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Sanders: Fuck you peasants. I ain't gotta tell you anything. Just give me the power. 7 Charlie Mike Oct 30
The 4th Amendment only restricts government, right? 11 Charlie Mike May 2019
Lefty just can't get enough of that sweet, sweet baby murder. 6 Charlie Mike May 2019
How Twitter enforces the rules 8 Charlie Mike May 2019
Dem presidential candidate doubles down on call for gun confiscation 6 Charlie Mike May 2019
Inroads 2 Charlie Mike May 2019
Lefty base decides to go all-in on socialism... 4 Charlie Mike May 2019
Larry Elder shoots from the field goal line... 2 Charlie Mike May 2019
Lefty can't meme? Lefty can't market, either. 2 Charlie Mike Apr 2019
"Give me one good reason why women shouldn't be given full equality!" 3 Charlie Mike Apr 2019
You'd think AARP would have said something by now 5 Charlie Mike Apr 2019
Traitor Bernie's chief economic advisor is a stone cold retard 1 Charlie Mike Apr 2019
Moore with an 8-point lead over dimowit... I mean, dimocrat Doug Jones 10 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Moore Opens Up 49-44 Lead in Alabama 9 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
If a terrorist threat is all it takes to convince lefty moving our embassy to Jerusalem is wrong 0 I814U2CY Dec 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 10 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Lefty, if you have to resort to lies calling a man a child molester in the hopes of eking out a win 45 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Asst AG Bruce Ohr was demoted for concealing his meeting with Fusion GPS... 1 I814U2CY Dec 2017
A bomb goes off in the heart of 1 of the liberal enclaves and DU is fixated on 38 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Another leftist self-entitled shitbag falls from grace 1 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Well, now lefty finds himself all sorts of befuckered 2 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Witch Hunt Into Scott Walker Campaign Collected Personal Info Illegally 0 I814U2CY Dec 2017
If Israel accepting our embassy in their capital ruins the peace process 4 I814U2CY Dec 2017
The numbers of African American escaping the leftist plantation is destined to become a flood. 2 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Forced reeducation and public denunciations: Everything old is new again 9 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Ordinarly lying to call someone a child molester would earn the liar a fist to the mouth. 6 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Remember when Lefty tried strenuoulsy to convince us Bannon and Gorka were antisemites? 0 I814U2CY Dec 2017
This is the sort of racist trash that makes DU the site it is 18 I814U2CY Dec 2017
The wonder of it all. 0 I814U2CY Dec 2017
So, this is just how awesome socialist healthcare has become 0 I814U2CY Dec 2017
The poster whose sig reads "The conservative snowflakes on discussionist can't handle the truth." 19 I814U2CY Dec 2017
With the Saudi prince running around clipping extremists 6 I814U2CY Dec 2017
If lefty shuts down the government for illegals 3 I814U2CY Dec 2017
If there was no collusion 3 I814U2CY Dec 2017
BREAKING: Putin hates Trump, GOP Tax Reform Bill 0 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Can we just admit facts: this is all Al Gore's fault 2 I814U2CY Dec 2017
I never imagined I'd see such a thing. 8 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Anti-American, fascist dimocrats MURDERED Kate Steinle 32 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
When the colonel walks in and catches you lip sinking "Sail On" by The Commodores 1 I814U2CY Dec 2017
If you consider Israel moving its capital to Jerusalem to be cause for violence 3 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Lesson learned about Trump's Jerusalem decision : 0 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Socialists provide simple, easy to follow graphic to explain why they're such stupid fucking retards 4 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Transgenderism is the Flat Earth theory of the science-challenged Left 27 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Not so swift local thinks cities will retaliate rurals over GOP tax plan 15 I814U2CY Dec 2017
Lefty perverts even bribe their own wives to cover for them 29 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Earn $77k or More a Year? Congratulations, Youre Paying Almost ALL Taxes 14 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
The GOP is like Jeffery Dahmer 5 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
More, delicious liberal tears to enjoy! 18 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Trump suggests investors sue ABC reporter whose erroneous report sent stocks down 5 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
The Super PAC Attacking Roy Moore Wont Disclose Its Donors Before the Vote 5 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Treasonous Dimocrat Icon Ted Kennedy Colluded with the Communist USSR in Attempt to Undermine Reagan 13 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Zullo Provides New Insights on Obama Birth Certificate Mystery, Part 1 3 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Chinese Researchers Experiment With Anti-Gay Spray 5 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Elizabeth Warren Ancestor Rounded Up Cherokees For Trail of Tears 6 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
President Trump: The American Spectator Man of the Year 5 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Crooked bribe taking, tax evading, shithead dimocrat released from prison early 2 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Merry Christmas lefty! Here is my gift, to YOU... 1 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
HAHA! Poor lefty. Even gets trolled on college campuses now 1 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Filthy muslim Terrorist Camp Revealed in America 8 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Fake News from ABC Tanks Stock Market 5 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Mass Shooting Stopped By Armed Citizens In FL 6 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Westboro Baptists lose bid to disrupt the funerals of fallen warriors. 31 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
ya think the DUmpasses might be on the threshold of an epiphany ? 4 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
All that money spent, all that excitement in the lefty circle jerk, and they came up with jack 5 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
is this even news anymore? another dimocrat perv uncovered 5 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Crooked Meemaw: Matt Lauer downfall Karma For That Time He Was Tough On Me In An Interview 7 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Saggy and corrupt botox Nancy has dementia, I'm almost certain of it 1 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Everybody just CALM down... as usual, Rush is right. And he always is 2 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Outright collusion and actually caught on video/audio 2 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Where's Mr "I need to make 10 Flynn posts" now? 3 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Crazy Joe loses it. No, not him, another deranged dimocrat 5 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
Geez... what a big, fat pussy 13 MumblyPeg Dec 2017
'Id Be Sitting In Leavenworth Right Now' If I Did What Hillary Did 2 MumblyPeg Nov 2017
Draining of the Liberal Media Swamp: Matt Lauer, Garrison Keillor and Time magazine 0 MumblyPeg Nov 2017
NFL agrees to commit $89 million to social justice causes 5 MumblyPeg Nov 2017
Is Jake Tapper next? be taken down by leftist sweetheart and professional skank Kathy Griffin? 10 MumblyPeg Nov 2017
Mass Islamic Immigration Is Destroying Sweden 2 MumblyPeg Nov 2017
French Postal Deliveries Suspended To Crime-Ridden Muslim District 3 MumblyPeg Nov 2017
WINNING! Jobless Claims Fall More than Expected, Demand for Labor Strong 0 MumblyPeg Nov 2017
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