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I wish to publicly apologize for my uncivil hidden post.

I apologize for the rude and uncivil post that I had hidden. I understand why it was hidden. I will try very hard not to do something like it again.

As usual, there is good news and bad news. First the bad news: I had a post hidden for being uncivil. This greatly bothers me. I really believe in the spirit this new site is trying to promote. I know there are, and will be, strong disagreements between the various groups here. But I wish us to remain civil. I sometimes post things that raise uncomfortable questions. I may sometimes pose the question in strong terms to get a response. I am interested in how those on both sides of an issue think. Especially if they can express a viewpoint in civil terms. I slipped, and allowed a rude and uncivil approach and terms into my post. Although I may have utter contempt for some for some posters and their ideas, I should never let that slip into uncivil discourse. Again, I apologize.

The good news: The civility concept may be catching on here better than I thought. I made a disparaging remark offensive to the poor and some of those on both the left and right, and I was called on it. Now I hope to see the same results when rude and offensive names are hurled at conservatives. I expect to see things like "nutjobs" and "gun-humpers" removed from posts in the future. We'll see.

As for my part, I will try to be more civil. Thank you.

Is it possible to be a racist and still be civil?

By racist, I mean the classic definition of one that believes there are difference in intelligence and other attributes among the races (if you accept the notion of races). I do not mean the hate spewing, vile, obnoxious persons that are trying to get attention and prove a point.

Can a quiet, in the closet, so to speak, racist be civil?
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