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Good sense from Newt Gingrich on China 1 Aquila Dec 1
This young man is spot on correct 2 Gunslinger201 Oct 2017
Finding the Sensible Among the Senseless (Free Hugs guy at May Day event) 5 The Center Holds May 2017
Common Sense Security 2 Gunslinger201 Oct 2016
18-Year-Old Arrested For Buying 24 Toy Guns in China, Gets Sentenced to Life in Prison [View all] 60 Juan Rico Aug 2016
For Juror # 5: [View all] 76 KAT Jul 2016
Mexican flags raised around Donald Trump's golf course 8 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2016
Obama, by his own definition, is "insane" 6 foia Jan 2016
Ann Coulter 13 Bubba Dec 2015
Trump Says He Can Predict Terrorism: "I can feel it." 39 The Center Holds Nov 2015
How is it that Liberals want us to make war with the Saudis and not ISIS? 42 Da Mannn Nov 2015
Paul Ryan calls for halt on Syrian Refugees coming to US 18 Gunslinger201 Nov 2015
This message was self-deleted by its author 16 JacoBukowski Nov 2015
Things you just can't understand... 13 Currentsitguy Oct 2015
Denmark tightens citizenship requirements 3 Tin Ear Oct 2015
Common sense gun laws [View all] 57 foia Oct 2015
Guess who Jesse Ventura is endorsing for 2016? 20 FORD Jul 2015
Greg Gutfeld’s new “comedy” show... shows once again why there are no great conservative comics 38 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2015
76% (58% of Democrats) support voter ID laws 45 Gunslinger201 Jun 2015
Larry Elder 8 Bubba May 2015
How Would Keystone Pipeline Effect YOU Individually? 15 REALtoldYouSo Feb 2015
Birds 'heard tornadoes coming' and fled one day ahead 4 Zimm_Man_Fan Dec 2014
Hey fellow Liberals...Question about Ferguson and Darren Wilson 44 Foogarwe Sep 2014
RFK Jr. gets testy with reporter during Climate March 10 Banshee 3 Actual Sep 2014
Teacher sent to "emergency medical evaluation" over books he authored. 9 cologeek Sep 2014
If You are ILLEGAL, why Would You Try to Register To VOTE? 12 REALtoldYouSo Aug 2014
Ten questions about American gun ownership... 41 Mr_Scorpio Aug 2014
hey posters dont put nudity in your posts and/or replies. people at work come here [View all] 54 B.EL-ZABUBBA Jun 2014
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