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Not Surprised At All That The President Sides With The White Nationalists: Native American Congress 30 RCW2014 5 hrs ago
Trump Court Pick Denounced Feminists, Gay-Rights Groups And Diversity Efforts In 1990s, 2000s 8 RCW2014 10 hrs ago
Candidate: Michigan City Should Be As White As Possible 3 RCW2014 12 hrs ago
Sarah Huckabee Sanders to join Fox News as a contributor 6 RCW2014 Yesterday
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Missing in Action Again Amid Trump's 'disloyal' Claim 0 RCW2014 Yesterday
Ritual Animal Slaughter Ban Unites Muslims & Jews Against European 'Ecofascism' 2 RCW2014 Thursday
"Cooking da Books" Donny? U.S. Created 500,000 Fewer Jobs Since 2018 Than Previously Reported 14 RCW2014 Thursday
The Dogs Of War That Have Not Barked 2 RCW2014 Wednesday
Putin-Macron Meeting Heralds Glorious Summer After Long Winter Of Discontent 2 RCW2014 Tuesday
Far-Right Party Surge in Eastern German Regions Threatens Merkel's Coalition 6 RCW2014 Tuesday
Trump Says Google Should Be Sued for Manipulating Millions of Votes in Clintons Favor in 2016 15 RCW2014 Tuesday
Most Germans Won't Feel Unsafe If US Troops Leave, Have Little Faith In Their Own Army - Poll 8 RCW2014 Monday
Trumps Economic Advisers Baffled Over How To Hold Off Recession That His Trade War Set It In Motion 13 RCW2014 Monday
Trump Trashes Fox News to Reporters, Makes 2020 Debate Threat: "I'm the One That Calls the Shots" 6 RCW2014 Monday
Dirty Little Wars And The Law: Did Osama bin Laden Win? 4 RCW2014 Monday
LOL!!! Trump Phones Supporter He Mocked for Having a 'Weight Problem' 14 RCW2014 Sunday
Neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division Holding Live-Fire Militia Training Exercises At The Base: Report 4 RCW2014 Saturday
Tulsi Gabbard Lists Political Correctness Among Threats To American Values 0 RCW2014 Saturday
How Is that Non-News? Lee Camp Reveals Why Msm Choose to Ignore Honduras & Brazil Unrest 2 RCW2014 Saturday
Empty Seats In New Hampshire As Trumps Latest Campaign Rally Flops 12 RCW2014 Aug 16
The Recession Question We Should Be Asking Isn't When But How Bad? 3 RCW2014 Aug 16
Fox News Poll Shows Trump Losing To Biden, Warren, Sanders and Harris 8 RCW2014 Aug 16
Philadelphia mayor demand actions on guns after 6 police officers shot at by a guy for hours with u 5 RCW2014 Aug 15
Trump Slams Fed and Defends Tariffs as Markets Sink 11 RCW2014 Aug 15
House GOP Leaders Condemn Steve King For 'Appalling' Rape, Incest Comments 2 RCW2014 Aug 14
Trump Official: Statue Of Liberty's Poem Is About Europeans (White People) 4 RCW2014 Aug 14
Under Trumps New Rule, Stephen Millers Grandfather Wouldnt Have Been Able to Come to America... 3 RCW2014 Aug 14
India: The Next Apartheid State? 2 RCW2014 Aug 14
Waning of American Power? Trump Struggles With an Asia in Crisis 3 RCW2014 Aug 14
This message was self-deleted by its author 2 RCW2014 Aug 13
NBC Blames Russia for Drawing Attention to Racist Incidents 11 RCW2014 Aug 13
Trump Phoned Democratic Senator To Talk About Pressing Forward On Background Checks 2 RCW2014 Aug 13
Trump Tries To Claims Credit for Shell Plant Announced Under Obama 3 RCW2014 Aug 13
What Took So Long? FBI Raids Epsteins Caribbean Island 1 RCW2014 Aug 13
Buchanan: China, Not Russia, the Greater Threat 0 RCW2014 Aug 13
