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How Historians Are Reckoning With the Former Nazi Who Launched America's Space Program 4 RCW2014 Yesterday
West Australia unveils demonstration hydrogen home & green hydrogen strategy 6 Aquila Yesterday
A primer on global climate disruption 11 orson Yesterday
Scientists from Finland and Japan find "Man-made Climate Change Doesn't Exist In Practice" 42 Iron Condor Wednesday
Scotland just produced enough wind energy to power all its homes twice over 6 Aquila Tuesday
On an uplifting note, July 16, 1969.... 2 T-1000 Tuesday
Norway's first hydrogen-powered car ferries take shape 1 Aquila Monday
The $20bn plan to power Singapore with Australian solar 3 Aquila Monday
In 25 years, China has gone from ZERO solar panels to leading the world by margin of 100% 14 Aquila Sunday
Loon of the moment. 23 SatansSon666 Saturday
Bavaria invests 25 million in hydrogen trains for the hilly countryside 3 Aquila Friday
The Truth About Global Warming [View all] 101 Iron Condor Friday
Bloomberg: Hydrogen Poised to Play Key Role in U.K. Heating and Transport 11 Aquila Jul 11
Climate Change Denier, Patrick Michaels, also member of tobacco front science group 17 Cold Warrior Jul 10
The Latest Nation to join the Hydrogen Party 1 Aquila Jul 10
Plug Power CEO: Soon Hydrogen Fuel Cells Will Be Everywhere, Really 13 Aquila Jul 10
Ridgecrest Earthquake Mystery: Why so Little Destruction from Huge Temblors? 2 RCW2014 Jul 10
California Quakes Left a Crack in The Earth so Big It Can Be Seen from Space 1 RCW2014 Jul 9
All birds have gizzards. 6 Micrometer Jul 7
Could hydrogen energy be Australia's future? This village might show us how 2 Aquila Jul 5
The Steamboat Geyser In Yellowstone National Park Is Approaching A Record Number Of Eruptions 3 RCW2014 Jul 5
Grand Solar Minimum: Popular Myth v Real Science 22 Cold Warrior Jul 5
France Hottest Day in History! Manure Explodes in Spain, Red Warning Italy 10 RCW2014 Jul 5
Cummins set to acquire Canadian developer and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells 2 Aquila Jul 4
Scholars say Philistine genes help solve biblical mystery. 1 outside Jul 3
30 Year Anniversary of the 1989 UN's "10 years to save the world" Climate Warning 8 Da Mannn Jul 3
How the Internet is helping to revive a species 11 Currentsitguy Jul 3
Forbes: World's Largest Solar Power Plant Switched On (Sadly, not in the US) 6 Aquila Jul 2
The Netherlands: H-vision kicks off the hydrogen economy in Rotterdam 0 Aquila Jul 2
I've been hearing of a sea level rise for 30 years. WHERE IS IT? [View all] 115 Da Mannn Jun 30
International Energy Agency: The Future of Hydrogen- a 203 page report with graphs, numbers, etc 7 Aquila Jun 28
Astronauts in Space Photographed a Giant Volcano Erupting in The Pacific Ocean 1 RCW2014 Jun 28
China's solar installations could hit 50GW in 2020 1 Aquila Jun 28
US Based Air Products brings first hydrogen fuel station to Saudi Arabia 10 Aquila Jun 27
Tarot and Dowsing but not Evolution and Climate Change 28 Cold Warrior Jun 27
I saw an armadillo last night, in Western PA! 13 Currentsitguy Jun 26
Hydrogen Powered Buses Are Happening On Hawaii Island 4 Aquila Jun 26
An adaptability limit to climate change due to heat stress 2 orson Jun 25
Is anyone watching the Apollo 11 movie on CNN? It's pretty amazing. Never before seen footage. 20 JaimeBondoJr Jun 25
So Aquila, why haven't you blazed a trail producing Hydrogen Fuel Cells in the US? 29 oflguy Jun 24
