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Black Nationalist Hate Group Praised by Media Shot Up Kosher Market 11 Muddling Through Dec 13
Sanders: Fuck you peasants. I ain't gotta tell you anything. Just give me the power. 7 Charlie Mike Oct 30
Hollywood Faces "Devastating" Costs From California Bill Targeting Gig Economy 2 Muddling Through Jun 2019
Virginia Democrats see Roy Moore looking at Senate run, tell Republicans to hold their beer 2 Muddling Through Jun 2019
EXCLUSIVE: Oberlin College insurer likely to reject coverage for Gibson Bakery $11 million verdict 7 Muddling Through Jun 2019
Milkshaking needs to be a thing here in the U.S. 2 Muddling Through May 2019
8th Place: A High School Girls Life After Transgender Students Join Her Sport 6 Muddling Through May 2019
The 4th Amendment only restricts government, right? 11 Charlie Mike May 2019
Lefty just can't get enough of that sweet, sweet baby murder. 6 Charlie Mike May 2019
How Twitter enforces the rules 8 Charlie Mike May 2019
Dem presidential candidate doubles down on call for gun confiscation 6 Charlie Mike May 2019
Inroads 2 Charlie Mike May 2019
Video: Colberts Tasteless Attack On Dana Loesch And NRA 0 Muddling Through May 2019
Campaign Violation: AOC Dupes Green New Deal Fun Run Participants 0 Muddling Through May 2019
Lefty base decides to go all-in on socialism... 4 Charlie Mike May 2019
The Big Lie That Barr Lied [View all] 75 Muddling Through May 2019
Mark Penn: Trump is not a dictator, Nadler is. 4 Muddling Through May 2019
Larry Elder shoots from the field goal line... 2 Charlie Mike May 2019
Lefty can't meme? Lefty can't market, either. 2 Charlie Mike Apr 2019
"Give me one good reason why women shouldn't be given full equality!" 3 Charlie Mike Apr 2019
You'd think AARP would have said something by now 5 Charlie Mike Apr 2019
Traitor Bernie's chief economic advisor is a stone cold retard 1 Charlie Mike Apr 2019
"Exchange of the day: Mary Katharine Ham explains the difference between spying and surveillance 0 Muddling Through Apr 2019
New Zealand Bookstore Disappears From Facebook, Twitter After Banning Jordan Peterson Book 0 Muddling Through Mar 2019
Marc Thiessen: Gillibrand wanted to destroy Kavanaugh's career but ignored sexual misconduct. 3 Muddling Through Mar 2019
DU calling for control to be taken away from citizens and full control given to the government. 8 Jardinier Mar 2019
DU discussing the Covington Boy, Nick Sandmann, law suit; 9 Jardinier Mar 2019
African parents in England perform FGM on a 3 yr then do witchcraft & had sex with children and dogs 2 Jardinier Mar 2019
One of Rolling Stones women shaping the future Democratic cover stars: Ilhan Omar, of course 1 Muddling Through Feb 2019
Lefty votes to take away our GUN rights and our sheriffs are standing up for us - Lefty goes mental. 43 Jardinier Feb 2019
Fun with Jussie memes. 3 Jardinier Feb 2019
Lefty, Muslims say it is not okay to be gay. They hate you. 13 Jardinier Feb 2019
Lefty wants to have no borders, put us all on a vegan diet, take away our free speech and our guns. 6 Jardinier Feb 2019
Jussie Smollet says it's a fucked up world. lol The boy is a Lefty activist. 3 Jardinier Feb 2019
Illegal alien murders girl in suitcase and throws it into they do down home (his home). 2 Jardinier Feb 2019
American anarchist 'John Galton' shot dead in Acapulco. He said it was safe there. Now he is no more 7 Jardinier Feb 2019
The Level of Violent Imagery Directed Against Covington High Boys Is Dangerous and Wrong 18 Muddling Through Jan 2019
When we get a speeding ticket we just sign the bloody thing and go on our way. 16 Jardinier Jan 2019
In Rhodesia they are begging white farmers to return to the land they seized 13 Jardinier Dec 2018
Mentally ill man swears at people, smashes up store because someone calls him sir. 2 Jardinier Dec 2018
With David Hogg admission, Harvard circles the drain 7 Muddling Through Dec 2018
Californias Background Check Law Had No Impact on Gun Deaths, Johns Hopkins Study Finds 13 Muddling Through Dec 2018
Soon as Trump said - Now to the farm Bill - fucking Shepherd Smith started running his mouth. 5 Jardinier Dec 2018
This is what happens when Lefty cunts rewrite history; white genocide equals mass starvation. 20 Jardinier Dec 2018
