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All of a sudden Righty cares about Nugent's Draft Dodging while forgetting about General Bone Spurs 9 Aquila May 20
Lefty Matt Tiabbi: Democrats Have Abandoned Civil Liberties 9 Aquila May 17
Elon Musk Promised Ventilators. None of Them Showed Up 5 Aquila Apr 16
mgm ordered to deliver "apprentice" tapes 12 rampartb Apr 12
Does anyone think the Russians are all over social media but not on Democratic Underground? 14 Aquila Oct 2019
Japan Leads the Way: No Vaccine Mandates and No MMR Vaccine equals Healthier Children 5 Aquila May 2019
"They have to get the shots": Trump, once a vaccine skeptic, changes his tune amid measles outbreaks 6 Aquila Apr 2019
at least 60 of the fortune 500 will pay zero in 2018 taxes 11 rampartb Apr 2019
NTSB sending investigators to yet another fatal Tesla-semitrailer crash. Car kept driving. 3 Aquila Mar 2019
Why I can no longer support Tulsi Gabbard 2 Aquila Feb 2019
An Amazon Comment on the Book: An Inconvenient Deception 0 It Guy Dec 2018
NY Times: Menial Tasks, Slurs and Swastikas: Many Black Workers at Tesla Say They Faced Racism 1 Aquila Dec 2018
why didn't trump build the tower in moscow 18 rampartb Nov 2018
Well THAT'S annoying! Got a call on my landline, ID was same as number, checked online, scam. Set... 0 Gamle-ged Sep 2018
Tesla's production problems extend to its solar roof business, too 5 Aquila Aug 2018
LA Times: Stalls, stops and breakdowns: Problems plague push for electric buses (BYD busted) 5 Aquila May 2018
How Media Shamelessly Pushes Endless Military Spending 3 Aquila Mar 2018
Few Report Seeing Bigger Paychecks After Tax Cut 21 Letmypeoplevote Feb 2018
The hate group known as Southern Poverty Law Center is a scam 32 shortviking Jan 2018
OMG! An arrest warrant has been issued under my name by the IRS says a recorded message... 15 Gamle-ged Dec 2017
Comey drafted conclusion in Hillary Clinton probe before key interviews, top Republicans say 4 Gunslinger201 Aug 2017
Authorities In 2 States Now Looking Into Trump Lawyers Christian Charity 6 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2017
Brookings Institute: The $110 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia is fake news 1 Aquila Jun 2017
For those who use PayPal, be on the alert for phishing. 5 News2Me Mar 2017
US Congress launches a probe into climate data that duped world leaders over global warming. 21 Dexter Morgan Feb 2017
How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data 13 Dexter Morgan Feb 2017
The worst spam ever... 5 Scary Red Jan 2017
Did the victims get a refund from Jill? 7 pavulon-lives Jan 2017
Top University Stole Millions From Taxpayers By Faking Global Warming Research .. 0 Dexter Morgan Oct 2016
Experts said Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by September 2016 - they were wrong 41 Dexter Morgan Oct 2016
Hillary blames Hurricane on climate change; says Trump ‘totally unfit’ to protect USA from it .. [View all] 60 Dexter Morgan Oct 2016
#LoserDonald Charity Foundation Total Scam 11 Immacolata Sep 2016
SOME of Drumpf's 9/11 Track Record 4 Pug-ly Sep 2016
First hurricane to make landfall in Florida in 11 years.Climate change run for the hills..LOL 4 Dexter Morgan Sep 2016
Remember when Hillary supported securing our borders, building a wall & deporting illegals? No? 3 Aquila Aug 2016
Breitbart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos Takes $100,000 for Charity, Gives $0 20 Immacolata Aug 2016
The Supreme Court strikes down one of the worst scams in American politics 32 Letmypeoplevote Aug 2016
Trump’s ‘birther’ crusade was a scam wrapped in a con 8 Letmypeoplevote Jul 2016
Persecuting climate skeptics: The cover-up continues 12 Gunslinger201 Jul 2016
VIDEO: Trump University Student DESTROYS Trump, Exposes Total Fraud 11 Immacolata Jun 2016
