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Fred's Fighting Irish remain in Top 8 for college football playoff. 5 Fred Sanford 15 hrs ago
This message was self-deleted by its author 4 RCW2014 16 hrs ago
UCLA suspends gangsta's from basketball team after Trump gains their freedom. 9 Aldar 22 hrs ago
Fighting Irish hold their own against Miami ruffians. 1 Daves Not Here Man Monday
"Our crowd boos us BEFORE the anthem" 5 Frankenvoter Sunday
Auburn beat Georgia!!! 40-17 10 Boadicea Sunday
I hate Thursday night football 2 orson Friday
I used to think Aaron Hernandez was an awful I realize he was sick. 8 Let it go Friday
LOL @ everyone who took Ohio State and gave the points. 4 Fred Sanford Nov 9
Bob Costas: Football is on the way out 1 Frankenvoter Nov 8
Will anyone beat Alabama this year? 18 Aldar Nov 8
Vrrrrroooooooom. 3 Daves Not Here Man Nov 4
Prediction: Pats will sign Kaepernick by the end of the week. 3 Carlos W Bush Nov 3
Best Hockey Fight Ever 1 brantleydavis Nov 2
Turner was actually hit this time... 0 quad489 Nov 1
Fuck You Joe Buck 5 JaimeBondoJr Nov 1
Papa John's Blames the NFL for Hurting Pizza Sales 2 RCW2014 Nov 1
More NFL woes :( 6 Solesurvivor Oct 31
Is Notre Dame for real? 7 brantleydavis Oct 31
Political ESPN losing 15,000 subscribers a DAY! Will they get the HINT? 5 Dumper Oct 31
Ouch! Bears get reamed by bad call. NFL cleanup sale now! 6 sobek Oct 30
We're 5 and 2 now, but damn! 1 orson Oct 30
Most of NFLs Houston Texans Kneel During Anthem After Owners Remark 9 RCW2014 Oct 29
Texans Plan Pregame Protest Of Bob McNair's Comments 7 RCW2014 Oct 29
Baseball's kneetaker arrested for assault 8 Frankenvoter Oct 29
Ha ha ha! Boy Toucher U! 2 TheyLostTheirForums Oct 28
GO DAWGS! 0 Muddling Through Oct 28
Astros' Yuli Gurriel Suspended For Racist Gesture, But Not During World Series 7 RCW2014 Oct 28
This is torture, watching pitchers at bat. 5 TheyLostTheirForums Oct 28
Vols' Gen. Neyland, Kentucky's Adolph Rupp both mentored LaFollette man 0 Agent_86 Oct 28
Houston Astros Bests LA Dodgers 5-3 in 9. Series 2-1 Astros... 2 RCW2014 Oct 28
Sports World Slams Texans Owner Bob McNair For Comparing NFL Players To Inmates 2 RCW2014 Oct 27
Astros beats Dodgers -- 7-6 in 11 innings. Deep In The Heart Of Texas... 3 RCW2014 Oct 26
NHL commissioner on protests: 'I don't think people come to games for that' 2 Da Mannn Oct 26
There are some NFL players who aren't scumbags. 4 Solesurvivor Oct 25
How did he escape that? 3 Solesurvivor Oct 25
Fighting Illini 6 TheShoe Oct 25
So with all the NFL players taking knees and disrespecting the flag 4 Linszoid Oct 25
With millionaire coaches and unlimited cadres of assistant coaches, you'd think 2 Dumper Oct 25
Another Quarterback Has Been Signed Before Colin Kaepernick 3 def_con5 Oct 24
Cheatriots rob Jets. Cleanup sale now! 12 sobek Oct 24
Cleveland QB out partying late, coach not happy 16 Frankenvoter Oct 23
Drunk driver kills athlete during Costa Rica half-marathon 1 Agent_86 Oct 23
The Miami Hurricanes have a new 'thingy' to reward players who cause favorable turnovers. Believe it 5 Dumper Oct 22
Houston Astros Beat New York Yankees 4-0!!! On to the World Series Houston... 9 RCW2014 Oct 22
Hmmm. Wisconsin was favored by 24 and 1/2 points over Maryland. 2 NavyBrat Oct 21
my, how the mighty have fallen 2 imwithfred Oct 21
Day 274. Trump still in office. Colin Kaepernick still out of a job. 30 Da Mannn Oct 21
aww, poor widdle cubbie fans 2 TheShoe Oct 20
Thugball: Raiders' Marshawn Lynch ejected from game after shoving referee 6 Da Mannn Oct 20
Marathon runners learn they didn't run a whole marathon - and it doesn't count 3 Agent_86 Oct 20
Sexiest Boxer Stare Down Weigh In EVAH ! Swedish Women Boxers xX! 1 RATFINK_5.0 Oct 20
Now the kneetakers are assaulting refferrees 0 Frankenvoter Oct 20
THAT... 1 JaimeBondoJr Oct 19
I cannot believe how stupid the NFL is. 7 Aldar Oct 19
Did the NFL violate Rush Limbaugh's free speech rights? 3 Linszoid Oct 18
Wall Street Is Befuddled Over Plunging NFL Ratings 5 RCW2014 Oct 18
no man will ever beat this world record 4 rampartb Oct 18
Greg Popovich says Drumpf is a "soulless coward" 15 orson Oct 18
I bet Vinny smiled tonight. 0 JaimeBondoJr Oct 17
In case anyone was wondering, Rutgers still sucks at football 3 The Big Red Machine Oct 17
Wow! Three of the top six college teams are B1G, none ACC! 3 TheyLostTheirForums Oct 17
"some patriots would not recognize irony if they sat on it" 5 rampartb Oct 17
The Calls For The Packers To Sign Colin Kaepernick Have Already Begun (Poll) 12 def_con5 Oct 16
Syracuse upsets number 2 Clemson. 12 Daves Not Here Man Oct 16
Angry Jets Fans Convinced NFL Is Rigged For Patriots 4 RCW2014 Oct 16
Ezekiel Elliotts domestic violence suspension has been reinstated. For now. 6 def_con5 Oct 16
Uh Oh...... AL Michaels made a Harvey Weinstein joke 4 Linszoid Oct 16
Mountaineer Reinhold Messner, and the art of not getting killed 6 Troll2 Oct 16
thhhuuuuuuuuuu yankee$ lose! 6 TheyLostTheirForums Oct 15
HOW 'BOUT DEM 'PHINS! 2 Crazy in SoFla Oct 15
Call it the "Buster Posey" rule... but it didn't decide the game. 3 JaimeBondoJr Oct 15
Checkmate 0 Spanish Ladies Oct 15
How bad's Nebraska going to get beat this evening? 12 imwithfred Oct 15
Congratulations to Rutgers. They finally won a game in the Big 10, that inferior football conference 25 The Big Red Machine Oct 14
World's most notorious femme fatale spy: Mata Hari . 2 RATFINK_5.0 Oct 14
Ladies & Gentlemen, Please Stand for our National Anthem ! 1 RATFINK_5.0 Oct 14
Horrible night for the ACC. 1 TheyLostTheirForums Oct 14
Richard Sherman is a cool dude. 2 Daves Not Here Man Oct 14
Reigning National Champs Clemson Struggling vs. Syracuse, trailing by 7 after the first quarter 5 The Big Red Machine Oct 14
SU just beat the #2 team in the country and the defending national champion. 3 The Big Red Machine Oct 14
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