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A Stun Gun Shaped Like A Combat Knife: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 4 Juan Rico Sep 8
N.J. moves to legalize stun guns after 2nd Amendment suit 1 Juan Rico Aug 27
Paintball "guns" look and sound like real says the LAPD 7 Juan Rico Aug 19
CNN's Wolf Blitzer: Barcelona Attack Copycat Version of What Happened in Charlottesville? 6 Tin Ear2 Aug 17
Man robs gambling hall after they failed to give him a job 0 Juan Rico Aug 17
Gun selfie at Club Lust translates to 6 years in prison for gang member 4 Juan Rico Aug 16
Fake guns, real problems at Comic-Con 5 Juan Rico Jul 2017
OMG! Kids! Having fun! OMG! Why Kids Should Never Play With Water Guns. Period. 26 Juan Rico May 2017
Damn, even France's Macron is flashing WP hand signs... 0 Butchie_T May 2017
Hot glue gun causes lockdown at Colgate University 18 Juan Rico May 2017
Cleveland police union to file federal lawsuit against toy gun makers 1 Juan Rico May 2017
Ohio man calls on cops, K-9 unit to help him find stolen heroin 1 Juan Rico Apr 2017
Family upset after girl expelled from high school for water gun 4 Juan Rico Apr 2017
Socialism goes full circle: Venezuela disolves congress, becomes DICTATORSHIP 25 Da Mannn Apr 2017
Man tries to rob pizza place with gun magazine, employee slaps it out of his hands 8 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Worlds Most Advanced US Military Rail gun in Final Testing 2 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Man Carrying Pool Cue Case Shuts Down Idaho University 14 Juan Rico Mar 2017
NY state settles with 7 toy sellers over realistic fake guns sold in Central NY 1 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Australian fanboy arrested for making replica 3D firearms, faces 14 years in jail 6 Juan Rico Mar 2017
Seoul says North Korea executes 5 senior security officials with anti-aircraft guns 4 Juan Rico Feb 2017
At least 100 rare transferable machine guns soon up for grabs (PHOTOS) 4 Juan Rico Feb 2017
Just a quick poll for curiosity's sake (Poll) 21 black rifles Feb 2017
She wanted something to regret tomorrow morning. 0 FORD Feb 2017
I learned my lesson, baby. And it left a scar. 0 FORD Feb 2017
SHOt Show: The new suitcase-sized minigun (VIDEO) 14 Juan Rico Feb 2017
Silencerco CEO: ATF Wont Fight Hearing Protection Act 10 Juan Rico Jan 2017
In 1940, Two of Nazi Germany's Battleships Shocked the World: They Sank an Aircraft Carrier 1 Juan Rico Jan 2017
Finnish Boombeast: Firing the Lahti 20mm anti-tank gun (VIDEO) 2 Juan Rico Sep 2016
"I'm With Her" - September 2016 Edition 7 FORD Sep 2016
Medical School Professor says Hillary dying 15 Gunslinger201 Sep 2016
You Can't Fix Stupid: Convicted Felon Arrested After Calling 911 To Report Stolen Guns 2 Juan Rico Sep 2016
Florida Suspect Uses His Own Wanted Poster as Facebook Profile Picture 3 Juan Rico Sep 2016
Schwerer Gustav – The Biggest Cannon During WWII 11 Juan Rico Aug 2016
LOL. I just joined the FLHX Ignore club. 26 Da Mannn Aug 2016
Wikileaks says it has 1,700 Emails Proving that Hillary Clinton Knew About U.S. 25 AmandaMatthews Aug 2016
Poll: Young adults support new efforts to curb gun violence 16 Muddling Through Aug 2016
Apple replaces revolver emoji with water pistol amid gun control debate 10 Juan Rico Aug 2016
12-Year-Old Arrested in Plot to Shoot Baton Rouge Police 6 Juan Rico Jul 2016
Guards in NYC jails to train with Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun 5 Juan Rico Jul 2016
