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Another blow to the marks... 0 Ohio Joe Friday
Stone lawyering up... Now admits contact with Russian operatives 13 Ohio Joe Friday
Stumpy lines his pockets with money meant to find missing and exploited children 3 Ohio Joe Thursday
8 years and the right still has no plan to replace the ACA 24 Ohio Joe Thursday
So... Stumpy jr is as big a liar as his limp old man 31 Ohio Joe Mar 22
Stumpy the serial liar now lying about former advisors 4 Ohio Joe Mar 21
Stumpy: The illegitimate President 12 Ohio Joe Mar 20
And under the bus goes Manafort and Flynn 0 Ohio Joe Mar 20
With 14 vacation days already, Stumpy the deadbeat stiffs Palm Beach 3 Ohio Joe Mar 20
Stumpy's Okla campaign leader faces prostitution charges in fling with teen boy 7 Ohio Joe Mar 15
"We'll use American steel" 33 Ohio Joe Mar 3
Dishonest... A poor leader... Unstable... An embarrassment 21 Ohio Joe Feb 24
Cons find minimal self respect, kick nazi out of CPAC 26 Ohio Joe Feb 24
Stumpy will cost tax payers 100's of million in travel just this year 36 Ohio Joe Feb 17
Why does Stumpy keep lying about his election victory? 34 Ohio Joe Feb 17
Stumpy gets asked about anti-semitism since his campaign started... 8 Ohio Joe Feb 15
More ethics violation.. Now China... 25 Ohio Joe Feb 15
Kellyanne Conway loves her some white supremacists 7 Ohio Joe Feb 15
That makes no sense... 1 Ohio Joe Feb 14
Idiot repubs celebrate Lincoln's birthday with fake quote 4 Ohio Joe Feb 14
He is emo Stumpy 0 Ohio Joe Feb 13
In latest twitter tantrum, Stumpy the draft dodger attack vets 8 Ohio Joe Feb 9
Limp Stumpy in a bathrobe 14 Ohio Joe Feb 9
Funny that... 13 Ohio Joe Feb 9
Trumpism 6 Ohio Joe Feb 8
Limp Stumpy & GOP losing Drudge 4 Ohio Joe Feb 8
Limp Stumpy is sad that we know he is not calling the shots 10 Ohio Joe Feb 7
Heh... limp Stumpy neither reads nor understands the EO's he signs 7 Ohio Joe Feb 7
So comrade Stumpy is taking hair loss drug 18 Ohio Joe Feb 7
Limp Stumpy barred from speaking to parliament 23 Ohio Joe Feb 7
This will send limp Stumpy into a twitter tantrum 5 Ohio Joe Feb 6
Melania's lawsuit dismissed... So does that mean she was a high end escort? 13 Ohio Joe Feb 3
Heh... Kellyanne Conway is upset limp little Stumpy gets no respect 20 Ohio Joe Feb 3
Lying Stumpy Can't be Trusted 27 Ohio Joe Jan 27
So old crooked comrade Stumpy is still letting in terrorists 14 Ohio Joe Jan 27
Stumpy the Clown using gmail to secure POTUS Twitter 44 Ohio Joe Jan 27
Comrade Stumpy has voter fraud in his own family 35 Ohio Joe Jan 26
Will section 4 of the 25th need to be invoked? 27 Ohio Joe Jan 26
Week One: Comrade Stumpy Cedes World Leaadership Role to China 21 Ohio Joe Jan 25
Comrade Stumpy puts more people out of work... 11 Ohio Joe Jan 25
#FreeMelania 3 Ohio Joe Jan 25
Comrade Stumpy's conflicts of Interest being documented online 6 Ohio Joe Jan 24
Heh... Too funny 9 Ohio Joe Jan 24
Heh... Comrade Stumpy had nobody at his inauguration so he stole a pic of Obama's 11 Ohio Joe Jan 23
Real Americans cheer when a nazi is punched in the face... [View all] 88 Ohio Joe Jan 23
Remember all those things Comrade Stumpy promised to do day one? 22 Ohio Joe Jan 18
What is your speculation: How will comrade Stumpy insure everyone? 34 Ohio Joe Jan 17
So... Old comrade Stumpy is into water sports... Too funny 20 Ohio Joe Jan 13
ummm... How the fuck do you manage to get boo'd off the stage at a catholic charity event... 33 Ohio Joe Oct 2016
Old Stumpy walks out in shame from two different TV interviews in Ohio 7 Ohio Joe Oct 2016
Poor Widdle Stumpy... Evwebody is Picking on him... 4 Ohio Joe Oct 2016
Stumpy the pedo tries to kiss an underage child on the lips 8 Ohio Joe Oct 2016
I find it fascinating how paranoid and delusional the right is becoming... 34 Ohio Joe Oct 2016
Stumpy supporters talk rebellion, assassination at his rallies 8 Ohio Joe Oct 2016
Republicans are not looking at a winnable race... They are looking at a salvage mission... 1 Ohio Joe Oct 2016
Almost 20 years of Stumpy the pedo's peeping tom habit 33 Ohio Joe Oct 2016
FOX News Poll: Clinton now tops Stumpy on every issue tested... What a sad little loser Stumpy is... 1 Ohio Joe Oct 2016
So... Who has a bet here on DI besides me? 14 Ohio Joe Oct 2016
So... Has Stumpy the sniffler said what is wrong with his nose? 12 Ohio Joe Oct 2016
Poor sniffles... 4 Ohio Joe Oct 2016
What is wrong with his nose? 16 Ohio Joe Oct 2016
Sniffles is back... And clueless 4 Ohio Joe Oct 2016
Now that Melania knows Stumpy was cheating on her while she was pregnant.... [View all] 60 Ohio Joe Oct 2016
Stumpy responds to the discovery of his "charity" being yet another scam: 'nuh uh' 48 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
Hey, Lester Holt: We Made a Cheat Sheet of Stumpy’s Favorite Lies for You 8 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
Yes... Even the Dalai Lama Mocks Stumpy 7 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
Relax Black America, Mike Pence has the Solution for Cops Shooting You 9 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
Lie Witness News - Stumpy's Tax Returns Edition 8 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
Stumpy-Care Would Leave Millions Uninsured While Somehow Costing More 3 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
Stumpy's scampaign chair in Ohio resigns after outing herself as a racist 28 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
Poor Old Stumpy... Not a Clue How the Internet Works 17 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
Stumpy the Coward setting talking points for his upcoming debate loss 14 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
Why Does Stumpy Hate the Constitution? 11 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
Stumpy: In order to stop crime we should use 'stop-n-frisk'... But only in black communities... 5 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
Dr. Jill Stein: Stumpy has a lot of problems "physical, mental, emotional, cognitive" 6 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
Yes... Stumpy's supporters do in fact want him to release his taxes 12 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
Why is Stumpy hiding his foriegn business? 16 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
20 Questions Stumpy the Fraud is afraid to answer 18 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
The real reason Stumpy the Coward is afraid to release his taxes 35 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
The Stumpy Foundation Fraud exposed 5 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
Why Stumpy's Pam Bondi Scandal Isn't Going Away 19 Ohio Joe Sep 2016
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