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Trump Veto Continues Yemen War With Obama Logic 3 Aquila Apr 2019
Yemen ceasefire will come too late to help many starving children 1 Agent_86 Dec 2018
Hidden toll of US drone strikes in Yemen: Nearly a third of deaths are civilians, not al-Qaida 1 Aquila Nov 2018
Time 'running out' for war-torn Yemen as Saudis delay peace proposal 2 Agent_86 Nov 2018
Tulsi Gabbard on Yemen Vote 3 Aquila Nov 2018
Yemen crisis: Half of population facing 'pre-famine conditions' 9 Agent_86 Oct 2018
as the siege of hodidah continues (Poll) 5 rampartb Jun 2018
patriot anti missiles are an expensive failure 18 rampartb Mar 2018
Iran Violated Yemen Arms Embargo, U.N. Experts Say 9 cologeek Feb 2018
yemenis selling kidneys for needed cash (Poll) 10 rampartb Sep 2017
us and emirate troops occupy yemeni oil fields 12 rampartb Aug 2017
UK approved 283m of arms sales to Saudis after airstrike on Yemen funeral kills 140 civilians 4 Aquila Jul 2017
General closes books on Yemen raid, says no lapses in judgment 1 Banshee 3 Actual Mar 2017
Left wing Vox: Yemen raid not Trump's fault 10 shortviking Feb 2017
fatal raid in yemen results in death of seal 24 rampartb Feb 2017
US is at war with somebody in Yemen 6 M41 Oct 2016
U.S. forces now on the ground supporting combat operations in Yemen, Pentagon says 10 Attila Gorilla May 2016
U.S.-Made Cluster Bomb Use by Saudis in Yemen [View all] 57 fishlore Feb 2016
155 MPH Cyclone Chapala, 2nd Strongest Ever in Arabian Sea, Unprecedented Threat to Yemen 11 Argentina Oct 2015
Iranian Ships Turn Back From Yemen After Standoff 1 R2D42 Apr 2015
Yemen crisis: Iran plans to 'supply Houthis with game-changing surface-to-air missiles' 10 Thorson Apr 2015
Saving Yemen: Time to Boycott Saudi Oil Is Now 13 Thorson Apr 2015
Egypt's Vietnam: Why Egyptians Are Opposed to a War in Yemen 0 Attila Gorilla Apr 2015
Arab League promises victory in Yemen; prepares for ground invasion 9 Attila Gorilla Mar 2015
BBC News Special: The Rise of the Houthis 0 JosephNobles Mar 2015
Yemen: Perpetual state of collapse 0 Agent_86 Feb 2015
Obama's "success story" (Yemen) just saw U.S. Military Vehicles taken by enemies 16 Supercalifragilistic Feb 2015
Official: Houthis seize U.S. Embassy vehicles, Marines' weapons at airport 12 Banshee 3 Actual Feb 2015
These guys trained in Yemen? 7 2014LANDSLIDE Jan 2015
I predict a drone (or air) strike in Yemen very soon... n/t 3 DrunkTeddy Jan 2015
Sister of American hostage Luke Somers says he was killed in failed rescue attempt in Yemen 4 Strange Luck Dec 2014
Yemeni victims of US military drone strike get more than $1 million in compensation 0 nolens volens Aug 2014
Does Obama agonize over the children killed on his orders as much as the Newtown kids 7 Greggery Peccary Jun 2014
Against all odds, Yemen ‘Happy’ to Pharrell hit 1 Strange Luck May 2014
Yemen says it captured al-Qaeda explosives expert 2 Strange Luck May 2014
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