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Iran's plan to use Syria as a staging ground against Israel is failing. 1 cologeek May 6
Erdogan starts begging for U.S. aid in his Syrian conquest. 6 cologeek Feb 2020
Who has given the Americans the right to be in Syria? China asks 5 Aquila Dec 2019
2012: The Donald tweets when Bin Laden was supposedly murdered "Stop congratulating Obama" 6 Aquila Oct 2019
Trump sending additional Troops to Syria 6 Aquila Oct 2019
European Union cuts off arms to Turkey as Erdogan begs for Nato help. 6 cologeek Oct 2019
Tucker: Syria False Flags and War With Iran 21 Aquila May 2019
Stephen Colbert has difficulty understanding what Tulsi Gabbard says about Syria 12 Aquila Mar 2019
Tulsi Gabbard Town Hall Live Sunday 8:30PM EST "End Regime Change Wars Now" 10 Aquila Mar 2019
President Trump promised to end regime change wars, but he has broken that promise. 27 Aquila Feb 2019
The Yankee Plot to Overthrow Nicolas Maduro and Steal Venezuelas Oil 8 Aquila Feb 2019
Tulsi Gabbard Campaign 2020 Live Stream 8pm EST 3pm HST (Live Now) 3 Aquila Feb 2019
Israel Confirms Air Strikes Against Iranian Forces In Syria 1 Banshee 3 Actual Jan 2019
Caitlin Johnstone: Reasons To Believe In Trump's Syria Withdrawal Are Vanishing 1 msv Jan 2019
Here's a question for everyone. (Poll) 6 cologeek Jan 2019
Tucker Carlson Dismantles Pro-War Stooge & Obomba Campaign advisor David Tafuri 4 Aquila Dec 2018
is it possible that trump is withdrawing troops from the middle east 27 rampartb Dec 2018
Top U.S. envoy in ISIS fight quits over trump's Syria move 3 LavenderGirl Dec 2018
a good analysis of the current situation in syria 1 rampartb Oct 2018
Ron Paul Tells Truth On Syria, Immediately Smeared on Twitter 1 Aquila Sep 2018
Trump Cabal Threatens Syria With A Chemical False Flag - 16 Wildbill Sep 2018
history background of syria and middle east 6 rampartb Sep 2018
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Condemns Trump Administration's Protection of Al-Qaeda in Syria 24 Aquila Sep 2018
Trump on Syria (2013) - an astounding reversal 16 Aquila Sep 2018
John Kerry disses Obama praises Trump for taking action in Syria... 3 Dexter Morgan Sep 2018
Top Syrian weapons expert killed in car bombing. 1 cologeek Aug 2018
I am not optimistic about the joint Singapore photo summit. 5 Agent_86 Jun 2018
Germany Takes Aim at Assad's Torture Boss 0 Agent_86 Jun 2018
Syria airstrikes violated international law: German parliamentary report 17 msv Apr 2018
Brutal mustached dictators and their ovens should be remembered today. 4 cologeek Apr 2018
How Putins Folly Could Lead to a Middle East War 17 cologeek Apr 2018
the art of war 3 rampartb Apr 2018
New low for the UN Security Council as Russia takes Syrian human rights off the table 3 His Daughter Apr 2018
Yes, War Inc. really thinks you're this stupid 12 msv Apr 2018
So ... that little skirmish over Syria involved SU-25 & U.S.- F-22's. 6 RATFINK_5.0 Dec 2017
Obama's Operation Timber Sycamore 2 Aquila Aug 2017
Tulsi Gabbard on Tuckers show: "WE Have Been Providing Direct And Indirect Support For Al Qaeda!" 11 Aquila Jul 2017
St. Elias Maronite Cathedral in Aleppo, Syria, holds classical music concert for 1st time in 5 years 1 bernt-toast Jul 2017
peace is a good thing 1 rampartb Jul 2017
MAGA: G20 summit: Trump and Putin agree Syria ceasefire 0 Dexter Morgan Jul 2017
