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Reconstructed Faces of Ancient People 2 Iron Condor 54 min ago
US hydrogen train contract awarded 11 Aquila 13 hrs ago
Hydrogen Fuel cell drone makes an epic 1hr 43m ocean crossing 1 Aquila Yesterday
LOL!! Lefty thinks he can redesign photosynthesis. 2 SatansSon666 Yesterday
dna found for largest ape ever 9 rampartb Thursday
Hyundai, Nikola and Toyota Start to Build the Hydrogen Highway - 1 Aquila Thursday
China's First 100MW Solar Power Plant Put Into Operation 18 Aquila Wednesday
In honor of my magnetic personality... 3 Charlie Mike Monday
NASA Flew Gas Detectors Above California, Found Super Emitters 1 RCW2014 Saturday
This solar farm has to switch off every second day due to negative prices 3 Aquila Nov 8
Climate Change on its way to New Orleans 3 oflguy Nov 7
Voyager 2, Launched in 1977, Sends Back First Messages From Interstellar Space 5 RCW2014 Nov 6
South Korea bets big on hydrogen - with huge openings for western firms 1 Aquila Nov 2
Spooky Halloween asteroid flyby one of the closest near misses ever seen 0 RCW2014 Nov 1
Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell semi concept makes the Tesla semi look boring 2 Aquila Oct 30
Does anybody in the forum really think Aquila's claim that Utilities are paying people to take their 18 oflguy Oct 29
Humans maternal ancestors may have arisen 200,000 years ago in southern Africa. 0 SatansSon666 Oct 28
Interesting studies on leaving music on for your pets when you leave 3 Currentsitguy Oct 28
Bangladeshi scientists plan to turn waste into eco-friendly hydrogen fuel 0 Aquila Oct 28
Bloomberg: Power Is Trading BELOW ZERO in Middle America Amid Strong Winds 14 Aquila Oct 27
Notice to all posters 12 oflguy Oct 26
Norway: Hydrogen plant will make the 'whisky island' Myken self-sufficient in electricity 2 Aquila Oct 25
China releases new photo of mystery Moon glass and its something (PHOTOS) 3 RCW2014 Oct 25
Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell Charging System at Goodwood Festival of Speed -- Fully Charged 1 Aquila Oct 25
Sudden Stratospheric Warming event boosting ozone, keeping Antarctic Ozone Hole small 2 Mr Daffy Duck Oct 21
Soviet Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov Who Conducted First Ever Spacewalk Dies At The Age Of 85 4 RCW2014 Oct 17
CNN: The UK company turning waste plastic into fuel for hydrogen cars 3 Aquila Oct 14
Carnival's AIDA Cruises Will Pilot the Worlds First Fuel Cell System for Large Passenger Vessels 0 Aquila Oct 14
Time to deliver Musk? NASA nervous as spaceship delays threaten to cut off astronauts from ISS 4 RCW2014 Oct 14
South Korea to turn three cities primarily fueled by hydrogen by 2022 1 Aquila Oct 10
Signs of life? NASAs Curiosity rover discovers ancient oasis on Mars 3.5 billion years in the makin 1 RCW2014 Oct 9
Orlando utility to launch $9 million hydrogen system and more than double solar energy 3 Aquila Oct 8
Forbes: Hydrogen Could Become A $130 Billion U.S. Industry By 2050 5 Aquila Oct 8
There is no significant global warming 4 Iron Condor Oct 8
Tractebel developing offshore platform to produce environmentally friendly hydrogen from wind 12 Aquila Oct 6
Hereford, Texas: Bill buys his own Hydrogen station - the first in the state 8 Aquila Oct 3
2.2 Cents per kWh Solar in CA 10 Aquila Oct 3
The Iron Lady was correct... 5 Iron Condor Sep 30
Northrop-Grumman: Clean Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles Powered by the Wind and Sun 2 Aquila Sep 28