Pompeo to UN: Time Is Running Out to Kick Iran While Its Down 0 RCW2014 Aug 13
Satire? Serious? Sunday Times Prints Column Asking To Give War A Chance & Attack CHINA 2 RCW2014 Aug 12
Ann Coulter Suggests Donald Trump Should Be Charged for Employing Undocumented Migrant Workers 2 RCW2014 Aug 12
Pope Cautions Against Nationalism, Says Recent Political Rhetoric Has Echoed 'Hitler in 1934' 4 RCW2014 Aug 11
Alabama Restaurant Closing so They Wont Have to Serve racist Fans Of FNC asshat Brian Kilmeade 6 RCW2014 Aug 10
El Paso Massacre Upends White Nationalists Normalization Strategy 2 RCW2014 Aug 9
McConnell Campaign Twitter Account Locked for Posting Protester Threats 9 RCW2014 Aug 9
To Keep This Texas County Red, Republican Says It's Time to Become Politically Intolerant 5 RCW2014 Aug 9
Trump Warned by NRA Over Background Checks 2 RCW2014 Aug 8
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 54 TheShoe Aug 8
REITS 7 TheShoe Aug 8
This Week Has Already Produced Three Bad Signs for Trumps Reelection 24 RCW2014 Aug 8
Washington Will Make Venezuelans Suffer Until They Acquiesce To Regime Change 12 RCW2014 Aug 8
'Gambler Trump Plays Poker While China Plays Chess', Thinking A Few Moves Ahead 2 RCW2014 Aug 7
Trumps Divisive Words Collide With His Call For Unity 5 RCW2014 Aug 7
Cali migration to Texas. 48 TheShoe Aug 7
Joe Biden compares Donald Trump to the Ku Klux Klan as Democratic front-runner claims president's... 24 RCW2014 Aug 6
Looks like 8chan and the daily stormer are in search of a new host. 31 TheShoe Aug 6
GOP Lawmaker Candice Keller Blames Gay Marriage, Drag Queen Advocates For Dayton Shooting 6 RCW2014 Aug 5
Dayton too 39 TheShoe Aug 5
PelosiDow looking shitty folks down 650 1 TheShoe Aug 5
Buy buy buy. 3 TheShoe Aug 5
Will Hurd 0 TheShoe Aug 5
PelosiDow plunges 950 points folks. UPDATED. 24 TheShoe Aug 5
Is white supremacy a mental disorder? (Poll) 16 TheShoe Aug 5
Some good stuff from the prompter 3 TheShoe Aug 5
PelosiDow looks like its going down in the morning folks. 1 TheShoe Aug 5
El Paso Killer, Trump Supporter Was 'Weird, Nerdy Boy Who Would Pick His Nose And Eat Scabs' 3 RCW2014 Aug 5
A Blockade of Venezuela Must Be Opposed 11 RCW2014 Aug 5
Genesis The Lamb lies Down on Broadway 9 TheShoe Aug 4
The worst part of this shooting is [View all] 75 TheShoe Aug 4
Bellingcat Unloads 4,000-Word Piece On Tulsi Gabbard Over Her Questioning Syria Chemical Attacks 0 RCW2014 Aug 4
Bernie. No thoughts no prayers and takes it a different direction. 13 TheShoe Aug 4
Stop Calling Him 'Dr.': The Academic Fraud of Sebastian Gorka, Trumps Terrorism 'Expert' 7 RCW2014 Aug 4
SoCal 28 TheShoe Aug 4
Holy mike pence offers prayers. 9 TheShoe Aug 4
Pocahontas offers neither thoughts nor prayers 8 TheShoe Aug 4
Mayor Pete offers the strongest tweet. 11 TheShoe Aug 4
booker offers prayers and calls for the courage to act. 0 TheShoe Aug 3
Harris offers prayers and a call to action. 0 TheShoe Aug 3
Biden offers thoughts and a call to take action. 0 TheShoe Aug 3
Trump offers thoughts AND prayers. 11 TheShoe Aug 3
Ted Cruz is praying for the victims and their families. 12 TheShoe Aug 3
A Kennedy died. 12 TheShoe Aug 3
Folks, I am in no way anti Biden 33 TheShoe Aug 3
PelosiDow headed down again 2 TheShoe Aug 3
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