Seymour Hersh: Trump Ignored Intel Before Bombing Syria 2 Aquila Jun 2017
Apparently Rusia didn't say they would shoot down US planes; said they would target & 2 bernt-toast Jun 2017
U.S., Russia (and Syria) discuss de-escalation zone for southwest Syria 4 bernt-toast Jun 2017
Raqqa: Syrian Kurdish-led forces launch offensive on IS 'capital' 15 bernt-toast Jun 2017
Putin: We don't protect Assad, we protect Syria from becoming Libya 1 Aquila Jun 2017
How does rescending our role in the world to lead only Syria & Nicaragua mean 'Winning'? 13 RATFINK_5.0 Jun 2017
russia guarantees astaba safe zones 1 rampartb May 2017
Ross: Trumps Missile Strike In Syria Was In Lieu Of After-Dinner Entertainment 0 Letmypeoplevote May 2017
John McCain Owned By Syrian Woman At 2013 Town Hall Meeting 1 Aquila Apr 2017
bernie sanders' statement on syria attack 14 rampartb Apr 2017
Pentagon: Russia notified before Syria missile attack 20 Fiendish Thingy-BC Apr 2017
Seen on Twitter 1 Immacolata Apr 2017
Pro-Refugee Mayor of Rutland, VT Humiliated in Stunning Re-Election Bid Defeat 9 Dexter Morgan Mar 2017
Erdogan seems to be running out of friends. 3 cologeek Mar 2017
Iraqi forces punch into western Mosul, launch air strikes in Syria 7 Muzzlehatch Feb 2017
Assad Says Trump Travel Ban Targets Terrorists, Not Syria's People 3 Aquila Feb 2017
Tulsi Gabbard returns from Syria after meeting Assad: The Syrian People Desperately Want Peace 5 Aquila Jan 2017
Establishment outraged as Rep. Tulsi Gabbard goes to Syria on fact-finding mission 26 Aquila Jan 2017
Shoe to Drop # 1: Syria & Tehran. 2 RATFINK_5.0 Jan 2017
Iraq War architect Colin Powell is voting for Hillary Clinton — along with major right-wing hawks 10 Aquila Oct 2016
Clinton Leaves ISIS Strategy Out Of Debate 5 exindy Sep 2016
obama must be impeached. the sooner the better (Poll) 23 rampartb Sep 2016
‘US is defending ISIS’: Russia convenes UNSC meeting after US coalition strike on Syrian army 10 PrimeCustodian Sep 2016
Syrian conflict: US and Russia agree peace moves 6 rampartb Sep 2016
I Am A Syrian: “It was Never a Revolution nor Civil War. The Terrorists are sent by your Government” 6 Aquila Sep 2016
Sorry guys, nobody gives a shit about Syria or Aleppo. 25 U.S.Awesome Sep 2016
5 dead as Russia helicopter shot down in Syria 0 Banshee 3 Actual Aug 2016
US military says it may have killed more civilians in latest airstrike in Syria 1 Thorson Jul 2016
"Stop the Illegal Wars" 6 Aquila Jun 2016
Dozens of U.S. Diplomats, in Memo, Urge Strikes Against Syria’s Assad 13 Sebastopolitan Jun 2016
Sea Cemetery 4 Floyd R. Turbo May 2016
Reshaping the post-Ottoman order: America must get the politics right 20 Duke Lacrosse May 2016
did anything interesting show up in the hillary wikileaks email dump? 3 redredruddyred May 2016
Hillary pushed regime change in Syria on behalf of Israel 15 NO_NO_DOWN_BADBOY Mar 2016
Syrian army recaptures city of Palmyra from ISIS 1 Attila Gorilla Mar 2016
Joint Statement of the United States and the Russian Federation, as Co-Chairs of the ISSG, on Cessat 0 id-entity Feb 2016
"the enemy of my enemy is my friend?" 16 rampartb Feb 2016
Saudi Arabia moves troops to Turkey as 'base for Syria invasion' 4 Attila Gorilla Feb 2016
Syria says any foreign troops entering the country would return ‘in coffins’ 4 Attila Gorilla Feb 2016
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