First look at Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility truck -1,600 to Switzerland 8 Aquila Sep 27
carbon dioxide reasonably new discovery 10 imwithfred Sep 26
Hey climate enthusiasts, what does this research say? [View all] 66 SatansSon666 Sep 26
How climate alarmists manipulate data 13 Currentsitguy Sep 25
Inside the Radical New Hydrogen-Powered Yacht Concept That Could Change the Marine Industry As We... 41 Aquila Sep 25
the odd underwater city of octopi 2 rampartb Sep 24
(Hydrogen Korea) Doosan's hydrogen drone pushes the limits 3 Aquila Sep 24
World's biggest wind turbine set to start turning off Netherlands 12 Aquila Sep 23
So if the Industrial Revolution reversed the global cooling trend the Earth was headed in.... [View all] 60 quad489 Sep 23
Guardian: Australia could produce 200% of energy needs from renewables by 2050, researchers say 4 Aquila Sep 23
September Equinox Arctic Ice: Fourth lowest ice volume acording to DMI... 4 Mr Daffy Duck Sep 23
The Navy Says Those UFO Videos Are Real And They Were Never Meant to Be Released to The Public. 9 RCW2014 Sep 22
Houston enjoys the 2nd 500 year rainfall event in 3 years 10 orson Sep 21
NASA Manager Casts Doubt on 2024 Moon Landing by Astronauts 1 RCW2014 Sep 18
IEEE Spectrum: Egypts Massive 1.8-Gigawatt Benban Solar Park Nears Completion 5 Aquila Sep 18
Ever wondered what a nuclear explosion would feel like first-hand? 4K VR Video- be there 3 Aquila Sep 16
Floating wind-to-hydrogen plan to heat millions of UK homes 0 Aquila Sep 13
man made climate change ain't anything, compared with this 28 imwithfred Sep 12
INCOMING! Mysterious Object from Interstellar Space Approaching Our Solar System 3 RCW2014 Sep 12
Don't mess with this eel 3 Currentsitguy Sep 11
Forbes: Behind New Billionaire Trevor Milton's $3 Billion Push To Make America Run On Hydrogen 14 Aquila Sep 11
Our kidneys might be vulnerable to the more frequent extreme heat brought on by global warming. 11 orson Sep 10
Ship with Climate Change Warriors caught in ice, Warriors evacuated 4 Da Mannn Sep 10
Greenland mass loss 3 orson Sep 8
Hydrogen may be the single biggest business opportunity in human history 5 Aquila Sep 5
South China Morning Post Today: China sets sight on leapfrogging US and Japan in fuel-cell vehicles 0 Aquila Sep 4
Is Hydrogen viable for mass transportation? 15 oflguy Sep 4
The Great Solar Storm of 1859 2 oflguy Sep 3
Donnie Bedbugs explains it 5 orson Sep 2
Xinhua: China's installed capacity of hydrogen fuel cells soars sixfold in first seven months 5 Aquila Sep 1
Is Dorian controlled weather? (Poll) 5 Frankenvoter Aug 31
U.S. Army develops stealthy, hydrogen fuel cell tanks 4 Aquila Aug 31
Entrepreneur dubbed 'Scotland's Elon Musk' unveils hydrogen-powered van 0 Aquila Aug 29
Battery Fantasy 7 Solesurvivor Aug 29
France is joining the hydrogen train revolution- 15 (FIFTEEN) H2 trains ordered 0 Aquila Aug 29
Climate Alarmists Foiled: No U.S. Warming Since 2005 7 Da Mannn Aug 29
Worlds Deepest Hole Dubbed Well to Hell Plunges 40,000 Feetand Is only Covered By Rusty Soviet 6 RCW2014 Aug 28
The Truth About Hydrogen - Rocky Mountain Institute / Amory Lovins 3 Aquila Aug 27
Sea Level Rise Can No Longer Be Stopped, What Next? {1 hour 18 minute Youtube} 21 Micrometer Aug 27
Russian Agency Detects Radioactive Isotopes Near Missile Explosion Site 0 RCW2014 Aug 26
China's coal capital transforming into hydrogen hub 0 Aquila Aug 25
Another lefty big idea is a colossal failure 5 Iron Condor Aug 25
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