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The FBIs New U.S. Terrorist Threat: Black Identity Extremists 2 KittyCatIdiots Tuesday
DUcult white guy gets "white shamed" for being working class white guy 9 KittyCatIdiots Nov 12
Another idiot makes it harder for real racist attacks to be taken seriously. 6 cologeek Nov 8
It's amazing just how much hatred liberals can have for a successful black woman. 21 Carlos W Bush Nov 6
Student smears blood from her box on roommate's backpack. 3 Carlos W Bush Nov 1
Kellogg's to replace racially insensitive Corn Pops boxes following Twitter call out 10 def_con5 Oct 25
DUculty hating whites today, but it's not a hate site! 19 KittyCatIdiots Oct 23
DUcult playing the racist card today, must need a break from 24/7 McCarthyism 1 KittyCatIdiots Oct 21
Ralph Northam campaign defends deleting black running mate from campaign literature 0 cologeek Oct 18
DUcult starts hating whites early this morning, oh the horror! 3 KittyCatIdiots Oct 9
Calling out MrScorpio.... The reason Blacks don't like to talk about Black on Black crime.... 14 ibtruthin Oct 7
If your black, overt and passive racism is part of Black privilege. 3 ibtruthin Oct 7
San Juan Mayor Refuses To Participate in Puerto Rico Unified Command and Relief Efforts 7 Gunslinger201 Oct 1
Surprise! Librarian who rejected Melania's gift of Dr. Seuss books is a leftist hypocrite! [View all] 85 TM999 Sep 30
DU'ers apparently think all Blacks are looters 17 Banshee 3 Actual Sep 9
Steve Harvey receives racist slurs for meeting with President Trump. 7 Carl Sep 6
The President's Racist Base, by the Numbers 15 Immacolata Aug 30
Should we tear down this monument to slavery? (Poll) 5 Jack Burton Aug 27
Trumps Pardon of Joe Arpaio Is a Presidential Endorsement of Racism, ACLU Says 20 Dexter Morgan Aug 27
Another attack on Veterans from the left. Specifically Huffpo. 15 cologeek Aug 26
Day223 Billy Joel never speaks politics on stage. Yesterday, this spoke volumes 20 graham4anything4HC45 Aug 2017
Illegal immigrants won't get fast track acceptance in Canada. 10 cologeek Aug 2017
More Blue on Blue violence. Antifa attacks BLM member. 9 cologeek Aug 2017
Racism alert: School group kicked off uni campus for Trump hats. 18 Dexter Morgan Aug 2017
Are there any liberals out there that can provide an honest answer to some questions? 14 LaughingGull Aug 2017
The Entire US Military Has Now Openly Broken With Trump And Denounced Racism 23 Letmypeoplevote Aug 2017
Lefty, I can't seem to find any instances of Trump advocating for racism anywhere. 13 U.S.Awesome Aug 2017
Day216 Heather Heyer's mother, giving the eulogy at her assassinated daughter's funeral 14 graham4anything4HC45 Aug 2017
AHH Day 216b (defacto President) Bannon Celebrates Trumps Response to Charlottesville 2 graham4anything4HC45 Aug 2017
AHH Day216 pt1 Sans Bannon, White House Staff Upset Trumps Beliefs Are Now Public 3 graham4anything4HC45 Aug 2017
NC man behind 'Yes, You're Racist' Twitter account gets death threats 10 Immacolata Aug 2017
Twelve Memorials that Must Be Removed if Democrats Are Serious About Erasing Racism 5 Dexter Morgan Aug 2017
Day 215 A moment to reflect and salute Civil Rights Icon, Hero Heather Heyer who perished 14 graham4anything4HC45 Aug 2017
Voltaire is turning in his grave 5 357blackhawk Aug 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 19 KittyCatIdiots Aug 2017
Rolling Stone: Immigration Overhaul to Raise American Wages Is Self-Destructive. 7 Dexter Morgan Aug 2017
11 Powerful Images Depicting The Realities of Reverse Racism 30 Immacolata Aug 2017
Why did the Democratic South become Republican 5 TM999 Jul 2017
A Noose at the Smithsonian Brings History Back to Life 27 Immacolata Jul 2017
