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Croatia vs France 29 Agent_86 Jul 2018
NATO Blinks, pledges to boost defense spending after stern words from Trump 25 Gunslinger201 Jul 2018
I watched England win the World Cup and it was glorious. 18 Jardinier Jul 2018
Belgium is not messing around, 2-0 in first half. 18 Agent_86 Jul 2018
France advances to semi-finals with 2-0 victory over Uruguay. 7 Agent_86 Jul 2018
Yes, England is through on penalty kicks. 8 Agent_86 Jul 2018
Hooray for the blue and gold. 2 Agent_86 Jul 2018
England gets early lead with a score off corner kick. 18 Agent_86 Jun 2018
So far, France is outperforming Peru. Score 1-0 at half. 12 Agent_86 Jun 2018
Exhaustive investigation reveals little evidence of possible voter fraud in NH 4 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2018
The Crusades are Nothing Like Jihad [View all] 50 Gunslinger201 May 2018
Snopes Is a Sneaky Liar About Californias Bill To Ban Christian LGBT Talk [View all] 78 TM999 Apr 2018
Hehehehehawhawhaw ... risk . 0 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 2018
Trade Wars ... j. White. Sisyphian Dreamer: 1 RATFINK_5.0 Mar 2018
How DARE Trump call those Shitholes. Shitholes! 10 Gunslinger201 Jan 2018
It's Mad World . . . T.G.I.F. ! 1 RATFINK_5.0 Dec 2017
Worled has unfinished business. Let's finish. 7 RATFINK_5.0 Nov 2017
A brave, new, AI world!... 3 Gamle-ged Nov 2017
The lights in Europe are about to go out forever 30 Gunslinger201 Nov 2017
ISIS 'sanctioned, if not directed' Resorts World attack expert say. 0 TM999 Oct 2017
World Ends As We Know It, Saturn's Day 09 23 17. World's Collide: 2 RATFINK_5.0 Sep 2017
... this is way the world ends ... Earwigs, 'POP Goes the World'! 0 RATFINK_5.0 Sep 2017
These are the sounds from the End of the World : 0 RATFINK_5.0 Aug 2017
Man of War movie on Netflix 0 Muddling Through Aug 2017
World Leaders, whom trump numnutz, will be meeting this week, wonder why 5 RATFINK_5.0 Jul 2017
The inmates have taken over the asylum. Adios to the cesspool. 27 The Center Holds Jun 2017
World Leaders Laughing at Trump 18 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2017
France then, and France now. 1 TM999 Jun 2017
John McCain: Obama was a better world leader than Trump 6 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2017
62-Year-Old German Woman Fined over 1,000 Euros for Sharing Anti-Migrant Joke Online 5 Tin Ear2 Jun 2017
Muslims laugh and joke about London Attacks 19 Gunslinger201 Jun 2017
Video reportedly shows Racial Islam in London Celebrating London Terror attack 17 Gunslinger201 Jun 2017
Venezuela's Socialist Hellscape, Captured in 28 Horrifying Headlines 5 fszwfnj May 2017
I look all around & all I see this rainy Saturn's Day are sad, sad faces ... 3 RATFINK_5.0 Apr 2017
Hiring a Social Justice Warrior 1 TM999 Apr 2017
FIFA Just Told Trump America Cant Host World Cup Unless He Repeals Muslim Ban 34 muon Mar 2017
Christians flee isis. 36 Slayer Mar 2017
And we're told the US is the biggest evil polluter of the world................ 1 quad489 Mar 2017
So instead of donating money to food banks, Planned Parenthood, democratic candidates, pet 5 Carlos W Bush Feb 2017
American tourist murdered in Russell Square by Somali teen who 'smiled & skipped' 7 Bronxbomber Feb 2017
Push the Tempo: Deplorable Losers ... 6 RATFINK_5.0 Jan 2017
Cleveland vs Chicago, Game 7. Who ya got? 16 BuzzClik Nov 2016
Death Toll Rises After Cubs Win the World Series 2 WritelyWrong Nov 2016
Only 17 more days (Poll) 3 WritelyWrong Oct 2016
And, one more endorsment from a newspaper that had never previously endorsed a Democrat 1 smalllivingeddy Oct 2016
What mass immigration is doing for Paris 9 Gunslinger201 Oct 2016
Tip of the hat to the prescient Daily Show for predicting this 1 BuzzClik Oct 2016
Ain't no rest for the triggered! 0 cologeek Aug 2016
Hey...Do you wanna Manbang & Chill? 6 Daves Not Here Man Aug 2016
Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world, study finds 3 AmandaMatthews Aug 2016
Pope visits Auschwitz & Birkenau, Declares that are too deteriorated to use in coming religious wars 13 sentient_simian Jul 2016
Any end of world plans? 6 southernwriter Jul 2016
A thread for Posterity - November, 9 2016 17 NotWhoUThink Jul 2016
24 'migrants' reach land near Elliott Key 20 Bronxbomber Jul 2016
Is Bernie Sanders Heralding the birth of a truly viable 3rd party? 14 Da Mannn Jun 2016
Four Epidemics stalking America 18 Gunslinger201 Jun 2016
...Panicked foreign leaders are publicly worrying about Donald Trump [View all] 50 Letmypeoplevote Jun 2016
The byproduct of 50 years of liberal policies & the lib cult of victimization in the Black community 11 Bronxbomber May 2016
Further evidence that Donald Johann Drumpf may be the Antichrist 7 FORD May 2016
Can You Guess the Country From Its Outline? 12 The Center Holds Apr 2016
Why the Right is Right... 24 Dixie Apr 2016
Political Commentary 13 sargentodiaz Apr 2016
HUD Mandates ‘Affordable Housing’ in Affluent Baltimore Suburbs 27 Dexter Morgan Mar 2016
Man Pushes His Way Into Apartment, Threatens Homeowner, Gets Shot [View all] 74 Zimm_Man_Fan Mar 2016
World War II Quiz 44 Gunslinger201 Feb 2016
This Modern World Year in Review 1 R2D42 Dec 2015
President Obama Named ‘Most Admired Man In The World’ And The GOP Is FUMING 34 Letmypeoplevote Dec 2015
Disney is gearing up for Star Wars movie 7 Letmypeoplevote Dec 2015
World seals historic deal in Paris to stop global warming 3 ArkieLiberal Dec 2015
Lindsey Vonn Tearing Up the Slopes 0 sargentodiaz Dec 2015
French Reporters Stunned At Obama’s Ignorance: “He is an Ass*ole! An Ass*ole!” 13 Gunslinger201 Dec 2015
TB rates rates in parts of London 'worse than Iraq, Eritrea, and Rwanda' 17 Zimm_Man_Fan Nov 2015
Ahmed (and family) duped the whole world 45 Gunslinger201 Nov 2015
Campaign of the Damned 4 R2D42 Oct 2015
Post your World Series predictions. 9 Bronxbomber Oct 2015
Trump Hits W: 'The World Trade Center Came Down During His Reign 43 Letmypeoplevote Oct 2015
Droney Weighs In 0 R2D42 Oct 2015
Why it is impossible to have 1000's of personal CNC Lathes & 3D Printers .. 12 RATFINK_5.0 Oct 2015
Playboy Will No Longer Run Nude Photos Because ‘It’s Just Passé’ Now 16 Juan Rico Oct 2015
Things Right Wingers Fear 47 FORD Sep 2015
From Blood Moons to asteroids: How the world won't end in September 2015 10 Boadicea Sep 2015
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