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Viola Gregg Liuzzo, activist murdered in Selma in 1965, honored for life's work 2 Boadicea Mar 2015
Voting Rights Act faces Republican opposition [View all] 124 Letmypeoplevote Mar 2015
in your opinion is it OK to discriminate based upon religion? [View all] 56 Docbroke Mar 2015
Selma 34 Maya Mar 2015
Constitutionally repugnant': In striking down Nebraska's gay marriage ban, judge defends ... 5 Phlegm Monger Mar 2015
“US Human Rights Abusers Not Welcome in Venezuela” 8 Grinchy Mar 2015
Turning the European Debt Myth Upside-Down 5 Grinchy Mar 2015
Holder wants civil-rights defendants easier to successfully prosecute 10 Gamle-ged Mar 2015
U.Va. professor to receive academic freedom award at CPAC for defending due process 8 Muddling Through Feb 2015
Rep. Schrader (D): Immigration is the new civil rights battle. 5 Dexter Morgan Feb 2015
Why We Think Paid Leave Is a Worker's Right, Not a Privilege [View all] 55 Maya Feb 2015
Oregon’s Kate Brown Will Be the Nation’s First Openly Bisexual Governor [View all] 54 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2015
Brownback rescinds protected-class status for LGBT state workers in Kansas 44 waltervink Feb 2015
Rand Paul and Huckabee to Appear in Documentary That Claims Gay Rights Threaten Christianity 5 MedusasRage Feb 2015
Papa John’s Ordered to Pay Almost $800,000 in Wage Theft Case 6 Miss Quay Feb 2015
This Long-Lost Constitutional Clause Could Save the Right to Vote 26 ol geezer Jan 2015
Happy Martin Luther King Day, Cons [View all] 113 JoeHill Jan 2015
NRA: "How to Defend Free Speech" 5 Dixie Jan 2015
Black Man With A Gun 7 Dixie Jan 2015
"This Nonviolent Stuff'll Get You Killed" 1 Dixie Jan 2015
This sounds like a pretty good idea to me 41 fools_gold Jan 2015
Property rights of landowners and Keystone pipeline 43 Cardinals1982 Jan 2015
Progressive or Consevative 18 ibtruthin Jan 2015
Tell me about rights. 20 762Justice Jan 2015
Gay marriage vs. pulygamy 36 rjhangover Jan 2015
My rights stop where your nose begins 35 FrankLittle Jan 2015
Cheney, among others, have no defense for torturous actions and should be indicted 44 Lefty Dec 2014
State Rights is a BS arguement. 22 Hades Dec 2014
Question for the gun enthusiasts out there. 37 Slayer Dec 2014
I chose to sit this election out. 8 Slayer Dec 2014
UN Human Rights Report implicates Ukrainian armed forces in atrocities. 0 Clarity of Signal Dec 2014
To the Right here: Let's find out how much you TRULY care about abortion. [View all] 58 Zappa Dappa Doo Nov 2014
There is a new tactic being used by conservative, troll alerters [View all] 97 SaintBruneau Nov 2014
Do you support or oppose the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)? (Poll) 10 SaintBruneau Nov 2014
OMG-Grand jury assembling to see if Trayvon Martin's Civil rights were violated by Zimmerman in Fla [View all] 106 graham4anything4HC45 Nov 2014
Like to make a bet? I think the voting Rights "activists" here will disappear after the election. 19 RonaldusMaximus Nov 2014
The US Falls Behind Nicaragua, Rwanda, And The Philippines On Women’s Equality 4 Dexter Morgan Oct 2014
Man Who Sexually Abused 8-Year-Old Kept Abusing Her for Years After Abortion Clinic Ignored It 38 Dexter Morgan Oct 2014
Question for the voting rights folks. 43 Slayer Oct 2014
Left wing Vox: Americans don't have a constitutional right to vote — it's time for that to change 26 shortviking Oct 2014
