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Sometimes shit just happens. Other times it is planned out.

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Fred says:

"I once asked Barbara Stanwyck the secret of acting. She said, "Just be truthful - and if you can fake that you've got it made". - Fred MacMurray

Fred was good at that.


I grew up on a farm and drank fresh milk. By fresh, I mean freshly squeezed from an udder that morning. A real treat use to be butter flake buttermilk, the type where you would shift it through your teeth and wipe the butter off with your tongue . Try and find that type anymore!

The only thing I can find now is low fat buttermilk. LOW FAT? What do they think butter is? It is FAT!

Excuse me while I go feed someone at my local dairy a cow pie for lunch.
Posted by WritelyWrong | Tue Jun 6, 2017, 12:25 PM (0 replies)

What did he know, and when did he know it?

Posted by WritelyWrong | Sun Jun 4, 2017, 06:11 PM (4 replies)

What happened to "radical Islamic terrorism"

One of Trumps favorite phrases during the election, and he failed to say it.

President Trump during a speech Sunday in Saudi Arabia avoided the term "radical Islamic terrorism," which he often used on the campaign trail.

During the speech to leaders of more than 50 Muslim-majority nations, the president did use terms such as "Islamist extremism" and "Islamist terror groups."

Trump's decision not to use the term was notable, as he had repeatedly used the phrase "radical Islamic terrorism" during the campaign and criticized former President Obama for not using the term.

I guess that if Obama refused to use it, it is no o.k. for Trump not to use it now that he is President.

What is the latest on the Trump Tower wire tapping?

Is it still a figment of Trump's paranoid imagination?

Trumps first 100 days (via the Simpsons)

I can hardly wait until the 2nd 100 day.

For all my Con "Friends"

Sorry I can only post the URL and not the picture.

Songs for April 20th

Let me start this off with three of my favorites.

If they only knew what they were signing about

Proof - Russian meddled in the Elections!

I didn't know whether to post this in Politics or fun, but one of our extremely creditable conservatives who will remain nameless,

just admitted that Putin muddled in our election, to get this - Help Hillary Win!

" Putin helped her win the popular vote by meddling in the election."

First, the Russians didn't interfere with the elections, now they did, to help Hillary win. Where did Putin come up with the 3,000,000 votes to help Hillary?

When Trump said he would fix America

did he mean "Fix" as if America was broken, or "Fix" as if we were a dog?
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