graham4anything4HC45 Aug 2016
President Trump's 2017 performance review, from Putin with love 11 Letmypeoplevote Jan 2018
Pro Putin Insurgents commit war crimes in Donetsk parade 17 Banshee 3 Actual Aug 2014
Putin (Poll) 9 Brawndo Dec 2015
Putin's Media Czar murdrerd in Dupont Circle. 7 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 2017
Putin's getting bold:PUTIN CRITIC SHOT DEAD AT KREMLIN 14 Currentsitguy Feb 2015
Putin's propaganda parade 9 Agent_86 Nov 2014
Putin, Trump, and ‘Making Tyranny Great Again’ 9 Letmypeoplevote Dec 2015
Putin, battling ratings slump, reviews Red Square military parade 0 Banshee 3 Actual May 2019
Putin-backed bikers ride to Berlin 3 Agent_86 Apr 2015
Putin: Merkel is Frustrated Because Germany is American Colony 0 Aquila Jun 2017
Putin: Ukraine must pay in advance for Russian gas supplies starting June 1 3 RCW2014 May 2014
Putin: We don't protect Assad, we protect Syria from becoming Libya 1 Aquila Jun 2017
Putin Calls BNP Fine ‘Blackmail’ Over Warship Sale 6 Let it go Jul 2014
Putin Reveals Secrets of Russia's Crimea Takeover Plot (BBC) 4 JacoBukowski Mar 2015
Putin Toadies make it illegal to criticize Putin 6 Banshee 3 Actual Mar 2019
Putin and the Panama Papers: Why power means more than money 8 Banshee 3 Actual Apr 2016
Putin calling emergency meeting of Duma? 0 Let it go Jul 2014
Putin can make up anything and say Trump agreed to it in private at the surrender summit. [View all] 127 Phlegm Monger Aug 2018
Putin finally gets to inspect the merchandise he purchased! 15 Phlegm Monger Jul 2017
Putin is a butt plug! Seriously! 5 Floyd R. Turbo Aug 2014
Putin misjudged Ukrainians’ thirst for unity and freedom 8 Banshee 3 Actual Aug 2016
Putin must wonder what else America knows about Russia 6 Agent_86 Jul 2018
Putin orders import limits over sanctions 2 Strange Luck Aug 2014
Putin orders troops near Ukraine to return home 0 Strange Luck May 2014
Putins Media Struggle to Deal With HBOs Chernobyl 0 Banshee 3 Actual Jun 2019
Putin says "Don't mess with Russia". 20 Louie Aug 2014
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