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eye witness in venezuela : a 14 year perspective 1 rampartb Friday
talked to a pair of teachers last night 18 rampartb May 13
Tucker Carlson's Guest Tells the Truth about the Failed US Coup in Venezuela 2 Aquila May 5
Guaido Got Snookered 15 Aquila May 3
Venezuela Presdential Poser Juan Guaido ATTACKED By Poor Venezuelans In Barrio 1 Aquila Apr 5
Why is Venezuela a "dictatorship", but the Saudi monarchy isn't? 9 Aquila Apr 2
happy anti imperialism day! 1 rampartb Mar 8
Video From Venezuelan Supermarket Exposes CNN Lies 12 Aquila Mar 1
US VP Nixon went to Venezuela in 1958. It didn't go well and Eisenhower almost ended up invading 3 Aquila Feb 28
Bernie Repeats CIA Talking Points On Venezuela 7 Aquila Feb 28
Anyone Buying This Venezuela Bullshit Is A Complete Fucking Moron 18 Aquila Feb 26
Venezuelan tankers in Portugal seized and losing crews over non payment of debts. 2 cologeek Feb 23
Is Putin cutting Venezuela free? Russian bank caves to sanctions. 2 cologeek Feb 2019
Venezuela crisis: Maduro condemns 'extremist' Trump,blames the US for his country's crisis.. 5 Dexter Morgan Feb 2019
This message was self-deleted by its author 3 TM999 Feb 2019
The Yankee Plot to Overthrow Nicolas Maduro and Steal Venezuelas Oil 8 Aquila Feb 2019
Donald Trump and the Yankee Plot to Overthrow the Venezuelan Government 12 Aquila Feb 2019
Tulsi Gabbard: The United States needs to stay out of Venezuela 32 Aquila Feb 2019
AP Exclusive: Anti-Maduro coalition grew from secret talks 6 Aquila Feb 2019
Tulsi Gabbard Campaign 2020 Live Stream 8pm EST 3pm HST (Live Now) 3 Aquila Feb 2019
How Gun Control Became An Instrument Of Tyranny In Venezuela 4 357blackhawk Feb 2019
venezuela! 8 rampartb Jan 2019
Venezuela Propaganda Debunked - People Are Against Coup 11 Aquila Jan 2019
Good doc vid on Venezuela and how the socialists turned the most prosperous Latin American country 1 It Guy Dec 2018
Vice President Pence Says That Venezuela is Paying for the Illegal Caravan 7 Grumpy Pickle Oct 2018
Venezuela Adds to Chaos With One of Biggest Currency Devaluations Ever 5 Gamle-ged Aug 2018
They be pirates An old scourge is reappearing in the Caribbean 3 Gamle-ged Aug 2018
Where now for Venezuela with 1,000,000% inflation? Snippets... 2 Gamle-ged Jul 2018
Venezuelas dreams are dying. The tragic impact of a countrys collapse. 4 Dexter Morgan Sep 2017
Trump: 'Military option' a possibility in Venezuela 15 rampartb Aug 2017
Venezuela's Socialist Hellscape, Captured in 28 Horrifying Headlines 5 fszwfnj May 2017
Rachel Maddow Airs Headline Linking Venezuelan Protests to Trump, Retracts Online 7 Dexter Morgan Apr 2017
Venezuelans get socialism good and hard, American left silent 13 smoke check Apr 2017
Socialism alert:GM shuts down operations in Venezuela as government illegally seizes plant 14 Dexter Morgan Apr 2017
Cubas Raul Castro blasts Trumps Mexican wall and trade policy..While on visit to Venezuela.LOL 0 Dexter Morgan Mar 2017
Venezuelans Are Separating Food from Waste as More People Forced to Eat from Garbage 15 Dexter Morgan Mar 2017
Let them eat chavismo: Venezuela 2 smoke check Feb 2017
Socialist les miserables in Venzuela. 2 LexTalionis Aug 2016
To the fields with you peasants! Venezuela calls for mandatory labor in farm sector. 6 cologeek Jul 2016
Send lawyers, guns & money: Utah family says son is in Venezuelan jail 13 The Center Holds Jul 2016
Bernie blows Univision interview 39 island4diver May 2016
Radical tourists have been deluded pimps for Venezuela 1 Banshee 3 Actual May 2016
Venezuelan President declares State of Emergency...cites US, domestic `threats`. 15 Grumpy Pickle May 2016
Blackouts, looting and murder: 8 sargentodiaz May 2016
Medical system collapsing in Venezuela 11 Currentsitguy May 2016
WOW: Venezuela Doesn't Have Enough Money to Pay for Its Money 5 Currentsitguy May 2016
Venezuela has bigger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia — yet there's no toilet paper in stores 7 Attila Gorilla Dec 2015
The Nightmare of Grocery Shopping in Venezuela [View all] 50 The Center Holds Nov 2015
Venezuelan farmers ordered to hand over produce to state.. 17 Dexter Morgan Jul 2015
Venezuela -- a "Threat" to US Imperialism 7 Argentina Apr 2015
obama declares venezuela an "extraordinary threat to national security" (Poll) 35 rampartb Mar 2015
“US Human Rights Abusers Not Welcome in Venezuela” 8 Grinchy Mar 2015
Venezuelan Army Can Shoot Protesters, Effective Immediately 41 Attila Gorilla Feb 2015
Robbers target food delivery trucks in shortage-hit Venezuela 7 Dexter Morgan Jan 2015
Wanna wash your chicken in Venezuela, you are out of luck... 8 Gamle-ged Jan 2015
China agrees to invest $20bn in Venezuela to help offset effects of oil price slump 7 John Q Citizen Jan 2015
The Stupid People at Fox News... [View all] 53 Immacolata Nov 2014
Venezuela's Maduro launches civilian disarmament plan 8 Juan Rico Sep 2014
Inflation in Venezuela hits 60.9% 5 Jack Burton Jun 2014
Venezuela Gun Ban 8 Jack Burton Jun 2014
Venezuela uncovers assassination, coup plot against president 6 Hal Jun 2014
South America Rejects US Sanctions on Venezuela 1 Immacolata May 2014
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