NAACP head finds Confederate flag on lawn after getting overnight death threats since Election Day 12 Immacolata Jul 2017
2 Fatally Stabbed on Portland Train After Trying to Calm Ranting Man, Police Say 29 Immacolata May 2017
Black Lives Matter Organizing A 'Youth Activist Camp' For 10 -Year-Olds 17 Dexter Morgan May 2017
Racism motivated Trump voters more than authoritarianism 26 Letmypeoplevote Apr 2017
The Left, Political Correctness and Cult Behavior . 31 Dexter Morgan Apr 2017
Los Angeles Middle School Faces Budget Cut For Having Too Many White People 10 Dexter Morgan Mar 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 1 rampartb Mar 2017
"No Whites Allowed" 15 Iron Condor Mar 2017
Interesting post on the racist roots of gun control 6 His Daughter Feb 2017
TrumpHumping BernieBro Moles call on "science", "biology" and "genetics" to justify their racism. 7 BanachTarskiParadox Feb 2017
Former KKK member David Duke endorses Keith Ellison for DNC chair... 11 Dexter Morgan Feb 2017
Rule Used to Silence Warren Was Created to Protect Delicate Feelings of Senates Foremost Lynching A 21 Maya Feb 2017
the number of "trump wins super bowl" threads on di is incredible 7 rampartb Feb 2017
The Democrats Are The Party Of Slavery, Segregation, And The KKK 28 Dexter Morgan Nov 2016
NYT: Trump Is Right — Democrats Do Nothing for Black Voters 7 Dexter Morgan Nov 2016
Dummies Lynched Next to a Trump Sign for Halloween in Kendall UPDATED 22 Immacolata Oct 2016
PATHETIC! Bill Clinton Says ‘Make America Great Again’ Is Racist.. 24 Dexter Morgan Oct 2016
Donald Trump Kept Calling Lil Jon an ‘Uncle Tom,’ Celebrity Apprentice Staffers Say 3 Immacolata Oct 2016
Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Trump, Kaepernick and her lifelong love of the law 4 Dexter Morgan Oct 2016
Columbia University to host no-whites-allowed student leadership retreat 17 Dexter Morgan Oct 2016
Huffington Post Black voices, .the most dangerous thing to a black person is not the police.... 1 ibtruthin Oct 2016
Huntington Black Voices may be coming around.... 0 ibtruthin Oct 2016
The most persecuted group of people in History...... [View all] 54 ibtruthin Oct 2016
Reparations rears it ugly head on DU with something noticeably missing..... 3 ibtruthin Sep 2016
The truth about the South and Republicans 0 island4diver Sep 2016
White man in NC points TWO guns at deputy . . . not shot 23 JoeHill Sep 2016
How the police reflect society's racism . . . 3 JoeHill Sep 2016
Black Lives Matter Protest in Stockton Attacks White Bystanders 8 Dexter Morgan Sep 2016
Obama says a low turnout from black voters in presidential election would be personal... 18 Dexter Morgan Sep 2016
If you post pics of Trump with Apes it's funny post pics of Obama with Apes it's racist..Explain 28 Dexter Morgan Sep 2016
I do not, nor do most other Republicans, think black people as a whole are lazy and stupid. 48 U.S.Awesome Sep 2016
SF school board head calls for renaming slaveowner branded schools 17 Dexter Morgan Sep 2016
How not to hurt our white feelings at work . . . 18 JoeHill Sep 2016
My daughter went to what she that was a democratic socialist meeting and met some of these folks.... 3 ibtruthin Aug 2016
Real History or real Racism? You be the judge. 15 Jardinier Aug 2016
For the sensitivity impaired. 25 southernwriter Aug 2016
Clinton ad ties Trump to KKK, white supremacists ..They gotta play the racecard..LMAO 25 Dexter Morgan Aug 2016
NY University offers `Stop White People` training. 9 Grumpy Pickle Aug 2016
two flagged for review but the ringleader not [View all] 51 i verglas Aug 2016
I'm Not Being Racist, Kids. I'm Just Telling You How My Day Went. 17 Model10RB Aug 2016
Can you (ahem) very non-racist white men please stop saying "colored" to 47 JoeHill Aug 2016
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