Korea: Hyundai will open a hydrogen refueling station in Chungju to the public free of charge 4 Aquila Jun 22
How Evolution Works (And How We Figured It Out) 5 Cold Warrior Jun 22
The Great Barrier Reef is dying 4 orson Jun 22
50 Years Ago, Cleveland's Cuyahoga River Fire Helped Ignite An Environmental Revolution 2 Cold Warrior Jun 21
Summer Solstice Arctic Sea Ice Update: had an okay Winter but a really crappy Spring. 1 Mr Daffy Duck Jun 21
RAIL passengers in the UK will be travelling on eco-friendly trains powered by hydrogen in 3 yrs 2 Aquila Jun 20
Global warming cools the planet? 37 SatansSon666 Jun 20
When the Synapsids Struck Back 3 Cold Warrior Jun 20
Climate change will not be a linear progression 2 orson Jun 20
VERY interesting theory about the sun's 11 year cycle and what my be affecting it 7 Currentsitguy Jun 19
LA TIMES: California has too much solar power. That might be good for ratepayers 15 Aquila Jun 19
Nations 1st hydrogen fuel cell ferry to transport commuters across San Francisco Bay in early 2020 4 Aquila Jun 17
NHK JAPAN Breaking News: Japan, US, EU to cooperate on hydrogen energy 4 Aquila Jun 16
Chinese sea captains reported melting ice caps as far back as 1434 3 oflguy Jun 15
Aquila, why is it "Too late for the US to make fuel cells affordably?" 5 oflguy Jun 14
Bloomberg: Wan Gang, China's Father of Electric Cars, Thinks Hydrogen Is the Future 0 Aquila Jun 12
question of physics 8 imwithfred Jun 11
Bomb Shelter Honeymoon, 1959 Style! 18 wonderwarthog Jun 11
German Solar/H2 Home Receives Federal Prize for Outstanding Innovative Achievements 0 Aquila Jun 11
Tonight Is the Best Time of the Year to See Jupiter and Its Many Moons 1 RCW2014 Jun 11
Shanghai to build hydrogen energy harbor & create industrial chain for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles 0 Aquila Jun 11
China: Chongqing Speeds Hydrogen-Fuel Auto Projects, Seeks 400,000 Units by 2022 0 Aquila Jun 10
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 RCW2014 Jun 10
Now that we have learned that 2 + 3 x 4 does not equal 20 13 Cold Warrior Jun 10
National Park Quietly Removed Warning That Glaciers Will All Be Gone By 2020 27 Da Mannn Jun 9
Sun Has 'Reached Solar Minimum'; Surface Ominously Calm... [View all] 57 RCW2014 Jun 7
Hell Pigs 0 Cold Warrior Jun 5
Shanghai unveils mega hydrogen station 0 Aquila Jun 5
This desalination device delivers cheap, clean water with just solar power 10 Aquila Jun 5
The Worlds First Solar-Powered Hydrogen Refuelling Station Inaugurated in Mariestad, Sweden (58 N) 8 Aquila Jun 5
The World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm Just Came Online in the North Sea 0 Aquila Jun 5
When climate change folks cite this years tornado activity as supporting evidence of their theory. 6 Magoo Jun 4
To our Climate Experts: Which comes first, the thunder or the lightning? 12 Cold Warrior Jun 3
Queensland Australia puts $19m bet on hydrogen tech 0 Aquila Jun 3
31 May 2019: 21 More Hydrogen Buses have started running in Wuhan, Central China 5 Aquila Jun 2
Hydrogen-powered air taxi? Yup, it's real 4 Aquila Jun 1
Forbes- Hauling With Hydrogen: DHL Adding Fuel-Cell Vans To Its Delivery Fleet 2 Aquila May 31
Ohio Weatherman Flips Out on Bachelorette Viewers 5 wonderwarthog May 29
China to Build 4 Hydrogen Highways in Yangtze River Delta Region in 3 Years 0 Aquila May 27
That gigantic high over the Gulf of Mexico is not good for the hurricane season 3 oflguy May 26
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