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what did trump learn from roy cohn? 0 rampartb 2 hrs ago
Dow plummets more than 600 points after Trump orders US manufacturers to leave China 8 Aquila 4 hrs ago
NYTimes Editor Gaslights Newsroom On Trumps Racism 2 Aquila 15 hrs ago
A New Species of Leech Is Discovered Near Washington, D.C. - 1 Aquila Thursday
the greenland crisis is from a 1995 simpsons episode 3 rampartb Thursday
Dick Cheney set to headline Trump 2020 fundraiser in Wyoming on Monday (tRump drains the swamp) 8 Aquila Monday
Farmers Hit Back as USDA Chief Sonny Perdue Mocks Those Harmed by Trump Trade War as 'Whiners' 4 Aquila Aug 16
trump fat shames a supporter at rally 6 rampartb Aug 16
CBS: Shrieking heard from Jeffrey Epstein's jail cell the morning he died 0 Aquila Aug 13
Donald Trump on Debt: 2013 vs. 2019 1 Aquila Aug 8
Will The Pussy Grabber Turn Into a Gun Grabber? Mass Shootings: Full Speech on August 5, 2019 4 Aquila Aug 6
Trump Portrait revealed..... Obama's Portrait Falls and Crashes to the Ground ! 5 Grumpy Pickle Aug 5
Scotland: Beatrice Begins Operation- Worlds Deepest Wind Energy Farm of Its Kind 3 Aquila Aug 1
trump strips medals from gallagher prosecutors 11 rampartb Aug 1
rev sharpton scores ... [View all] 57 rampartb Jul 30
"if i were president i'd fix baltimere fast" trump 13 rampartb Jul 28
Baltimore Named Nations Most Dangerous City By USA Today 6 oldenuff35 Jul 28
Trump's doctored presidential seal leads to conservative US group Turning Point USA firing 0 Aquila Jul 26
Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in NYC Jail Cell After Possible Suicide Attempt: Sources 7 Aquila Jul 25
How did Trump end up in front of a presidential seal doctored to include a Russian symbol? 5 Aquila Jul 25
mueller testimony 7 rampartb Jul 24
Trump: "I don't want to kill 10 million people." 6 Isidore Jul 23
Kenya launches largest wind power plant in Africa 0 Aquila Jul 22
Jeffrey Epsteins pilot deletes Instagram after Kellyanne Conway pic surfaces 12 Aquila Jul 21
"If you're not happy in the U.S., if you're complaining all the time, very simply, you can leave." 3 Isidore Jul 21
Not single new mile of wall has been constructed despite Trump's lies 32 Fiendish Thingy-BC Jul 20
Trump Owns Moral Highground 0 It Guy Jul 18
Omar's father is a war criminal living illegally in the US. 23 Lumster Jul 18
Scotland just produced enough wind energy to power all its homes twice over 6 Aquila Jul 16
AP (2016): Melania Trump modeled in US prior to getting work visa 12 Aquila Jul 15
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 fuel Jul 15
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 fuel Jul 15
tRump: "Bitcoin...can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity" 3 Aquila Jul 12
28 Women Reportedly Sent to Mar-a-Lago in 1992 for VIP Party of Two- Trump and Jeffrey Epstein 8 Aquila Jul 11
13 yo katie johnson thought she was a model ....... 12 rampartb Jul 10
tRump in 1999: "I think Hillary Clinton is a Wonderful Woman" 14 Aquila Jul 9
people are saying that trump will profit from epstein's arrest 8 rampartb Jul 9
Epstein masturbates in public. 8 Carlos W Bush Jul 8
Epstein is a big time pervert. 26 Carlos W Bush Jul 8
'Trump is a child rapist': Candidate linked to 'Lolita Express' billionaire by local GOP chair (2016 5 Aquila Jul 7
Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, Associate Of Clinton And Trump, Arrested For Sex Trafficking 26 Aquila Jul 7
"in your guts you know hes nuts" 15 rampartb Jul 5
a good quote about righty's emotional "fee fees" 7 rampartb Jul 4
Please donate to end the suffering of Trump's concentration camps! 4 Fiendish Thingy-BC Jul 1
No enforcement restrictions in border funding bill. AOC has a tantrum. AOC is a loser, again. 4 oldenuff35 Jun 27
Who is John Bolton? "Tough Guy," Vietnam Draft Dodger 31 Aquila Jun 24
Advice Columnist E. Jean Carroll Details Alleged Rape By Trump In 1990s 17 Aquila Jun 22
First on the Front Lines in Iran 22 Aquila Jun 21
Military Times: Trump made up injury to dodge Vietnam service, his former lawyer testifies 19 Aquila Jun 21
Top Democrats Are Wrong: Trump Supporters Were More Motivated by Racism Than Economic Issues 20 Letmypeoplevote Jun 19
the people insist that trump serve more than 2 terms (Poll) 40 rampartb Jun 18
Two companies petitioned for Trumps solar tariffs - now they're both out of business 3 Aquila Jun 18
speaking of "crisis actors ........ 7 rampartb Jun 18
even krugman recognizes trump can not wag this dog (Poll) 14 rampartb Jun 16
1997: Donald Trump likens avoiding contracting STDs during his single years to Vietnam 23 Aquila Jun 15
Haaretz: Netanyahu's Iran Dilemma: Getting Trump to Act Without Putting Israel on the Front Line 6 Aquila Jun 14
Iran did do it and you know they did it because you saw the boat, trump 28 rampartb Jun 14
Deferments Helped Trump Dodge Vietnam- How the presidential candidate avoided combat 23 Aquila Jun 9
Video of Boris Johnson criticising Trump beamed onto Big Ben 3 Aquila Jun 8
Why doesn't Righty care that MAGA-MAN Donald Trump is a Draft Dodger? [View all] 70 Aquila Jun 6
caitlin johnstone admires trump's honesty 2 rampartb Jun 5
Tinytrump! Isn't he the cutest thing?! 1 le pipi sauvages Jun 4
this blimp should be patrolling the border 4 rampartb Jun 4
Play about FBI Lovebirds closed due to threats of violence 4 cologeek May 30
US veterans are disgusted by Draft Dodger Trumps sympathy for accused war criminals 22 Aquila May 28
do you think trump could walk from the tee to his drive on any course larger than putt putt? (Poll) 8 rampartb May 27
Fed Judge Struck Down Trump's Request to Block Congress Subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and Cap One 5 RCW2014 May 2019
Blowhard Tweeter-in-Chief: If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran 20 Aquila May 2019
your god emperor has no clothes 16 rampartb May 2019
Pompeo won't promise to consult Congress about potential military intervention in Venezuela 9 Aquila May 2019
trump ramadan greetings 3 rampartb May 2019
A compilation of how the accusations against the President are affecting his accusers. 1 cologeek May 2019
the yankees vs the cowboys 14 rampartb May 2019
"They have to get the shots": Trump, once a vaccine skeptic, changes his tune amid measles outbreaks 6 Aquila Apr 2019
Russiagate damaged democracy in the United States. From the Nation. 4 cologeek Apr 2019
DUers bashing Rabbi Goldstein who was wounded in yesterday's synagogue shooting 2 Duke Lacrosse Apr 2019
Saudi Arabia beheads 37 people, mostly from Shia minority, puts body on display 4 Aquila Apr 2019
Saudi Arabia beheads 37 people, mostly from Shia minority, puts body on display 4 Aquila Apr 2019
at least 60 of the fortune 500 will pay zero in 2018 taxes 11 rampartb Apr 2019
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