The Truth Warming Alarmists Don’t Want You To Know About The Climate Models .. 12 Dexter Morgan May 2016
When A Third Becomes 97 Percent: A Con That Changed the Western World 33 Dexter Morgan May 2016
Yeah baby.Trump taps climate change skeptic, fracking advocate as key energy advisor 4 Dexter Morgan May 2016
More problems for Hillary. Her entitlement attitude is going to get her again... 18 oldenuff35 May 2016
IRS Lawsuit Scam 8 Lira Apr 2016
Climate forecasts may be flawed, says study in Journal Nature.. 24 Dexter Morgan Apr 2016
The perils of turning 26: when US millennials lose their parents' healthcare 15 Aquila Mar 2016
I just got a call from me. 14 Qukid Mar 2016
Exclusive: Obama committed to TPP Trade Deal, even as opposition spreads - US NSA Susan Rice 3 Aquila Mar 2016
VIDEO: ‘Days of Revolt’: Chris Hedges, Jill Stein Take On the Scam of American Politics 1 Aquila Feb 2016
The Climate Industry and the ‘Green Religion’ 23 Dexter Morgan Jan 2016
Is Carson For Prez A Direct Mail Scam? 16 Letmypeoplevote Dec 2015
I just got a recorded call from the IRS stating the IRS is about to file a lawsuit against me if I.. 18 Gamle-ged Dec 2015
CNN Caught Selectively Editing Trump's 'Muslim' Comments 16 U.S.Awesome Nov 2015
I got a call from someone trying to steal money with some kind of travel deal scam yesterday. 10 Duke Lacrosse Nov 2015
DI Poll - How many liberals actually believe Hillary is under official FBI investigation? (Poll) 20 U.S.Awesome Nov 2015
Defense How the Army's $3 billion spy blimp went from boondoggle to laughingstock Read more: http: 7 AmandaMatthews Nov 2015
‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli gouged kids with kidney disease before ripping off 7 AmandaMatthews Sep 2015
Kirsten Powers: Donald Trump, evangelical scam artist 3 smokingman Sep 2015
Bitcoin MTGox chief Mark Karpeles arrested in Japan for crimes of falsifying date, 387m losses 7 graham4anything4HC45 Aug 2015
Planned Parenthood ‘fully compliant’ with law, Healey says 19 smokingman Aug 2015
Tesla gets $295M in green subsidy credits for technology not offered to customers 0 Aquila Jul 2015
TAX that "White privilege" man!... 23 Gamle-ged Jul 2015
Truthdig: The Fight Over Obamacare Was a Giant Political Charade 32 Aquila Jul 2015
Municipalities ticket for trees and toys, as traffic revenue declines 5 Strange Luck May 2015
Faith healer sues atheist video blogger for using science to expose him on YouTube as a ‘swindler’ 3 realhuckleb May 2015
Losing My Religion: A Review of The Gluten Lie 25 realhuckleb Apr 2015
Obama to Take Airforce One to Florida to Make Global Warming Speech On Earth Day.. 41 Dexter Morgan Apr 2015
Leonardo DiCaprio the 'eco warrior' flew on a private jet from NY to LA SIX times in SIX weeks 15 Dexter Morgan Apr 2015
The "Food Babe" Blogger Is Full of Shit [View all] 56 realhuckleb Apr 2015
Who is REALLY Behind the Memories Pizza Scam? [View all] 52 Immacolata Apr 2015
Latest ATM scam using infrared sensing in iPhone 0 joesanjose Feb 2015
Arrest in Mystery of $14.3M Unclaimed Lottery Ticket 2 Runner Dude Jan 2015
Protesters Gather at Clinton Foundation to Complain of 'Missing Money' from Haiti Recovery 10 Dexter Morgan Jan 2015
Five years since giant earthquake killed 300,000 people ,1.5million homeless,people wait for rebuild 18 Dexter Morgan Jan 2015
I think the end goal of the Protestors and their Puppet Masters is 12 HangingJuror Jan 2015
Russian Roulette: Taxpayers Could Be on the Hook for Trillions in Oil Derivatives 21 John Q Citizen Dec 2014
I'd Buy That for a Dollar! 15 Frostlight Dec 2014
“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is” 19 Frank Dec 2014
Missing warming is missing 28 MoreCowbell Oct 2014
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