Real question for Cons--were the police in Ohio right to shoot John Crawford [View all] 77 JoeHill Oct 2014
Harvard Law School Faculty object to new sexual harassment policy. 1 Muddling Through Oct 2014
Just to clarify... I don't care about Voting Rights. 30 Sowilo Oct 2014
So it appears that several on this forum are OK with less folks voting [View all] 78 Docbroke Oct 2014
Clearly we are a stronger country if more if us vote 45 Docbroke Oct 2014
Inalienable rights vs. majority rule [View all] 88 johnaries01 Oct 2014
The first time the CA affirmative consent law is used to expel a FEMALE student 12 SummBoddie Oct 2014
What do Obama supporters think of this... (Poll) 24 ReTooled Oct 2014
Should prisoners be allowed to grow a beard if their religion requires it? 12 Floyd R. Turbo Oct 2014
Civil Rights Attorney Sanford Rubenstein Accused Of Rape After Al Sharpton's Birthday Party 36 Tin Ear Oct 2014
Men and women should have equal rights. 16 Attera Oct 2014
Do you support or oppose the US Civil Rights Act? (Poll) 40 SaintBruneau Sep 2014
Rand Paul to overturn Emancipation Proclamation 35 BatmanSux Sep 2014
Connecting Ray Rice and Shaneen Allen Cases... 1 eddiepina Sep 2014
Two construction workers confirm other witness reports, Brown Executed by Wilson [View all] 56 BatmanSux Sep 2014
List lies here of police chief and police in Ferguson [View all] 74 BatmanSux Sep 2014
NYC cops arrest human rights lawyer waiting outside restaurant while her kids used restroom 39 Lefty Sep 2014
Do the police have a right to disarm you if you're on your own property and not breaking the law? (Poll) 28 JacoBukowski Aug 2014
Can This Southern Restaurant Prove It Isn't Biased? (with poll) (Poll) [View all] 73 lesterandcharlie Aug 2014
Boko Haram Has Reportedly Kidnapped 100 Boys And Men 0 Daves Not Here Man Aug 2014
SAFE Act under fire 0 eddiepina Aug 2014
Gun Rights, Abortion Rights; they're the same, right? 7 orson Aug 2014
The Gay Advocates of Gun Rights [View all] 79 Juan Rico Aug 2014
Activists Install Jury Nullification Billboard In DC, Plan More in Major US Cities Read more at htt 7 Wildbill Aug 2014
Left-wing Vox: The NRA's case for blind people having guns is kind of persuasive 15 shortviking Aug 2014
The Reality Behind Animal Rights Radical’s ‘Re-Wilding’ 13 Juan Rico Jul 2014
A gun rights case is born (Poll) 34 TexMex Jul 2014
This Congressman Wants To Give You The Right To Sue Union Busters 5 Duncus Jul 2014
Florida Republican Congressman David Jolly Announces He Will Support Marriage Equality 2 Duncus Jul 2014
House Passes Amendment to ‘Restore Gun rights’ in D.C. 4 MachineHead Jul 2014
This is what is wrong with the world. 8 Early1900sLiberal Jul 2014
Callers Use C-SPAN Civil Rights Talk To Complain About White Oppression 40 Mr_Scorpio Jul 2014
Do you see rights as inherent to the human condition or primarily as legal constructs? (Poll) 48 Sibelian the White Jul 2014
Individual rights are not subject to a public vote 20 fools_gold Jul 2014
Offensive T-Shirts Are the American Way 12 Daves Not Here Man Jul 2014
(caution.Not rec'd for those sensitive about religion) - You Don't Have Rights, You Have Privileges 29 Barefoot Dancer Jul 2014
OMG. The Supreme Court 5 just said an IUD is an abortion and that science does not exist??? 32 graham4anything4HC45 Jul 2014
Eroding the Civil Rights Act of 1964 14 RebelWithaCause Jul 2014
Santorum: ‘Maybe It Wasn’t’ Bad That Founders Put Limits on Who Could Vote 31 Guyzilla Jul 2014
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