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why were there so many casualties from ieds in the "war on terror?" (Poll) 3 rampartb 29 min ago
how can solemani be responasible for deaths caused by ieds 15 rampartb Jan 6
Saudi Arabian student was the shooter in Florida Navy base shooting. 19 oldenuff35 Dec 7
San Francisco backs down from NRA. 7 cologeek Oct 2019
on the anniversary of the benghazi attacks .... (Poll) 24 rampartb Sep 2019
if this number of mass shootings were being done by muslims, or antifa 13 rampartb Aug 2019
Muslims vs White Nationalism World Wide Terrorism 13 Hades Mar 2019
This message was self-deleted by its author 40 TM999 Jan 2019
NY Times: C.I.A.s Afghan Forces Leave a Trail of Abuse and Anger 7 Aquila Jan 2019
man who drove car into crowd released on good behavior. 10 rampartb Jul 2018
Iranian diplomat arrested in plot to bomb meeting of exiles in Paris. 0 cologeek Jul 2018
Kansas extremists convicted of plotting to bomb Somali refugees 15 Agent_86 Apr 2018
How Media Shamelessly Pushes Endless Military Spending 3 Aquila Mar 2018
Well, I decided to become a terrorist today. 6 cologeek Mar 2018
Carl Sagan's Wife Dr. Lynn Margulis, PhD in 2011 5 Aquila Mar 2018
FBI released Islamic arson suspect after she told them she wanted to join the Jihad 4 cologeek Feb 2018
Canada Regrets Importing Cabbages: Daily Caller 36 Will Morningstar Feb 2018
more proof that the Alt-Right and regressive left support war criminals and terrorists. 0 357blackhawk Dec 2017
Harrisburg shooting spree suspect named, 'directly' targeted police and chased trooper: DA 7 cologeek Dec 2017
IDF destroys tunnel preventing Palestinians from delivering presents to Israeli children. 8 cologeek Dec 2017
Reports of an active shooter on the Air Force Acadamy. 10 cologeek Sep 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 132 TM999 Aug 2017
McMaster: Violence At Charlottesville White Nationalist Rally Was Terrorism 18 Letmypeoplevote Aug 2017
Conservative Republican Sen. Ted Cruz calls the KKK & White Supremists terrorism 6 graham4anything4HC45 Aug 2017
This message was self-deleted by its author 19 KittyCatIdiots Aug 2017
Australia cowers to terrorists, 8 357blackhawk Aug 2017
Will Trump Start the TENTH CRUSADE? (Look at all the TRIGGERED snowflakes) (Poll) 44 bpilgrim Jul 2017
NJ DHS Declares Antifa " Anarchist Extremist " Group 14 Grumpy Pickle Jul 2017
Try not to laugh; We're not at war with Islam, nor Muslims... we're at war with M$M Lies! (VIDEO) (Poll) 24 bpilgrim Jul 2017
Finsbury Mosque Terror: Leftist Hypocrisy & Intellectual Dishonesty 6 TM999 Jun 2017
Will we have a continuing increase in DEMestic terrorism or has it peaked?... 12 Gamle-ged Jun 2017
I don't think most Democrats want to commit mass murder. 34 Ax Crazy Jun 2017
Democratic Domestic Terrorist hung out at YMCA next to baseball field in weeks before shooting 2 Banshee 3 Actual Jun 2017
Trump pledges to work every single day to fight terror, hours after golfing with Peyton Manning 11 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2017
The terrorists at TSA are at it again 4 shortviking May 2017
trump did not call the bombers "monsters" 21 rampartb May 2017
Massive manhunt on after 2 CPD officers shot in Back of the Yards 5 Tin Ear2 May 2017
Rightwing Vs. Leftwing Terrorism 24 Letmypeoplevote Apr 2017
Let's be honest, domestic terrorism is more pressing than immigration right now. [View all] 57 shortviking Apr 2017