Gay thoughts 7 Jardinier Dec 2018
As a legal immigrant to the United States, I thank America for not making responsible people [View all] 94 Jardinier Nov 2018
Look what has happened to my former country. 6 Jardinier Nov 2018
PRAGER: Even Astronauts Fear The Left 7 Muddling Through Nov 2018
lol@Chinese 5 Jardinier Nov 2018
lol@Lefty 12 Jardinier Nov 2018
'He is a beautiful, funny, kind, sweet man': Michelle Obama about George W Bush. 8 Jardinier Nov 2018
DU called the WH intern working at the Press Conference a Bimbo. 25 Jardinier Nov 2018
Armed citizen to the rescue in Seattle. 0 Jardinier Nov 2018
Concerning the Fox News election results.. 5 Jardinier Nov 2018
I know a person who wants to vote R but might vote D because they think GOP will take their medicare 26 Jardinier Nov 2018
lol@DU I've been up since 3am due to on-going health issues so I thought I would have a butchers 16 Jardinier Nov 2018
We're gonna Make America Great Again, and there's nothing you can do. 2 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
San Francisco spends about $6,326 for each non-citizen voter to sign up 9 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
It is a hostile invasion. 13 Jardinier Oct 2018
Try telling me liberalism isn't a mental disease... 9 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
Why are fake bombs sent to Democrats more shocking than real ricin packages to Republicans? 9 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
While lefty posts silly DI polls trying to convince himself, Republican early voting is running away 6 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
Obama couldn't catch a cold, Trump catches madman bomb-mailer in under 24 hours. 12 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
I'm Not One Of Those Crazy Democrats #schumershutdown 14 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
commifatigue FBI Admits Undercover Spies Were Planted Within Trump Campaign #schumershutdown 3 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
One for the road, tonight's Antifa comeuppance. Sleep well after enjoying this satisfying gem 2 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
MumblyNews: Sources say device sent to Maxine Waters actually detonated when she opened it. 9 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
#democraticcommunismfatigue Jamal Khashoggi: WTH anyway? #schumershutdown 1 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
Racist bastard dimocrats deny black man application for minority business owner #schumershutdown 20 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
#FakeInvasion: James Woods Asks the Question Anti-American Leftist Media Wont #schumershutdown 5 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
commiefatigue Creepy Porn Lawyer Avenatti Hit With $4.85M Judgement Evicted From CA Office 5 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
gramgramfatigue Chuck Norris Blasts Facebook #schumershutdown 7 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
Migrant Caravan Swells To As Many As 10,000, Resumes March Toward U.S.-Mexican Border 17 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
gramgramfatigue The Rush Limbaugh Show 10/22/18 #schumershutdown 2 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
[gramgramfatigue] idontknowmyownsx post revealed #schumershutdown 3 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
gramgramfatigue Mexican border patrol member beaten by the violent savage migrants #schumershutdown 18 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
Fake Mexican ORourkes Solution to Stop Illegal Foreign Invasion:Taxpayers Should Send them cash 1 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
idontknowmyownsx just endorsed Republicans and Donald Trump! 2 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
What have you done for freedom lately? 34 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
RED TIDAL WAVE: 77,000 Sign Up for President Trump Rally for Ted Cruz in Houston #schumershutdown 13 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
Typical low-iq dimocrat complains about spending 3 grand on it's greasy hair #schumershutdown 2 MumblyPeg Oct 2018
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