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U.S. Attorney John Durhams Russia Probe Expands to Pentagon 0 Gunslinger201 Nov 2019
trump to federal reserve 1 rampartb Nov 2019
florida man shares beer with aligator 3 rampartb Oct 2019
hutterites have unfair advantage over real americans 7 rampartb Jun 2019
NRA sees a huge surge in membership interest after drawing noisy backlash over Parkland massacre 16 Gunslinger201 Mar 2018
Dems want gun control, but worry it could cost them midterms 13 Gunslinger201 Feb 2018
Poll: Just 24 percent say US heading right direction 8 Letmypeoplevote Oct 2017
Why Dilbert misses the mark on Climate Change 28 marmot84 Jun 2017
Violence erupts at pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach 3 Banshee 3 Actual Mar 2017
"Bag of dicks." "Schlonged." "BOHICA." "Broad-shouldered foreign policy." "Laying pipe." 5 The Center Holds Mar 2017
My karma just ran over your dogma. 0 FORD Feb 2017
'Schlonged.' 'Laying pipe.' 'BOHICA.' I'm sensing a theme here among the victorious right. 9 The Center Holds Jan 2017
Germany Rejecting 'Almost All' Applications for Asylum of Christian Refugees, Pastor Reveals 7 TendiesForBreakfast Jan 2017
Well, I was wrong. [View all] 52 The Center Holds Jan 2017
Glen Beck thinks the StormTrumpers might turn on His Orangeness and try to kill him..... (Poll) 4 FORD Aug 2016
So I sez to my wife with the wooden leg, Peg.... 11 Gunslinger201 Aug 2016
Chicago Journalist can't buy a gun. 20 cologeek Jun 2016
Camp Weathervane Ad Epic FAIL 8 FORD May 2016
Forgotten 'Negro' Medal of Honor seaman buried in mislabeled grave remembered 2 Banshee 3 Actual May 2016
Tick, tick, tick. The silly right wing is about to have yet another Hillary sad. 14 EGTrise Mar 2016
Texas court clears Rick Perry of 2nd and final charges, case is dismissed 23 the more you know Feb 2016
Looks like I was right, the German girl lied about rape. [View all] 55 Slayer Feb 2016
Spot-on commentary by DI poster rh24 on this issue - FURTHER edit update, 2/8/2016 [View all] 56 Zimm_Man_Fan Jan 2016
WATCH: New ad uses Ronald Reagan speech to smack down GOP’s anti-immigrant hysteria 5 smokingman Sep 2015
I was wrong about something on Discussionist. 3 MrSlayer666 Aug 2015
Democrats Regain Edge in Party Affiliation 6 smokingman Jul 2015
Here’s Where Same-Sex Marriages Are Still Being Blocked in the U.S. 5 smokingman Jun 2015
Upcoming Obama Gun Control Regulations can put you in Prison for discussing Guns online 26 Gunslinger201 Jun 2015
Smoke shop clerk shoots, kills masked robber (Texas) 8 Juan Rico Jun 2015
Video That Compares Life As A Black And A White Person 20 LavenderGirl Apr 2015
Bride who shot niece, 21, dead on her wedding night during drunken argument found guilty 8 smokingman Mar 2015
Group raises $50K overnight for commercial flamethrower 10 Juan Rico Mar 2015
CLIMATE CHANGE PREDICTIONS FAIL: Antarctic Sea Ice Did The Exact Opposite Of What Models Predicted 21 SocialJustice Mar 2015
Remember when you libs all laughed at Romney when he said Russia was our greatest geopolitical foe? [View all] 86 Hockamaw Nov 2014
Newly Insured Through Exchanges Give Coverage Good Marks 9 JoeHill Nov 2014
FYI 14 KAT Nov 2014
Why do Lib's feel it necessary to proclaim how smart they are to those they disagree with? [View all] 150 Konservative Nov 2014
Police: Men Open Fire After Losing Game Of Beer Pong 5 Daves Not Here Man Oct 2014
So there were WMD in Iraq 36 PerroMalo Oct 2014
Timeline on Ebola patient wrong...initial visit September 25, not 26. 6 Let it go Oct 2014
Breaking news!!..Ebola is a scam.... 3 frankt8242 Sep 2014
Have you ever been wrong on the Internet? 32 Cardinals1982 Sep 2014
Alternet asks the wrong question....."Will Forcing Cops to Wear Body Cameras Quell Brutality?" 6 galileosghost Aug 2014
It's quiz time, how many wrong things can you find in this picture? 19 R2D42 Aug 2014
Six Studies Show that Everything Republicans believe is Wrong [View all] 60 JoeHill Aug 2014
How Not To Wash Your Car 14 R2D42 Jul 2014
So, The Price is Right has Dudes now? 11 Jenny Fromdablock Jul 2014
Katrina Vanden Heuvel tells "Wild" Bill Kristol to enlist in Iraqi army on ABC 10 Cliqueclaque Jun 2014
Be glad this person doesn't have a finger on the nuke button. 6 Lefty Jun 2014
Libya: Why it's all gone so badly wrong 0 AGD May 2014
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