How do we nip this cancer in the bud? 19 357blackhawk Apr 2017
Meet the Damigos: All American White Supremacy 41 i verglas Apr 2017
has trump called anyone an islamic terrorist lately? 4 rampartb Apr 2017
Westminster attack: Andreea Cristea, who fell into Thames, dies in hospital 0 Banshee 3 Actual Apr 2017
Ds are terrorizing the American public, should be charged with domestic terrorism 24 KittyCatIdiots Mar 2017
Al Hayat: 'Obama's advisers met with Hamas prior to US elections' 10 Dexter Morgan Feb 2017
Report: 72 convicted of terrorism from 'Trump 7' mostly Muslim countries 27 Dexter Morgan Feb 2017
How many terrorist acts committed by refugees 15 MercATC Jan 2017
Istanbul gunman captured after more than 2 weeks on run 0 Juan Rico Jan 2017
D.C. Antifa caught on camera plotting chemical attack on the Deploraball 10 TendiesForBreakfast Jan 2017
domestic terrorism 26 Qukid Jan 2017
Mississippi black church vandalized and spray-painted with "Vote Trump" 29 daemons Nov 2016
Black Op Radio #795 - Gov Jesse Ventura - Aug 9th 2016 3 Wildbill Oct 2016
Flame Warriors: Evil Clown 2 Duke Lacrosse Oct 2016
Should the wording of this 9/11 memorial be changed? Is it accurate, or unnecessarily defamatory? 15 Bronxbomber Oct 2016
Who did it? (Poll) 26 Tyrone Martinez Sep 2016
NYPD: Pressure-Cooker Device Trigger Malfunctions, Emblazoned With Islamic Crescent Moon & Star 25 Gamle-ged Sep 2016
My God, the mental gymnastics some are using to keep from calling this terrorism 13 LeeCPTINF Sep 2016
Why did Al Qaeda attack on 9-11? 46 JoeHill Sep 2016
9/11 Memorial stirs debate over Islamic Terrorism 6 Gunslinger201 Sep 2016
Apparently many are not familiar with the "Syrian refugee to US" process.... 35 LaughingGull Sep 2016
LONDON TERROR: American woman dead and five injured in Russell Square stabbing rampage 5 Juan Rico Aug 2016
London deploys 600 extra police in wake of terrorists attack in Europe. 12 Grumpy Pickle Aug 2016
Guns don't cause Islam 0 island4diver Jul 2016
any DIers going to the Olympics? some advice 3 M41 Jul 2016
AFP: Turkey's Erdogan declares state of emergency after coup attempt 8 bpilgrim Jul 2016
Let's just keep it there. 5 southernwriter Jul 2016
100,000+ Sign WH Petition to Designate BLM as Terrorist Organization 45 Tin Ear Jul 2016
Revenge Killing: ISIS Supporters Celebrate Nice Attack 39 LaughingGull Jul 2016
Detroit police arrest four for threats against cops 5 Tin Ear Jul 2016
Russian suspect in Istanbul attack - a shy student who found religion 2 Banshee 3 Actual Jul 2016
This Hidden Fact Predicts Terrorism 21 robert_california15 Jul 2016
Dallas BLM protesters dance and taunt officers with the deaths of the fallen. Video. 11 Da Mannn Jul 2016
ISIS Targets U.K., U.S. for the Holiday 14 wonderwarthog Jul 2016
Hey, Cons, how will you excuse the terror attack on Bureau of Land Management 38 JoeHill Jun 2016
what if the terrorist in Orlanda actually used an 8 island4diver Jun 2016
AG Lynch says most effective weapon against terrorists is Love. 49 SavannahMan Jun 2016
Anatomy of the terror threat: Files show hundreds of US plots, refugee connection 0 Rae Jun 2016
Ho Lee Chit! Kerry Concedes Terrorism bigger threat than Climate Change 3 Gunslinger201 Jun 2016
President Obama and AG Lynch have a "Terror Truth" Problem 1 Gunslinger201 Jun 2016
Move On, Occupy Democrats, and factsdon'tmatter are terrorist groups 20 island4diver Jun 2016
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