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Israeli teen accused of rape cleared by girlfriends selfie 5 Banshee 3 Actual Jul 2019
Advice Columnist E. Jean Carroll Details Alleged Rape By Trump In 1990s 17 Aquila Jun 2019
Republican delegate plans committee hearing where Fairfax accusers can testify 3 cologeek Feb 2019
I'm very dissapointed in Fairfax. 4 Carlos W Bush Feb 2019
Al Franken is a rapist. 11 Carlos W Bush Jan 2019
DUmmy so angry about rape, Ze/Zir forgot to list the groups responsible for the majority of them 2 Bronxbomber Oct 2018
TV journalist Viktoria Marinova found raped, murdered in Bulgaria 0 Agent_86 Oct 2018
For people who think false accusations never happen. 2 southernwriter Sep 2018
Never Again (1992-1995) 5 Agent_86 Sep 2018
Pakistani Christian Teen Raped, Then Tied Down and Murdered in Front of Father by Muslim Family 1 Bronxbomber May 2018
This message was self-deleted by its author 11 TM999 May 2018
Spain rape case highlights enduring machismo 3 Agent_86 Apr 2018
13 Myths About Society Too Many People Believe 7 cologeek Apr 2018
Is Rape and Sexual harassment now OK because a Democratic Donor does it? (Poll) 7 Banshee 3 Actual Oct 2017
Fart Rape. Don't Laugh. Feminism redefines EVERYTHING to be rape. [View all] 142 Da Mannn Oct 2017
Bernie Sanders Buys His Third Home 9 TendiesForBreakfast Sep 2017
Bernie Sanders Praising Bread Lines and Food Rationing 4 TendiesForBreakfast Sep 2017
Just checked: This man is still never going to be President of the United States. 5 TendiesForBreakfast Sep 2017
Bernie Sanders: 'Single payer Medicaid would bankrupt nation' 0 TendiesForBreakfast Sep 2017
Gee what a shock, cops who raped a woman got charges dropped. 4 shortviking Aug 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 18 TM999 Aug 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 15 TM999 Jun 2017
Armed robbery turns into rape of 2 teens near St. Paul park; 4 arrested, police say 4 Tin Ear2 Jun 2017
CNN employee tweets that he wants a congressman to be raped 18 U.S.Awesome Jun 2017
Airmen paid $20, kept girl on base for sex, feds say 9 Banshee 3 Actual Apr 2017
Five Mississippi high school students arrested, accused of gang rape 4 Isidore Apr 2017
Yet another rape in Maryland by 2 illegals ...this time a 12 year old girl. 9 Grumpy Pickle Mar 2017
Factual Assault 27 Hunter Rose Mar 2017
Alleged gang rape shown on Facebook shocks Sweden 4 TM999 Feb 2017
mas sexual assault in frankfort 10 rampartb Feb 2017
Uber driver Muhammad Naveed found guilty of raping a passenger 9 Duke Lacrosse Feb 2017
I can't wrap my brain around this... [View all] 82 LaughingGull Feb 2017
VINDICATED: Woman who accused Trump of raping her at 13 FABRICATED her story 19 U.S.Awesome Nov 2016
Jury Finds 'Rolling Stone,' Reporter Liable For Damages Over Rape Allegation Story 8 The Center Holds Nov 2016
Jury finds reporter, Rolling Stone responsible for defaming U-Va. dean with gang rape story 1 Qukid Nov 2016
6 PM EDT presser cancelled 14 def_con5 Nov 2016
‘He Tied Plaintiff To A Bed’: SICKENING Details Emerge From Trump Rape Case (DOCUMENTS) 36 JeffJenk Oct 2016
Rape lawsuits against Donald Trump linked to former TV producer 5 Banshee 3 Actual Oct 2016
1,400 young girls were raped in the UK over a decade; Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe 2 TotallyNotNuclearDem Oct 2016
For the younger DUers.. 9 Dexter Morgan Oct 2016
Not from the "Onion".Clinton, in California, Slams Trump for ‘Sexually Predatory’ Behavior 9 Dexter Morgan Oct 2016
Rape Activists to Hold Candlelight Vigil at ‘Birth of a Nation’ Opening 8 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
Juanita Broaddrick relives brutal Clinton Rape 9 Gunslinger201 Oct 2016