Charges dropped in Caetano v. Massachusetts Second Amendment stun gun case 3 Muddling Through Jul 2016
White House calls for confiscation of assault weapons and magazines. 25 Juan Rico Jul 2016
Joe Biden to Gun Grabbers: Keep Fighting to Ban ‘Civilian Ownership’ of AR-15s 6 Juan Rico Jun 2016
Gun Review: FN M249S Semi-Automatic SAW 10 Juan Rico Jun 2016
UK: Air guns must be restricted. It's for the cats, after all. 1 Juan Rico Jun 2016
What is your number one ISSUE in the 2016 Election? (Poll) 21 FORD Jun 2016
Toy guns are ‘too realistic looking’ for some Newark families; want them to be illegal 5 Juan Rico Jun 2016
Man accused of attempted rape cries in mugshot 4 Juan Rico Jun 2016
Hillary Clinton’s inner circle shunned investigators in email probe 14 Gunslinger201 May 2016
Kindergartner suspended for bringing bubble gun to class 18 Juan Rico May 2016
Yes kids...this is what your Uncle Juan was watching as a teenager 40 years ago on television. 19 Juan Rico May 2016
How a Winchester linked to Geronimo sold for $1.1 million (world record) 1 Juan Rico May 2016
Anyone have a quarter million burning a hole in their pocket? FG42 up for auction: 9 Juan Rico Apr 2016
Question of the Day: Would You Carry a Stun Gun? (Poll) 37 Juan Rico Apr 2016
Contractor hired to remove Confederate monuments finds Lamborghini torched [View all] 117 Gunslinger201 Mar 2016
(Australia) Queensland Police seize t-shirt launcher, because....gun control 7 Juan Rico Mar 2016
Weapons: A Really Big Gun For Stryker 10 Juan Rico Feb 2016
New Jersey Comic Faces 10 Years in Prison for Airsoft Prop 13 Juan Rico Feb 2016
It feels good to be a Clinton 1 Gunslinger201 Feb 2016
Question for Trump supporters 20 GoodCraic Feb 2016
Gun Porn 17 Satan Feb 2016
This 1914 Map Will Make You Extremely Excited About Frequent Flyer Miles 1 Juan Rico Feb 2016
Sure, it's satire. But a question arises from it. What would the terrorists do if hundreds of 21 JeffJenk Jan 2016
Why many think the far left is really, really stupid. I mean, really stupid. 44 Tin Ear Jan 2016
Mulim Reform Movement 8 GoodCraic Dec 2015
Huffington Post Calls for “Domestic Disarmament” 11 Juan Rico Dec 2015
10,000 Posts! 7 Juan Rico Dec 2015
NRA Comes Out Swinging Against NY Times’ Demand for Gun Confiscation 4 Juan Rico Dec 2015
How to Convert a Standard Glock to Full Auto (Video) 0 Juan Rico Oct 2015
Because there's no kill like overkill: 90mm anti-tank cannon vs. iMac (guess who wins?) 4 Juan Rico Sep 2015
Toddler's 'fart blaster' not allowed on flight as it has a trigger 11 Juan Rico Aug 2015
What Were They Thinking? The 100 Dumbest Events In Television History 8 Juan Rico Aug 2015
Motel manager pouring acid in the water when black people swam in his pool, 1964 18 smokingman Jun 2015
ISIS Clerics ban Pigeon breeding as affront to Islam 5 Gunslinger201 Jun 2015
Weird Al - Amish Paradise 5 Satan May 2015
Black woman's 'lynching' charge: an unsettling tactic to punish activism? 6 smokingman Apr 2015
Amnesty: Hamas rocket attacks amounted to war crimes 5 southernwriter Mar 2015
Hey...I just passed 5,000 posts! That's something on the order of 500 posts a month. 9 Juan Rico Mar 2015
OMG!!! MORE Patriots cheating!!??? 14 Squeek Feb 2015
Baby Jesus stolen, replaced with pig's head 12 Attila Gorilla Dec 2014
Americans were told they were the owners of GM until GM repaid the bailout money. 22 Konservative Nov 2014
Should the secret ballot be done away with? 12 Cliqueclaque Oct 2014
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