Remember folks, there is only one candidate being sued for child rape. 9 Slayer Oct 2016
Rolling Stone Goes to Trial 6 Muddling Through Oct 2016
Trump rape lawsuit dismissed 9 def_con5 Oct 2016
Former UTEP football player in sexual assault trial not guilty 6 Immacolata Sep 2016
Veteran who survived sex assault says Trump’s military rape comments show ‘he can’t be trusted’ 9 Immacolata Sep 2016
The allegations of Trump raping a 13 year old girl are not going away. 19 JoeHill Sep 2016
Why The New Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump Should Not Be Ignored 37 Immacolata Aug 2016
St. Louis County woman accused of having sex with 14-year-old boys 16 Qukid Aug 2016
OK Court Rules Oral Sex Not Rape If Victim Unconscious From Drinking 17 Floyd R. Turbo Aug 2016
Poster explains how unconsitutional search works by using example of date rape. 6 KAT Aug 2016
How the Invention of the Alphabet Usurped Female Power in Society and Sparked the Rise of Patriarchy 13 Da Mannn Aug 2016
Rattlesnakes 3 Hades Jul 2016
Rapist claims rape of boy was a 'medical emergency' because he hadn't had sex in 4 months. 39 Jardinier Jul 2016
Raped German Politician intentionally lied to prevent racism. 3 SavannahMan Jul 2016
Girls as young as 12 get grabbed and groped at Sweden music festival - by immigrants. 13 Jardinier Jul 2016
Man Loses Penis While Assaulting Woman Thanks To This ‘Anti-Rape’ Devise 26 Immacolata Jun 2016
Twin Falls Idaho police confirm rape of 5 yr old girl being investigated 25 Gunslinger201 Jun 2016
Iraqi migrant who raped a ten-year-old boy in an Austrian swimming pool 4 Banshee 3 Actual Jun 2016
Father of Convicted Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Defends His Son in a Disturbing Way 18 Boadicea Jun 2016
BBC talk show host censors Trump supporter for speaking the truth about Rotherham muslim rape gangs. 10 Grumpy Pickle May 2016
Two attackers sought after attempted rape near Prospect Park 1 Bronxbomber May 2016
Gang member arrested in rape of woman at Lincoln Heights restroom 2 Bronxbomber May 2016
Developmentally Disabled Teen Found Dead with Uterus Removed After Accusing Stepfather of Raping and 20 Boadicea May 2016
Ex-49er Dana Stubblefield is charged with raping a developmentally disabled woman 13 Bronxbomber May 2016
Re: Ann Coulter -- I lived in Latin America, I've known latinos for 25 years..."Rape culture"?? WTF? 34 The Center Holds Apr 2016
Migrant kidnaps 4 year old Austrian boy to sexually assault his mother. 0 rh24 Mar 2016
Migrants Who Threatened To Cut Throat Of 6-Year-Old Lied About Age To Get Into Classroom 15 Zimm_Man_Fan Feb 2016
Norweigan government: We will abandon international law if Sweden collapses 8 Zimm_Man_Fan Feb 2016
It wasn't rape, it was official oppression. Really. 1 SavannahMan Feb 2016
MRA Group w/ Pro-Rape Postings Cancels Planned Worldwide Meetups Due To Fear of Violence (LOL!) 10 MedusasRage Feb 2016
Hillary Clinton Laughs While Discussing Defense of Child Rapist 10 AmandaMatthews Jan 2016
Taharrush - The Sickening And Terrifying Arab Rape Game That Is Spreading Across Europe 11 Thorson Jan 2016
send islamic rapists to the caliphate, reject/retake any status 11 rampartb Jan 2016
Suspects in Cologne sex attacks 'claimed to be Syrian refugees 30 rh24 Jan 2016
Rape victim forced to call boyfriend, calls 911 instead 7 Thorson Dec 2015
Los Angeles County agrees to pay more than $6 million to woman raped by Deputy 8 SavannahMan Nov 2015
Woman Bites Off Rapist's Tongue (Bit It Until She Heard It SNAP - Perp found at Waffle House) 13 MedusasRage Oct 2015
US soldiers disciplined for stopping rape of children by Afghan police 43 sargentodiaz Oct 2015
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